Monday 2 April 2018

Moss garden.

 As usual, I can never wait, when I have a project in my head.   Despite the continuous rain and dreary skies I have been working on the moss garden.   I wanted to keep this area fairly simple with just a few additions.
 I have placed large pebbles in the lawn to show the pathway.   This should stop visitors walking on the moss.   With the uneven stones I am hoping it will slow people down and make them conscious of what is around them.
 Yesterday, whilst visiting Rye, I noticed two pieces of driftwood for sale at a garden shop.   I had already bought ferns, so decided to plant up.    Six Japanese shield ferns were planted around the wood.    New growth in Spring emerges red, turning green in the Summer months.   I also dotted the fern in the borders that edge this area, so hopefully it will all tie together as they establish.
 The small tree on the right hand side of the image is Cryptomeria japonica sekkan-sugi.   The beautiful soft foliage is creamy yellow in Spring, green in Summer and bronze/purple in the cold Winter months.    As it grows it can be clipped, so perfect for my needs.   I have also placed some rocks, which you can see in the left hand side of the picture.
Now I play the waiting game.   I must learn not to fuss over this space and let the moss and lichen grow, let nature take its course.   I will show you this part of the garden as it progresses.

Have you any garden projects set for this year??


  1. Your moss garden is looking good. Did you have a lot of grass to pull out of the moss? Your additions to the area are perfect. I love those mossy rocks. The driftwood is a perfect frame for the Ferns. I have several of these ferns in my garden. They do well in my garden. One of the few ferns that do grow well here.
    I see palms in this picture! Do you have to bring them in during the winter?
    I couldn't grow palms outside year round.
    I hope your stones work as you intend. People can be quite dull when it comes to garden works. As when a dear friend and I were walking through a Japanese garden. They had nice big stones to walk on but my friend chose to walk through the raked gravel "because it was easier". I had to explain to her why she shouldn't do that. She just couldn't understand why you would put stones in like that.
    This will make me take a harder look at my mossy area.
    We woke to snow on the ground this morning. I couldn't hardly believe it. This is the first April snow I can remember. I don't think this winter will ever depart. I now have something more to think about this afternoon. :)

  2. Well its strange Lisa, the grass has just disappeared and a silky moss layer has arrived. The photograph do not do it justice. It is really lovely.
    The palms are planted in the ground and are protected by a California pine.
    They will take -15C, so work ok here.
    I understand re the stones, I think you really have to understand gardening to be able to do the right thing. I am always conscious of the garden and his/her space.
    We have had a dreadful Easter. I have grown webbed feet due to so much rain :)
    As the week progresses we are expecting higher temperatures, more Spring like.

    Oh dear snow :(( You must be a tad down hearted??

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Re ferns I have also planted lady ferns, soft shield fern also hart's tongue ferns.
      They have been cut back so I could not show them. If everything goes according to plan this area should be lush and green during the summer months. It is really hard to leave this area alone as I am becoming quite obsessed with it :))

  3. D’you know, it feels a really magical space when I read your words and look at it. Something special there. I particularly love the idea of putting down stones to help people slow down and notice things. Inspired.

    1. thank you for your encouragement. This type of gardening is new to me, and I am going purely by instinct and natural feel of the space.
      I am looking forward to seeing it during the Summer months.

  4. I love the idea of using pebbles to slow people down and did enjoy seeing those marvelous pieces of driftwood and mossy stones. What a beautiful area, I just love moss so would really enjoy this area of your wonderful garden. Here's to some better

    1. Well Snowbird, all the rain is helping the moss and ferns along :)
      It is a shame you cannot put the atmosphere on screen.
      There is something about this space but I am not sure what!

  5. It looks so lovely, all you need now is a few fairy doors..
    Amanda xx

    1. There is one Amanda but it is well hidden :)

  6. I always enjoy seeing your photographs.
    It looks very nice Cheryl ... I wonder where your fairy door is hidden.

    All the best Jan