Monday, 15 January 2018

Cyclamen repandum

 As most of you must know by now, I love cyclamen.   Each year I add more to my collection.
My latest addition is the very pretty Cyclamen repandum or at least I thought so :((    Originating from France, Greece and other Mediterranean countries I hoped it would do well here.
They are mainly used in rockeries, and woodland areas.
Last Autumn I decided I would plant some beneath the old apple tree for a show in early Spring.
They have just come into bloom (way to early) and look exactly like Cyclamen Coum.    I am so disappointed.    Obviously the plants had the wrong label.
This is not the first time this has happened.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

A New Year

 It has been a wet January so far.   I do not mind.   Water levels are low, due to a dry 2017 in the SE.   It is good to see the local wildlife ponds filling.
 I noticed the first snowdrop buds in the garden today.   It always gives me such a thrill when they start to bloom.   It is the start of things to come.    I shall bring some into the house this year.    The scent is quite lovely and can only be appreciated in a vase on the kitchen table.
 This is a  surprise the first primrose blooming beneath the hedge by the copse.   It is small detail but just so promising.    
The days are getting longer, only slightly I know but they are.   

I have started my New Year with a fitbit.    In my late sixties I decided to improve my walking and exercise.
I have also started a new diet.    Last year I found I had a severe intolerance to dairy.   I had been feeling unwell for a long time, and had put it down to older age.
I walked 10km yesterday  with Nella and managed to get my heart rate up with some running.
At this moment I am feeling this space.

And tell me what are you up to ??

Saturday, 30 December 2017

 All the planning and preparation and Christmas went with the blink of an eye.
It was worth it, family time is so precious as the years pass by.
 The garden has been neglected due to weather and other factors.    I did manage to prune some apple trees.   I always leave some of the twigs beneath the trees for the rabbits to gnaw on.   By doing this, they leave the living plants alone.    I have become accustomed to their ways.
 Iris Foetidissima is not grown for the flowers, they are quite insignificant, although to be honest, they fascinate me.   The reason most allow them space in the garden is because of the lovely berries they produce in the Autumn.
 I love the way the berries hang from the plant and give a beautiful touch of colour around the garden.   Note to self divide and have a better display next Winter.
 Mahonia, another wonderful Winter flowering plant.    Great for Queen bees when they wake on a mild Winter day.     Also just look at the wonderful colour of the leaves.   They seem to be continually changing.
 Helleborus Foetidus, the stinking hellebore.    Just about ready to burst bud.
I always look forward to the lovely burgundy rim that adorns the flower.
 Cannot for the life of me remember what bulbs I put in the pots.    It was such a long time ago.    I do so love a surprise.   
 Sarcococca Confusa, or Christmas Box if you prefer (which I do)    Small insignificant blooms but the sweet honey scented flowers are to die for.   It wafts around the garden, tempting the gardener to go have a sniff.   I am hooked on this plant and increase my numbers each year.    Such beautiful perfume in Winter is a bonus.
 A lone olive hangs by a thread.   Memories of Summer lift my spirit, I can see the little tree in my minds eye, blooms covered in bees and the hot sun beating down.
I am ready for another gardening year.   As soon as the rain stops I will be out with the rake and wheelbarrow doing what I do best :)

Happy New Year to you all.   May it be a happy and healthy one for you and yours.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Cloud pruning

 I have never been able to master the art of topiary.   So this year I have tried my hand at cloud pruning.
 I must say I am pleased with the results.    I have enjoyed sculpting the trees into clouds.
I have plans for bringing a lot more of this art work into the garden.    What do you think?

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Soft September days.

 A friend called in today.     He brought Autumn veg from his allotment.    Is there anything nicer than sharing your produce.     I gave him four large hardy Fuschia.
 I love September.     It is my favourite month.   It is a soft month.     A nostalgic month.
 I was married in September.      In fact, today is our 47th wedding anniversary.
 Poppi was born on this day 12 years ago.        Our best  anniversary present yet.
 How the years fly.           

Mr P and I took ourselves to Rye for the day.
We lunched in the Mermaid Inn.   The building is 600 years old and has a reputation for being haunted.
Whilst we did not see any ghosts, lunch was fabulous.
The setting atmospheric.     It is said that Shakespeare visited the Inn.

I had a wonderful day with a wonderful man.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Cyclamen and ants...........

 For me, there is something magical about Cyclamen Hederifolium.     Where once was bare ground, the flowers appear,  after a sprinkling of rain
 Ants love the sticky substance that coats the seeds.    As they enjoy the food source, the seeds are rolled around the garden.   When the ants have had their fill, the seed is abandoned.   If the situation suits another plant will appear the following year. 
I have a large colony of cyclamen now, thanks to the ants.    Isn't nature amazing ?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

 Summer days drifting away......and what a summer it has been thus far.
 Sunny, warm, with the occasional shower.     Perfect for the garden and wildlife.
 Cosmos have flourished and seem to be out of control.    I love their wayward behaviour.
 It has been a joy to walk the garden and see so many flowers.   The buzz of bees has been music to my ears.    A comfort in this ever changing world.
 Life is a journey they say.    Sometimes I feel as though I have walked a million miles.     I hope that I am becoming  older and wiser.
 I do know that life never stays the same.     
 It is not what happens to us but how we deal with it.
 Family picnics in Greenwich Park have been a delight.
Playing rounders, Frisbee, and chase...........chatting about this and that.     Watching the world go by.
 A party for Poppi and Riley.     Bringing their Fathers family to meet ours.    It was the most lovely of days.
Memories of Daniel........his childhood and much more.   We laughed such a lot, to hear about the little boy, who was always mischievous.    You live and learn.
I hope you have been able to enjoy the summer.
May life treat you kindly and you all have time to smell the flowers.