Tuesday, 5 July 2016

With my blessing

My Mother passed away peacefully yesterday evening.

You are leaving me.   Then go in peace.   And let your wish alone be lamp to light your path.     Find tranquillity where're you be.

Chaim Nachman Bialik    1873 - 1934

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Looking and Asking

 She lies in the hospital bed, frail but her mind very much alive.
She wants to go home, her refuge, the place where her memories are held.    My Mother has terminal cancer.   We do not know how long she has.
My brother and I are working hard to make her last wish come true.     Putting care in place is taking much too long but we will not give up.     Time is precious to her......I need to give her that time.

Poppi and Riley visited Great Grandma in hospital.    I am so very proud of them.    Just losing their Father and looking death in the face once again, they comforted Ruby.     They sat at her bedside holding her hand and listened to the stories she had to tell.         The human spirit is a  wonderful thing.  

It seems that life is testing us all,  to see just how much we can endure.         I have found incredible comfort and the peace I need in my garden................Poppi and Riley will be staying at the weekend.     Time to talk, time to comfort, time to care.......................

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I feel so empty...............

I sit in the garden, a cup of tea in hand, staring into space.
2016 has been the most difficult of years, I thought it could not get any worse.
I am tired.    In my mind I see the image of my Grandchildren clinging to their Mother, sobbing.    Their world shattered, their little hearts broken.
Last weekend Poppi and Riley's father was doing a bike ride for charity through the streets of London.    I cry as I type.
He was knocked from his bike by a bus and suffered severe injury to the head.    Air lifted to hospital and put on life support we prayed and hoped.    Sadly there was no brain function, and Sunday evening the machine was turned off.

Dear Daniel, you were complex, changeable, difficult to understand...........on the other side, caring, artistic, a wonderful sense of humour.    You will be greatly missed by many people but none more than your children.

RIP dear boy...........you will always be with us in spirit and Poppi and Riley will always have you in their hearts.

Monday, 9 May 2016

My little bit of paradise..........

 I must have walked this garden a thousand times or more.
 I believe I know every part of it but of course I do not.
 Every garden holds secrets........heartbeats and wing beats.    We see only a tiny part of what goes on.

 If we play the part of silent watchers, we will find our own lives are enriched by the daily drama of other creatures.
 A garden is a peaceful pleasure.      A place for collections of ferns, garden ornaments,
 a path overhung with unconfined plants.
It holds a place in our hearts that can be reached by a sight, a sound, a smell.
It is our own little piece of paradise, here on earth.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fallen flower

 Michelle and Ian were childhood sweethearts.      Michelle went to school with my daughter and Ian is our sons best friend.
 Michelle  has been fighting breast cancer for three years.   
 She was determined this cruel disease would not take her from her husband and her two young children.    Her strength and determination left all who met her  humbled.
 At the weekend she passed away quietly and a light went out for so many people.      I have never seen so many tributes on the social network.    Every comment saying the same thing......she was an amazing woman.
Michelle's  brother ran the marathon on Sunday, despite just learning his sister had passed away............he decided to continue because he knew Michelle would want him to.    He finished the 26 miles......and raised a lot of money for Breast Cancer UK.    

RIP Michelle

Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Spring garden

 It has been a changeable Spring.      One day warm and sunny, the next grey and cold.     Lots of rain.........
 The garden has coped well considering.     The smallest flowers appear to be the toughest,
 putting on a good show regardless.
 Plenty of nectar for the bees.
 At this time of year I tend to ponder........
 wondering what the following season will hold.

But for this moment I will just enjoy the birdsong, the hum of the bees and a tiny blue butterfly that keeps dancing around me as I take my photographs :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Horizons new................

 The garden is in Spring mode......it is confused.
 Hellebores are in full flower.
 Primroses dot the woodland area.
 Even dwarf iris are making an appearance.
 Whilst it is lovely to see the flowers, I worry.    It  does not feel right.    It is much too warm and has been for weeks.
 I have joined several charities, and intend to become more involved with them.     The environment has always been very close to my heart, and it has never needed more help than now.    
     Mr P and I also intend to travel more, perhaps taking the Grandchildren with us..............we are at the moment looking at New York at Easter.    Poppi and Riley, now they are older would love to see it.    I have been several times, and alongside Paris it is one of my favourites.
So all in all I will not be blogging as frequently, I may disappear completely I do not know.   Anyway enough of me :)      

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy New year and hope that all your dreams come true...........