Thursday, 10 May 2018

A romantic at heart.

 I love getting close to flowers and seeing right into the heart of them.
 A camera makes that possible and enables us to see more detail.
 Rhododendrons are just coming into flower.   The following are my two favourites Yakushimanum Dreamland and
 Fragrantissimum.   As in the latin name it is all about the perfume and believe me the fragrance is amazing.    For me, a white bloom tinged pink and the added gift of a sweet scent is irresistible.  
 Who does not love a rose.    I have never met anyone who does not.   I cannot remember the name of this one.   She is a single bloom, and in her simplicity is beautiful.
 A garden, a camera and my whole world changes.     It draws me in and I forget worries and problems.
Happy gardening days :)

Monday, 7 May 2018

I can dream, can't I?

 As children my brother and I would run wild through woodland on a Sunday afternoon.   My dear Dad had been working all week, and our treat would be to walk through the woods to the old castle tower and have a treat of ice cream soda.    How I cherished those Sundays and even now I am typing with a smile on my face.
 When we moved here my dream was to give up part of the garden to a small piece of woodland.    A leisurely approach for me was the answer.   Planting the basics and letting the space develop.   Mother Nature is the best gardener in my humble opinion.
 Woodlands need the minimum of care and I believe the secret is to do as little as possible.
 It is so easy to interfere and frighten off wildlife and spoiling the natural balance of things.    That does not mean that the space cannot be extended and new pieces added.
 I tend not to rake leaves or clear too many fallen branches, ageing and decay fuel life in a wood.
 After all I would like to think it looks like a small wildwood not a miniature parkland.
 I find woods one of the most peaceful places on earth, I love the birdsong and background hum of insects that come with it.
 It always reminds me this is a very special environment filled with abundant life.
 It brings back beautiful memories of my dear Mum and Dad.
Happy days filled with fun.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Work in progress.

   The sun was rising, the birds singing, I could not sleep.    It was just to beautiful to let it pass in bed.    I dressed, called Nella and off we went for a long walk.
Everything was hushed.   It seemed the whole world was sleeping.      I strolled, no quick pace today I wanted to absorb all that was around me.    I love days like this.    I cherish them.
I remember them.         

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.   May the sun shine on you.   

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Blue on blue.

What a lovely combination.   The Holly Blue and forget me not.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Please stop now.

It just will not stop raining and the temperature has dropped to 3C in our area.    When will this weather sort itself out.

Friday, 27 April 2018

searching for moss.

 It's raining.   Perhaps the perfect weather to look for moss.
 The woodland area leads to the copse.   I knew there would be moss looking at its best here.
 Moss has no roots.   Moss loves places that are cool moist and dark.
 Moss loves shady ground, rocks, trees and a moist environment.
 Moss can only grow in a clean environment.   Certain animals, such as reindeer, consume mosses because they contain chemicals which warms the blood.
 Its a fascinating subject and one that I intend to study more.   Anyway come over the bridge with me.
 If we stop in the centre and look to our right there are rocks covered in moss.
Growing alongside them is this pretty little Asplenium Scolopendrium (the hart's tongue fern)   Usually found in shady walls, the rocks are obviously a perfect situation for it.
I did not plant it.    A may well buy some more though and plant amongst the rocks.    A perfect situation for any creature looking for cool damp shade in the height of Summer.

Rainy or dry, enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Mysterious ferns.

 It wasn't until I counted the ferns in my garden today, that I realised just how much of a passion they have become.    I wish I had made notes of them in my diary, because to be honest, their names elude me.
 I was reading Life in a cottage garden by Carol Klein today, the following is her view on ferns.    I wonder why I am spellbound!!!
 They are the most mysterious of plants. All manner of magical properties have been attributed to ferns, mainly because before the invention of the microscope nobody understood how they reproduced.
 Folklore had it that spores could bestow the gift of invisibility on those who believed in their magic power.
Just to watch fronds unfurl is magic enough.
 Somehow ferns embody the power of nature and the way it triumphs.   Gardens would disappear without human attention but most plants would survive and somehow you feel ferns would be oblivious.
 Their ancestry stretches back five hundred million years and makes flowering plants look like newcomers who have just tipped up on the botanic scene.
They were here long before humans and no doubt will still be going strong long after we cease to exist.

I'm hooked :)