Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All creatures great and small............

 For a brief moment in time,
 I sat with a dragonfly.
 How can something be so beautiful, it never ceases to amaze me.    
I could sit and watch all day...........but sadly the creature flew away.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

 Friday was hot and humid, so hot I thought I would melt.
 The garden was full of insects, dozens of soldier beetles.
 Hundreds of hoverflies and I do mean hundreds.   So many they even came into the house.
By the time evening came, I noticed a silence in the garden.     Birds had left, in fact, the garden seemed empty and the sky was turning yellow, black and pink.    I knew a storm was coming and it was going to be a bad one.   
 The wind started to pick up, I saw watering cans lifted, small pots knocked over, and then suddenly it stopped.    A flash of lightening set the sky aglow and for ten hours it raged.   Thunder lightening and rain.   I did not sleep a wink.................... 
I walked the garden next day...........leaves littered every corner of the garden......small branches lay everywhere, and the taller plants were brought down.    

I can hear thunder as I type, another storm but nothing like the last one I am sure.
It was spectacular and my father would have loved it.    He was a merchant seaman and experienced many severe storms.   As a child I would hold his hand and watch the storms from the house.   I have no fear of them......thanks Dad. xxxxx   

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Misty mornings.

 Dawn, a mist hangs over the garden.
 Silence, and everything is right with my world.

 It is moments like this dear little Poppi
 that will help you understand why I love a garden.
My sweet child, is there anything more beautiful..................

Sunday, 13 July 2014

 "Why do you garden Nanna?"    When Poppi asked this question yesterday it made me smile.    I have asked myself this question so many times.
 For me, there is no simple explanation......it is deep rooted, I have a need to garden.
 I am an all season gardener.   Providing there is not heavy rain, harsh frosts or snow I will be found in the garden.....even if it only to give the greenhouse a clean.
 There is always something to cheer in a garden, be it the bloom or the butterfly, they all bring a joy beyond words.
"Actually I can see why you garden Nanna, what a beautiful flower."

Poppi now has her own garden.   Her mother has given her free reign growing vegetables.....also a patio area for plants.    Poppi is doing well and has already picked produce for their plates.    I was most pleased when she told me she had found a creature trapped under a pot.    I asked her what she did with it.      I picked it up of course and put it in a safe place.
The time I spent with her as a little girl has stayed with her.....I cannot tell you how it warms my heart.    I hope she carries this forward  into her adult life......we need little people to learn how to care for the planet.......I have a good feeling about Poppi.

Monday, 7 July 2014

The secret life in a garden........

 Each garden has a secret life of its own.
 A honey bee covered in pollen caught my eye.
 Heart beats and wing beats.
 Creatures that crawl, burrow and creep.
I am a silent watcher.................are you????

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A stroll along memory lane.

 Persuading my Mum to leave the house is difficult these days.   Her last trip out was several weeks ago to the hospital.   Thursday I managed to convince her that a ride around the countryside would do her the world of good.   She eventually agreed.    Mum was an evacuee during the war, she stayed in a farmhouse near Goudhurst.    She remembered the village well and told me it had not changed much.    The only thing she could see that had changed was the addition of a fountain to the village pond:)
 Along the lanes to Sissinghurst, home to the world famous gardens.    Only a short drive from home, I am almost embarrassed to admit I have never been........
 Mum loved the penny farthing ......she thought it a lovely feature.
 Smarden  is a neighbouring village, and one that I love.    Mum and I sat by the lakes and watched the dragonfly.   She talked about her time away.....missing her mother.....she opened up her heart.    I learnt a lot about my mother this day.
 As we drove home we stopped and looked and some of the lovely period properties.   Kent villages are full of them..........
 This is one of my favourite properties.   Around 800 years old, well maintained, with the addition of a beautiful garden.    Each year the people of Smarden open up their gardens to the public.     I was fortunate to view this garden several years ago.   It has a stream flowing through it.........it was an enchanting space and one that I would love to visit again.
We made our way home and I prepared lunch for us both.   Mum managed to walk around the garden with help........this is her favourite clematis, I must say it has been amazing this year.   The thought of cutting it back is daunting, but lets not worry about that now :)

Mum was tired by the time I dropped her home.   I phoned her the next day and she told me she had the best nights sleep since father passed away.............

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rabbits, birds and rare wild flowers.

 Rabbit numbers seem to increase daily.   They tease Nella each day.......she has caught several, but is beginning to tire of the chase.
    A few years ago I managed to source the Deptford Pink.     Two plants from a local nursery.
This plant is now very rare in the wild.    It now covers only seven per cent of its historic range.
It is in flower at the moment.    I shall enjoy this little plant while I can.   If the rabbits find it, well, the flowers will be gone but it will come back.   It is slowly increasing in size, I am so thrilled with the results.
The Robins are busy feeding their young.   It gives me so much pleasure to see them flitting round the garden.   Such busy little birds................