Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Summer has arrived !!

 There are lots of insects in the garden.    Flying this way and that.    This one found the camera fascinating......
 The perfume from Armandii drifts around the garden.   
 It is hot today, around 25C (78F).    More like summer .......
 Most daffodils have faded but this is a late bloomer.      I love the tinge of green on the petals.
 Ferns have started to unfurl,
 bleeding hearts are making an appearance,
 and maples are in flower.
This period of heat will finish as the day ends.    Tomorrow we will be back to temperatures more suited to April.
What an up down Spring it has been.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Down on my knees............

 As most of you know, my favourite area of the garden is the woodland.    Spring, I believe, is the prettiest time of the year with regard to woodland plants.
 Each year I await the arrival of the first Epimediums.    I love tiny flowers, and the only way to truly appreciate these is down on my knees.     Versicolor is a real charmer with its low clump of evergreen foliage, attractively tinted when young.    Loose sprays of yellow and pink suffused flowers are so pretty.
 The cream coloured violet appeared in the garden a few years ago and is working its way through the woodland.      This is a gift from Mother Nature and I am truly grateful.
The garden Robin has been busy making his nest in our post box by the side of the farmhouse gate.    Sadly, I have had to deter him.    I did go to the garden centre and buy yet another robin box, which I have located near the post box.    Lets hope he uses it :)

Have a great gardening weekend.................I am planting roses today.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Birdsong and blooms

Bright mornings and birdsong........what a lovely way to start the day. 
 Planting tulips in pots has worked well.    Angelique is in bloom, one of my favourites.   Waiting in the wings is Red Passion.      
 Spring baskets have been filled with trailing violas.     
 Clematis Armandii now covers most of the ugly fence at the back of the garden.    Not recommended for small gardens or the feint hearted :) say it is vigorous is an understatement.    I love it, the fragrance is beautiful and the flowers prolific.
 Pieris makes a fine display.    I catch its scent as I walk to the front door.   Usually it is covered in bees.
I never tire of wild violets.     They seed freely here.    Such pretty little flowers.   

The weather is slowly warming up.    Temperatures are around 10C (50F).     We had a frost last night, which did not surprise me.     I had covered tender plants, so all is well..............  

Enjoy your Spring garden.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Stoats and thrushes............

 The copse is the most natural part of the garden.    Although I have planted there, I generally let nature take care of itself.
 I love to walk the area, making a mental note of how things are progressing.
It is the best area for wildlife.    Today I saw a pair of mistle thrush busying themselves amongst the leaf litter.
 Much to my surprise an adult stoat popped out from one of the rabbit runs.   It soon disappeared when it saw me.    I am always thrilled to see them, as rabbits are a favourite food source.
Nella was the other side of the fence and in hunting stance.      The sap is rising and my little dog most certainly has Spring Fever  :)

Monday, 23 March 2015

 It was pleasantly warm today, it was great to be in the garden working without a winter coat.
Our friendly Robin was making the most of the suet in the feeder.   
 Bees enjoying the  cherry blossom.    As I stood I could hear the gentle drone of the creatures working away amongst the flowers.    I found myself smiling, bees always have that affect on me.     
 I love this little species appears each year, and never fails to give me pleasure.   
I cannot remember it's name.   If anyone knows I would love to hear.

Slowly the garden is changing.    The browns and greys of Winter are slowly turning green.    I am learning to enjoy one day at a time.    Time passes so quickly and too often another gardening year has finished.    I shall enjoy the moment that I am in............

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The elusive scents of early Spring........

 Spring has been fickle this year.    Often visiting the garden for a day, only to let Winter take control once more.
 The East wind at the weekend was bitter.   I felt at one point I would be cut in half by the intense cold.      
 Despite the weather, the garden looks beautiful........slowly the flowers open and give one a chance to think about what lies ahead in the gardening calendar.
 A Spring garden is surely the prettiest?     After the grey days of Winter, she slowly wakes, showing the loveliest of blooms.
Oh to be in England now that Spring is here ..........

The three months of Spring are called the period of the beginning....the breaths of Heaven and Earth are prepared to give birth, thus everything is developing and flourishing........

Nei Ching.........

Monday, 9 February 2015

Blue blooms and the rookery.

 Gardening at the weekend was unexpected.   A change in the weather was all that was needed.
 Rooks have returned to the rookery at the bottom of the garden.
 I watched them fly back and forth....the early morning sunlight catching their wings.
 Rooks are noisy and messy.   Personally I love having them in the garden.......I love the antics while they raise their young.   I love the noise in the evening when they return to the rookery, calling to each other as they fly.     They are magical and mysterious birds.        
 Dwarf iris have opened today......they are such a welcome sight.
I do so love the pretty blue and yellow flowers.........have a problem with the sparrows pecking them to pieces at the moment.   I shall enjoy them while I can..........