Sunday 23 September 2018

Autumn is here but thoughts of Spring are never far away.

 Early morning Muse.....I like the white daffs and red tulips together.
 An old favourite Angelique and a new one for me tres chic.    Ballerina and Blue parrot have also been purchased.   I am thinking ahead.      Well us gardeners do, don't we :)
 Autumn baskets are planted with heather, ivy and viola.   A pretty combination, me thinks.
 My wonderful neighbour delivered a large trailer of well rotted horse manure, so beds and borders have all been top dressed ready for Winter.
Another dear friend gave me 36 foxglove.    All planted and looking good.
 And we have grapes,  they taste delicious.   Not enough for wine though :)
 Dahlia's are still flowering their little socks off.   I cannot remember a year when they have been so good.
This section of garden is my favourite.   I make sure I pass this area every day.   Rotting apples, that familiar scent that Autumn offers.     It takes me back to so many places I have enjoyed in a lifetime.

Loving about you??


  1. We are having the absolutely perfect autumn day here. We got some rain yesterday, just enough to make everything look fresh. It has cooled down to an autumnal temp. Simply perfect. Your tulip that looks like a peony is gorgeous, says it is fragrant too. Yummy. I love the baskets. You have such wonderful friends and neighbors to add such goodness to your garden. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening too. Lovin every minute of it.

    1. The sun is shining brightly today Lisa, and there is a slight chill in the air. Perfect day for clearing up after last weeks strong winds and rain.
      Angelique is a beautiful peony like tulip. They do tend to flop, so need staking.
      I am so grateful for the manure. It has been rotting for around two years, perfect for the garden. She is going to deliver another trailer load in the Spring. It is odd that I find this so exciting but I do. :))

      Have a good week my friend.

    2. I don't think it is a bit odd. I would be deliriously happy to get a load of rotted manure.
      Do you treat your tulips like annuals? I rarely have any that return. I don't pull them out but they just fade away.

    3. I do treat them as annuals Lisa. This year though I have bought ballerina which is a tad more expensive, I shall lift these when they fade and put them out the following Spring.
      I do have a yellow and red striped tulip in a island bed on the drive. They have been in situ for 12 years and still appear each Spring.

    4. What fun to have some return. I have a handfull of white ones that have been returning for years. The flower bed they are in has been changed and they are in more shade now. I have tried moving the bulbs a few at a time so as not to lose the whole bunch if they didn't transplant well. Sure enough the moved bulbs never bloomed so I just look at the few remaining bulb as they bloom each year in their dark place in the garden.

    5. Perfect Lisa. White flowers for a shady spot.

  2. Today we also have a lovely autumn day, but yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, no problem for we could use the rain. I love you autumn baskets, wonderful combination. You are doing already a lot of autumn work, horsemanure and you have already your bulbs. I have ordered a lot of them too, they will be sent to me end of October.

    1. I look forward to seeing what bulbs you have chose Janneke :)

  3. I just love Autumn, and your Autumn baskets planted with heather, ivy and viola are just perfect.

    It certainly has been a good year for dahlia's, I love that yellow colour.

    Love the look of your bulbs, such a good combination.

    Take care my blogging friend, and carry on enjoying your garden.
    I always do when I visit your blog :)

    All the best Jan

    1. I am pleased with the baskets. They should keep going through the Autumn and into Winter. That's the plan anyway :)

      Have a good week Jan.

  4. We must be on the same wavelength, Cheryl. I planted up some fall bulbs today. Was looking at Tres Chic tulips (they look so pristine - all pretty and white), but decided not to buy any tulips. There are just so many squirrels on my property. Seems like an abundance this year. Chipmunks too, but it's the squirrels who dig up the bulbs.

    I planted snowdrops. I love the first signs of spring. Also those sweet little daffys (tete-a-tete) as they remind me of faeries. And some grape hyacinths and other bright yellow daffys. It's just a start. Last year I was disappointed that I got mostly leaves and no daffodils, so I'm treading with care this year and planting only a few to see what happens. Crocus always come up.

    Love your autumn baskets - so pretty and seasonal. Enjoy your garden. I was thinking of you today as I was in the garden centre buying my bulbs. There was an ornament with the words "feeding the garden is feeding your soul" or something like that and it made me think of you.

    Rotting apples, bright purple grapes and soon the flaming leaves. I love autumn too!

  5. Hi Wendy,

    It really surprises me how often I think of fellow bloggers.
    Thank you for thinking of me, the words are beautiful and something I truly believe.

    I also have trouble with squirrels. I plant them quite deep, they tend to leave them alone when I do this. Fingers crossed for next Spring.

    What a shame your daffs did not flower. Perhaps not planted deep enough??

    Enjoy Autumn Wendy.

  6. Oh...I say! Some beautiful buys there! I'm with you re the smell of rotting apples! Loving those grapes and your newly planted baskets. I bought some bulbs and heather too....great minds eh?xxx

  7. We must have been thinking alike, Cheryl--I ordered fall bulbs about the same time as you. Since I ordered them, though, they won't be here for at least another week. I'm hoping good weather lasts awhile longer so that I can get them all planted! I have some rotting apples on the ground, too, but every time Barry mows, he runs right over them--the birds and butterflies appreciate it:) I do love autumn, though it's been so warm here it still feels like summer. I haven't been on Blogger for awhile; I hope all is well with you, Cheryl.