Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nature's artwork.

 I was clearing the patio today when I  noticed the dried flowers of the Hydrangea.
 The skeletal leaves are so pretty.
 The more you look, the more you find.
Nature's artwork, for me, is the best.

Friday, 16 January 2015

A wet day in January

 The last two days have been wet and windy to say the least.   
 I thought I would pop out and take some images of the garden as it is today.

The woodland area at this time of year brings much pleasure to the gardener.........she just wishes the sun would drop by :)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Perfect day for working in the garden.

 The sun shone today, although it was chilly, it was perfect weather for gardening.
 Decided to cut back the elder, willow and several other overgrown shrubs/trees.
 Put the cuttings through the shredder, then placed them on the pathways that run along  the back of the garden.   Nella, of course, inspected the pathway when work was completed :)
 It was a good job done............and it was great to be working outside in January.
I was thinking of my father as I worked today.   Tomorrow will be two years since his passing.
I remember blogging friends saying it gets easier.   At the time I could not see that.
Of course, they were right.   I still miss him but more often than not, I find myself thinking about him and smiling.      

Friday, 2 January 2015


When a New Year arrives I tend to start planning my gardening projects.
Sometimes I forget what is in the garden until I look back at photographs or gardening journals.
Also it is a good time to reflect on things that have happened during the period and how they are looking  now.
 When I saw the image of lemon roses and salvia, it reminded me to remove some of the old plants from the patio barrels and replace them with said plants.
I was so pleased with this combination......both plants flowered from May to October, the scent from the roses in the evening was quite lovely.
Before Spring arrives I must remove some of the lower branches of trees.
It will allow more light in, to encourage better flowering in the perennial borders.
A difficult task, and I wonder when I will have to let Mr P have his way and bring in a tree surgeon to do the job.   NOT this year, because I like the work and still feel young and fit enough to complete it.
My lovely Nella daydreaming on the patio....surrounded by Mexican fleabane.    I love the fact the little plant seeds itself amongst the cracks in the patio slabs.   Mr P does not.......we will compromise  I will remove some but not ALL :)
 Dominic turned two........I so enjoy parties.
I would like during 2015 to have more of these celebrations.......and will make a concerted effort to do so.   Spending time with family is so important.
 You may remember that Poppi changed schools in September due to bullying.
All has worked out well.....she has made many new friends at her new school and is very happy.
She is doing exceptional well in her studies, loves her teachers.........she is now in the school choir and after school drama classes :)
 Ragwort......a great love of mine purely because it attracts so many insects.
Also it is the host plant of the Cinnabar moth.
BUT it is toxic to livestock so I must make sure it has not escaped the garden and seeded itself on neighbouring land. 
And finally I will not forget my wasp sting......a severe allergic reaction is something you do not forget.    Regardless they are very welcome here......but  I have a lot more respect for them these days :)

I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year and am so looking forward to reading your blogs as we stroll through 2015 together.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Winter wonderland.

 We had a hoar frost last night.     
 This morning every twig and stem was rimmed in ice.
 Is there anything more beautiful.
 Wondrous works of art.
 I became totally lost in the moment......
 My camera and I become one.............
This is a morning I will not forget..............

Monday, 29 December 2014

Looking forward to Spring

 Christmas was a joyous occasion.....Poppi sang carols as we all gathered around the table. 
A game of hide and seek in the garden was such fun.   Although it was cold, wrapped in woollen jumpers and bobble hats it did not seem to matter.   To see the Grandchildren laughing, cheeks rosy ............a family coming together, at this special time of year.
 The garden does not have much to offer.......but what it does give, is especially beautiful, at this time of year.    The berries of our native stinking iris  are a good example.
 The lemon - yellow flowers of Mahonia have such a powerful scent.......a wonderful lily of the valley fragrance.   Planted along the woodland walk, with Christmas box, it is pure joy to walk each day and take in the heady scent.
Helleborus Niger is top of my favourite plants.   I have dozens in the garden.   During the cold months of winter they are an absolute joy to behold.   Although they appear to be fragile, they are survivors in this garden.
Anna's red is showing, it will not be long before she displays her beautiful burgundy blooms.

When I planned the garden 13 years ago, I wanted a garden that had flowers all year.
Not for me, although I love my plants, but for the bumble bees that nest in the garden.
I was fortunate just before Christmas Day to see a queen bumble bee feeding on the Mahonia blooms.   I cannot describe the absolute joy this brings.
To help nature survive these cold winter months is a privilege.

I am now looking forward to Spring.     As each day passes we are given a little more light, and to any gardener that is something to look forward to.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cold and frosty morning

 It is early, a cold and frosty morning.
 A winter garden, silhouettes..................
 and ghostly forms.
 A time to stand back and just enjoy one's hard labour.
 A time for me to sit in the conservatory, with my little dog, a cup of coffee and my gardening books.
And to look upon a garden lovely enough to lift  my spirit even on the most sombre and overcast days of winter.