Monday, 25 August 2014

An autumnal feel............

 Yesterday was warm, but the breeze had an edge to it.   Autumn would appear to have arrived but who knows with the English weather, it is never predictable.
 After spending most of the morning preparing food for my Mothers freezer, the afternoon was spent gardening.  
 It is good to see so many Red Admiral in the garden.   They are enjoying the flowers of Eupatorium 'rise and shine'.    I love the deep purple stems of this plant, it compliments the pink flowers.
 Mexican hats have not done so well.     There are survivors but not so many.  
 Without doubt my favourite combination is Arthur Bell and Salvia Royal Bumble.    I love the pale lemon and red.......
The hot air balloon came a little too close for comfort, skimming the trees as it crossed the garden.    Nella did not approve.........not too sure I did :)
I believe it came down in a neighbours field.

Bank holiday Monday and it is raining................


  1. It is not yet raining here, but grey clouds are coming over the North Sea, rain will be soon here (again). The combination of the soft yellow rose and the tomatoe red Salvias is of an outstanding beauty. I am sure when Snarf should notice a balloon so close, he should bark or run inside to hid himself under my desk.

  2. Good Morning Janneke,
    I think we are in for a day of rain. It does not look promising.

    Dear Snarf...........Nella was just not happy it was so close. The noise from the gas burner was so loud. I could actually see the people, who were waving and saying hello.

  3. Beautiful flower combinations. I would be a bit concerned if a hot air balloon came that close to where I lived. They are fun to see floating around tho. Poor Nella. I am sure Annie would have had the same reaction. It is still steaming hot here. Not sure when the weather is to break. The only good thing is that we are having sprits of rain now and then so it keeps things looking alright. Maybe you can relax on this rainy holiday.

  4. It was most concerning Lisa to see the balloon so close. I thought at one point it would end up in the garden, there was obviously some sort of problem.

    As the day as progressed it has become quite chilly. I have just put the heating on, this old house does not like the rain :)

    We have just been out to lunch, now it is time to find a good book and snuggle on the sofa :)

  5. The change of weather really has come with a bang this year - so much colder - fires have been lit and long sleeved T's have been retrieved from storage - but Sunday was exceptional a beautiful warm perfect gardening day. I knew the rains were coming so I stayed out all day getting work done - it was joyous. After rain all day yesterday the hollyhocks are drooping drastically - the Lavatera are flat on the ground and I am settling in to a mild depressive state. I want my summer back!
    Your flower pictures are truly lovely Cheryl - you have an eye for catching their beauty. As for big balloons - they do look a wonderful sight - but that one is just a little close for comfort!

  6. Hi Elaine,

    The garden is a mess, the heavy rain yesterday and constant rain this morning, have really had an impact on the garden. Our heating came on yesterday, unfortunately we had a five hour power cut in the evening, which was really the perfect end to a perfect day (NOT)

    Summer will return.....if only for a short while. We do need rain.............perhaps not in such huge amounts :)

    Balloon much to close for comfort...........

  7. I love the yellow rose with the red Salvia--what a beautiful combo! We've been in the middle of a heat wave here, so I've spent very little time in the garden lately. My daughter is coming home in a few days, though, so I'm going to have to brave the heat and get out and pull some weeds and do some trimming or she'll think I've done nothing all summer:)

    1. I know you look forward to seeing your daughter Rose.
      I do so hope you have a wonderful time..........

      Don't do too much gardening in the can be quite draining.

  8. The Arthur Bell and Salvia Royal Bumble is a beautiful combination, I too love how the red compliments such a pale lemon. I'd never dare go up in a balloon, though you must have a fabulous view from up there, I'm just not brave enough.

    1. I went up in a balloon once.........I did it to try and cure my fear of heights.
      It has certainly helped :)

  9. Beautiful colors. Love the butterflies.

  10. The Mexican hat flower is so cute, have you grown these from seed, would love to have some in my garden next year.The hot air balloon would have had me a little worried too.
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Yes I grew them from seed. They are easy............I planted many in the garden but the rabbits cropped most of them.

  11. Oh, I love that combination with your red salvia and the rose. I have Arthur Bell too and have just moved a red rose from my front garden next to it, seeing your photo makes me think the colours will work. I've never heard of Mexican Hats before, I shall have to go and Google them!

    1. Hi Paula,
      I love the red yellow combo. Arthur Bell is such a soft lemon, it works well with deep reds.
      Look forward to seeing your roses in bloom.............

      Mexican hats are, I believe, a prairie plant.
      They come in many colours. It is the first time I have grown them I will be using them again next year.

  12. What a sweetie you are preparing meals for your Mom's freezer. Life turns around and I imagine your mother remembers the days of preparing meals for you!

    We too had some cold days and I had the fire going. But now it's hot again.

    I like all the flowers in your garden and Pan the Piper too!


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