Friday 4 February 2011

Fairy Garden

Poppi and Riley stayed last weekend.
They helped me tidy the fairy garden, beneath the old apple tree.

It did not take long to remove the leaves and debris.
A female blackbird watched us work.
Dwarf iris are ready to burst into bloom.
My father gave me the fairies many years ago.
They have aged beautifully and are very precious to me.
To walk the garden you would think that Spring had arrived. The weather tells angry wind is whipping across the garden. I can hear it in the house, it comes done the chimney and sounds quite ghostly. I am not keen on the wind, it frightens me a little. I did not like it as a child. A branch near my bedroom window would tap against the glass, and make shadows on my bedroom wall. I spent a lot of time under the blankets when the wind blew.......
I hope the weather is peaceful in your part of the world....
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. What beautiful little sprites in your garden Cheryl. Fun to be outside without being bundled up. It is still much too cold here. I am glad you could get outside. I need ot get out and pick up the sticks that blew down during the gale here last week. I am just waiting for the ice to melt so the sticks can be picked up. Big Hugs to all.

  2. Love the fairies and the little helpers too! Isn't it great to see the spring flowers appearing even though we know that at any time the winter weather might return it is after all only just February and we have several more weeks till it is is officially Spring. At least it is lighter now which always makes me feel that it can't be long now till the sunshine returns and Nature gets going again.

    Jane x

  3. Hi Lisa, It was lovely to have the children stay.
    Two extra pair of hands is also good. They work well together, laughter always plays a role.

    Hope you are able to get out into the garden soon, to clear the debris....

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Jane, of course, you are quite right, spring is not here yet. I spoke to someone in our village today and he tells me that snow is due in the next fortnight. All I can say is I HOPE HE IS WRONG........he has lived in this area all his life and told me he is never wrong where the weather is concerned.

  5. Hi Cheryl - this truly is an enchanting post. Your fairy garden clearly means a lot to you and is coming to life, aided by the charming duo of Poppi & Riley. Wish I had put some Iris bulbs in.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Thank you Laura. Yes the fairy garden means a great deal to me. Poppi and I started the fairy garden when she was two years old.
    The fairies are old, and very small. They are barely noticeable amid the bulbs and grass.
    The spring planting has increased over the years....

  7. How lovely to have those fairies in your garden, and the two little helpers! Things always mean so much more when they have a sentimental value.
    Pleased to see the spring bulbs appearing. I wonder if we will get more snow before the spring arrives in earnest?
    We have high winds here too today, since we are on the coast it seems to be even worse. It makes me worry about the cottage, but hopefully when we go to work there tomorrow all will be well. I love to walk in the wind, but I do worry about the damage it can do.

  8. Hi Dan, I am sentimental by nature....especially where my father is concerned.

    I have a feeling we may just have some more snow. I am hoping I am wrong, I really could not face another spell of the 'white stuff'

    I hope all is well at the cottage.
    I have all sorts of 'stuff' blowing around the garden, including the mats that were at the back door (don't know where they have gone}

    I like walking in the wind, it is invigorating. It is at night I feel restless about it......

    Have a good weekend Dan......

  9. Hi Cheryl, I'm not keen on the wind either, I always worry that a roof tile will come loose or a fence panel will break. Living on a hill doesn't help, the wind has been really vicious here today!

    What beautiful grandchildren you have, I think your Father must have known you would have a little Poppi one day who would look just like a fairy when he gave you your garden fairies :)

    Thank you so much for including the Primrose photos, mine are nowhere near as advanced as yours and I do love them so much!

    Have a lovely weekend Cheryl :)

  10. your post has me aching for spring! and i have to say, snowdrops are among the most charming and cheerful of the flowers. suck purity and promise. the children arent too bad either ;-) Lovely, just lovely

  11. Hi Jan....I can hear things crashing and banging around outside. The wind seems to be getting in every crack and crevice in this old is somewhat spooky especially as I am home alone.
    My father has always been so aware of the child in me. I remember when he gave them to me....he chose them, that meant such a lot to me.
    The are incredibly beautiful.....Poppi adores them and of course, one day they will be hers.

    The primroses are quite lovely, they are dotted all around the is a good year for primroses in this country garden.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend......

  12. Thank you Chickory.......sweet comment.

  13. Hi Cheryl. What a glorious delight to have such willing helpers and I'm sure they will recall many happy hours with the faries when they grow up.
    Despite all the harsh winds your garden looks a little further advanced than here although I did spot another clump of Snowdrops open today.
    I have to admit to hiding my head under the duvet and hoping the tiles stay on in very strong winds!

  14. Hi Frank.....Ha! Are you teasing me or do you really do that? The former I think...

    It is delightful having the children here. They really are so helpful, and both actually enjoy the garden....

    Have a fund weekend....

  15. Dear Cheryl,
    Seeing the children brought a smile and a joy! I do love their gentle faces. My goodness your Fairies are so very charming. I understand being fond of the treasures our Fathers have given us. I miss my Father very much.
    Ahh...the can be awesome. During the blizzard we had on the 1st I listened to the North Wind and stayed wrapped in my blankets. I felt great respect for the wind and its power. Seeing your Fairy Garden reminds me of all the life that lays sleeping under my 12 inches of snow. We are to have more snow this weekend. For us snow is normal in February for you I think it is not. Climate change is here to stay. I love seeing your birds! Please give the children a hug from me. Your Grandchildren are so lucky to have you teaching them about caring for the bugs, birds and blooms. I hope yur gardens do well after such a hard winter.
    Stay warm my friend.

  16. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos and nice to see your iris are almost in flower, mine continue to tease me. I do have crocus in flower now! A month and a half earlier than last year.

    Very windy, but surprinsgly warm, haven't needed the heating on today. Hope the winds stop soon, my fence has come out again, thankfully it's due to have new posts in a couple of weeks, so isn't too much of a problem at the moment.

    Have a good weekend, I plan on a visit to sherwood forest on Monday, hope the wind is gone by then :)

  17. Love that little fairy.
    Your children look happy and healthy...sure brought a smile to my face.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  18. Hi Cheryl...Love the adorable Grandchildren's little red cheeks!!
    It is great that the fairy garden is coming alive and you could spend time with Poppi and Riley there!! So cute!!
    Windy nights can be many noises going on!!

  19. DEar Sherry, Riley and Poppi are gentle little people. They, like us, are sensitive and kindly.

    The wind is still blowing and is set to stay for a few more days. Nella does like the wind. She seems spooked, and spends time standing very still as though she is puzzled.

    It will be wonderful when your snow melts and your gardens come into life again. Spring is such a breath of fresh air.

    Have a lovely weekend and stay warm and snug....

  20. Hi Liz, my crocus are not in bloom yet. I doubt whether they will be around long as something always seems to eat them.
    I love the dwarf iris and planted some new varieties last autumn. Can't remember what they are, shall have to find my journal to give my brain a jog.

    It is quite mild here but the house is cold.....the wind seems to get into every crack and of course the inglenook lets a lot of cold air in....

    Sherwood Forest....beautiful, have a lovely time.....

  21. Thank you Patsi, they certainly bring a smile to my fact...

  22. HI Grammie, tku, I love them to bits and think they are all grandmothers do about their own.

    The wind is still forceful and is expected to last a few days yet.....

  23. Dear Cheryl, We had a big windstorm pass through and limbs were cleaned from the trees. I like to think that nature is pruning her trees, but, it can be a messy job on her part. No snow, but, too much gray. We need the sun to warm up the ground and our spirits. The fairies from you dad are wonderful~and Poppi and Riley are adorable. Keep warm. gail

  24. Beautiful photos Cheryl! I had to chuckle after reading this post as I was hearing bumping around upstairs this morning and I'm the only one here!! (hubby at work and daughter at a sleepover). I know it's just the wind playing tricks on me! We have had some unusual cold snowys days here in the southern US...time to get back to normal thanks!!!

  25. Hi Gail....I agree, too much grey for me also. I am fed up with dull skies and strong winds.
    I have been clearing twigs and limbs from the garden this morning.

    Hope the sun shines on you soon.........

  26. Hi Eve, the wind is still blowing a gale here.....I tried to work in the garden this morning as the temps are quite mild. I gave up in the end.......just too windy.
    By the time I went inside I looked like I had been pulled through a hedge backwards....Ha!

  27. What a little beauty Poppi is turning out to be! And Riley, so sweet. Don't you wish they'd stay little forever?

    Your garden looks so promising of the coming spring. Faeries abound and green shoots popping up. Snowdrops and primula. Yes, too bad about the cold wind. I used to love wind as a child, but as an adult, I fear it.
    Keep warm

  28. Dear Wendy, I understand what you are saying.....and yes Riley and Poppi's beauty shines from the inside out. I love to watch them grow and share in their world. This is their time.......

    Spring bulbs are singing their song....they tell me spring is but a breath away.

    The wind still blows and holds so much anger.
    It does not seem to want to leave the garden.....

  29. How wonderful to be able to work in the fairy garden with Riley and Poppi; I'm sure they enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to the days when it will be warm enough here, too, to have the grandkids helping me outside.

    The branch tapping on the window would have frightened me, too--it immediately reminded me of an image from Wuthering Heights, which haunted me when I was younger.