Saturday 30 July 2011

Sunday safari

"I am going to have a garden one day Nanna.
 With lots of flowers ........
for the bees.....
 and all the funny little creatures.
The only thing is Nanna, I do not know what I am going to do about global morning."

Bless her, she obviously meant global warming.....don't they make you smile :)
Alan is doing well......I am really happy with the progress.

Happy Sunday safari.


  1. Lovely : )
    And I hope she has a garden of her own some day!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    In my heart, I feel sure that she will......

  3. Of course she will have a garden some day. It will be filled with beautiful little tow headed children like herself and Riley. So many fairies and flowers your head would spin. Is that a tree house I see peeking above the trees? Someplace to get away and watch the garden from above?? You are such a tease.

  4. Hi heavens she is reminds me of my Heather(grandaughter) with that blonde hair when she was that age ...she is 23 and still a blondie!!
    Her outlook is great even if it is global morning..sweet!!
    Everything look good glad all is well with you!!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Me, a tease :)

    All will be revealed in a couple of weeks......
    during the winter months I will landscape the area with bareroot trees etc.

  6. Hi Grace,

    I remember seeing your Grand-daughter on your side bar. She is very pretty. They grow so quickly.....

  7. Hi Cheryl!
    Poppy is just a little angel, so adorable and wise. You can tell her that with children like her growing up and looking after the Earth we will have less cause to worry about that pesky global morning!
    Your new project looks exciting... can't wait to find out more :)

  8. Hi Lucinda,

    I will pass your words to Poppi when I see her tomorrow evening. She will be pleased to hear them, I am sure.

    I am just having fun with this new project. I do like a challenge.

  9. It seems Poppi is learning from the best. It is both sad and refreshing that someone at that age should already be worried about Mother Earth.

  10. Hi ncmountainwoman,

    Indeed, there is so much on the BBC news (children's)that Riley and Poppi do worry a little. I try to be positive about it, with both of them.

  11. You set such a fine example Cheryl & lots of beautiful memories for Poppi when she's old enough to figure out global warming.

  12. Such a sweetheart! You've set a wonderful example for her, Cheryl; she will no doubt carry on your legacy of gardening and creating a friendly habitat for all wildlife. Maybe by the time she grows up, global warming will no longer be something she has to worry about.

    My curiosity is piqued by Alan on the roof--a roof garden? tearing down the house for more garden space?:) Can't wait to find out what your big project is.

  13. Thank you Laura,

    Poppi is such a sweet child and is so in touch with nature. I am sure this little girl will make her way amongst the flowers and wildlife.

    She had a funeral for a bumble bee yesterday :)

  14. Rose, tku.....for such lovely words. I also hope that Poppi will not have to worry about global warming....bless her dear heart.

    I am having such fun with this project. It has not turned out as I first imagined.....but what does :)

  15. Dear Cheryl,
    Oh I do love seeing your butterflies....and always the bees. Lovely......
    It must have warmed up! Look at Allen building away....
    this will be a fun spot for the children for many, many years. I think both of them will find a reading nook in the trees....perhaps Nanna will join them.
    Poppi is a dear heart. I am sure she will have a garden so she can care for the winged ones. Climate change is here. She will adapt. She will carry the flag for clean air and water. She and her generation will have to be mindful of the wild places. There are so few left. Perhaps her garden will be taking care of the legacy her Grandmother has built.
    Hugs to her. You have given her the foundation to be successful. She will always remember the bees.
    Wonderful safari!

  16. Oh that's so cute! Global morning instead of warming! I love listening to children speak. We seemed to have blogged about the same things this time around. So much fun!

    Poppi is such a sweetie, and I'm sure Grandma will help her with her garden when the time comes. And your pictures are lovely as always.

  17. Poppi is a beautiful little girl with big dreams! I have no doubt that she (and others like her) will find a way to deal with "global morning". Our children and grandchildren are our hope for the future, and you are giving her a precious legacy.

  18. Cheryl your little princess is precious..out of mouths of babes..I believe she is a dreamer and yes one day she shall have her dream garden and will be the keeper of the earth as Nana is!
    I also am blessed that my 3 grandchildren are aware of Nature and how important it is to respect and love Mother earth.Thank you for giving me advise on planting Spring flowers for my woodland garden which is starting to take shape as you saw in my recent photo..more to come this week. Have a wonderfull day in your garden sanctuary! Anna

  19. I enjoy your posts with Poppi! I love her ideas, and I would really like to see the garden she'd dream of!

  20. You taught her well if she wants a garden of her own. :)