Tuesday 5 April 2011

White flowers, just cannot resist them.

White flowers in a garden, give me a feeling of complete peace.
They bring about a feeling of calm.
I find them restfull, they help me forget the stresses of everyday life.
I love the way they glow in moonlight.
They are just pure heaven for me.
This is one of my favourites at the moment. The water hawthorn, little boats floating on the pond, surrounded by duckweed and bubbles. You can grow this beauty in a water-filled tub. She will flower until the first frosts. On warm days she fills the air with the most beautiful fragrance. Insects are drawn to her in large numbers and some drown trying to reach her (poor things).

This little beauty lifts my spirits each time I walk past......happy April days.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos, white flowers are just so pretty!

    Sadly I lost my Snowflakes this year (they're some of the plants that have disappeared from the spring pots).

    I love white too, although strangely enough don't seem to have enough of it in the garden! I must change this though! :)

  2. Hi Cheryl...well as you know, the color white is not one of my favorite colors at the moment!!lol
    I have to say though that there is nothing like the innocence and purity of the white flowers in your garden!!
    The water Hawthorn is something I have never heard of ..what a beauty!! I can see why you so enjoy it!!
    Enjoy my friend...♥ Grace

  3. Lovely pictures Cheryl! I've never come across a water hawthorn.

  4. Beautiful photos Cheryl. I too love white flowers, they are so healing aren't they with their bright purity. I haven't heard of water hawthorn either, I'm intrigued now though!
    Thanks for the moment of calm.

  5. I have white daylillies in my front bed and when I take the dog out each night, I look forward to how they glow in the light of the moon. Beautiful shots!

  6. These whites are lovely Cheryl. I can see how they would draw your attentnion and soothe you. I think white really lights up the garden too. You can't ignore it where ever it is planted. Are your water plants hardy? So many aren't here.

  7. what wonderful whites - a real feast for the eyes, Cheryl. And must, must get some water chestnuts - did not know they were so beautiful as the name is rather offputting

  8. At first glance, I thought the hawthorn blossom was resting on a lace doily--lovely photo, Cheryl! I have not planted many white flowers in the past, always looking for color. But you convinced me some time ago with all your pure white blooms how beautiful and serene they were. The "white garden" I had thought about for the new garden bed now is going to have color, but I do plan on having quite a few white flowers.

  9. Hi Liz, sorry you lost your spring snowflakes.
    How come we always lose the pretty flowers??

    I have added more white this spring.......never tire white blooms.......

  10. Hi Grace, Poor you, snow still with you??

    That is one white I can most certainly do without......

  11. Hi ONG....white daylillies, now theres a thought.

  12. Brooke. thank you so much. That is most generous and kind of you.....

  13. Hi Lisa, I have had the water hawthorn in the pond since we added it to the garden. It has survived the pond being frozen over (it is said that it does not!!)
    In fact, it does really well here. Perhaps I have been lucky......

  14. Hi again Cheryl,

    I'll be adding some white to the garden too, I bought three Astrantia 'Snowstar', some white Goatsbeard as well as a white Lupin (which seems to have died in the pot, I'm considering taking it back!). I also have the white Pulmonaria which is just coming into flower and White Bleeding heart... Oooh and I got some lovely white poppies 'Bridal White', I cannot wait for them in the borders!
    The Lily of the Valley I planted two years ago has never come up - Very disappointed, as it was meant to brighten the dark front garden :(

    I have a feeling you might have influenced my purchases somewhere along the line... :)

  15. I am still chuckling at your reply to Dan on the last post, so funny! :)

    I have really grown to appreciate white flowers, they are such a valuable addition to any garden.

    I was mesmerised by your Water Hawthorn and couldn't work out what I was looking at at first, it is really captivating! How lovely that she is fragrant too :)

    Lovely photos as always!

  16. It took me a long time before I appreciated white flowers in the garden. I've always been drawn to more vibrant shades. Now I quite agree with you and feel the whites bring me peace and a sense of tranquility. There is also a freshness, a clarity to white flowers that give the eyes a little rest from all the activity in the garden.

    I also thought the hawthorn was on a lace doily! It's so pretty.
    Congrats on your post being on WebGarden today!

  17. Hi Liz, lovely selection of 'whites'
    Goatsbeard is something I have always meant to add to the garden. I love it.

    I have white bleeding heart. They are just coming into bloom, gorgeous.

    I had white poppies several years ago they are beautiful. They have disappeared now, but could return one day (you know what poppy seeds are like)
    Look forward to seeing all you lovely blooms.....

  18. Just beautiful Cheryl! I'm planning a little tub pond this year. I will be sure to put some lovely flowers in to float and make me happy!