Wednesday 25 August 2010

Being at one with nature.

Fifteen minutes from my home is one of Poppi's and Riley's favourite places.
We visit regularly.....and have done so since they were tiny babies.
Poppi is always willing to hug a tree, this is one of her favourites.
If you ask a tree nicely it may just let you climb upon it.
Willow arches are always inviting, espcially when you are four.
We remember when the Gunnera were planted........Poppi cannot believe how big they are. The leaves make perfect umbrellas.
Even little girls need quiet times.......time to think about school days. Poppi starts in September, she is not an indoor girl.
This was a special day.....a day to be outside, together, sharing magic moments.
Another favourite can climb through the gap, if you are small enough. Poppi got stuck today, it took a while to get her foot out. Fortunately she found it amusing, so did I......
She looks so tiny.........
We sit and eat our sandwiches watching the birds. A mute swan decided it liked my roll, walked straight over and took half. Poppi found it hilarious, so did most of the tourists passing by.
Not far from our destination now.......beautiful old walls en route. I love old walls...
I love willows and water.
And here we are. Leeds castle was built in 1119 and sits in 500 acres. She is said to be one of the lovliest castles in the world. I personally believe this to be true.
We walk on and eventually find the maze. We get lost, along with many other people. We are trying to find the grotto.
After twenty minutes and Poppi believing she would never get to the grotto, we did actually arrive.
This is the entrance. It takes you down to a cave......and a waterfall. The walls are decorated with shells. There is little light, and sadly I could not get any decent photographs. This is Poppi's favourite place, for this is where you find the Green man.............
As we left the Grotto it started to rain. Camera away, and we both ran to catch the little train back to the car park. We had a lovely day.....I do so hope you enjoyed the time spent with us.


  1. What a delightful day. When she goes to school you will have fewer days like this. It is good that you get to enjoy them while you can. She looks like a little fairy under the Gunnera. What huge leaves. I have heard of this castle. Maybe one day I will be able to see it.

  2. Hi Cheryl....your Poppi is a real treasure to behold...such a cutie!! : }
    I miss my grandaughter "Heather" when she was that age and now she is 22!!
    Love the old wall and the castle so romantic and mysterious!!
    What a lovely day you had and I enjoyed following along!!

  3. Hi Lisa.....I have been blessed that my daughter has let me have the children so often. It has given me time with them, that will always stay with me.

    The castle is beautiful Lisa, surrounded by a mote and built on two islands. Many kings and queens have lived or visited there. The most famous Henry V111.

    The grounds to the castle are fabulous......I have visited all seasons. Winter is my favourite, with less tourists, the quiet is amazing. I intend to go alone during the cold winter months....

  4. Hi Grammie....they soon grow, don't they? I am sure you must have some treasured memories of the time spent with Heather.

  5. Lovely tranquil walk Cheryl - I know I use that word often but it is true and so apt. What a lovely little girl your Poppi is enjoy her whilst you can time spent with a grandmother is special I remember watching my daughter with my mother and wishing I had known that relationship too.

    You obviously had a better day that we did here in the south west - it's been raining all day here and chilly we put the heater on in the conservatory this afternoon as we were cold!


  6. Hi Jane.....I treasure every moment with the grand-children. I always try to make it special for them.

    We had a good day, but as I type we have torrential rain, and I do mean torrential.
    I have just got soaked putting the mason bee units in the shed, to keep them safe.
    Oh well, my garden appears to be getting back to how they should be......wet!!

  7. Looks like you have had a fantastic day out! Poppi looks tiny under those Gunnera leaves. Leeds Castle looks beautiful, and I hope you manage to get to visit over the winter. Autumn is definately well on its way now in this neck of the woods.

  8. Just phenomenal and fun photos! Makes me want to go and play

  9. What an absolutely enchanting post! Your pics are lovely as always. Thank you for taking us along on this magical day.

    I love water, willows, and walls too. Oh, and don't forget weeds!(just had to be a little silly with "w" words).

    Seriously, stone walls are so interesting. They seem so ancient somehow and take one way back in time. Wish I could have seen that grotto with you. It looks absolutely like something from another time. And the castle!

    I was not an indoor girl either, when I went to school. Did not say or do much (was very quiet), but I do remember gazing longingly out the windows at school....

    Nice that you and Poppi could enjoy such a special day together. She is a sweetie.

  10. Cheryl, What a fantastic day at a fantastic castle. I can understand why Poppi is drawn to the Grotto - but who is the "green man?" All your captures were utterly delightful!

  11. Hi was a fabulous day.
    Autumn has arrived here, the weather is windy wet and cool. I must confess to enjoying it, but my garden is beginning to look a little soggy....ha!

  12. Hi Wendy.....I love old walls.....the one we saw yesterday is as old as the castle.
    I just love to touch them...all that history.

    I have several willows in the garden, although they are not the weeping type.
    I planted them to soak up excess moisture but I do love them as well.

    Hope you are ok and coping with things?

  13. Hi Amy, the green man is a symbol often found in churches and cathedrals. A face, usually with leaves and vines entwined. He represents rebirth......and is associated with Spring.
    He dates back hundreds of years. I have several in my garden hiding amongst the is said he protects the garden he rests in.

    Brief account, hope that is ok.....

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    It looks like you had a wonderful day!

    My favourite castle probably has to be Bamburgh on the North East coast not far from Berwick, Holy Island and such, it isn’t much, no large or lavish grounds but it perches right on the beach and has stunning views and looks stunning, especially at sunset/sunrise. I always love visiting it… Second simply has to be Edinburgh Castle, no other castle is as breath-taking in my opinion, simply amazing.

  15. What a sweet post, Cheryl! You and the grandchildren must have had a wonderful day--so nice to be able to spend time together like this before the hectic school year begins. My grandkids would have enjoyed climbing on these huge old trees right along with Poppi. And the Gunnera--my goodness, I didn't know they would grow so large! Leeds Castle sounds so familiar; I will have to check it out to refresh my memory about its history. You are making so many special memories for Riley and Poppi.

  16. Hi Liz....I suppose we all hold special places in our hearts. It would not do for us all to love the same places or things. Life would become boring.......

    My mother and father love Edinburgh castle and have spent many happy holidays in the city.......

  17. Hi Rose....yes it was a most beautiful day. So much fun. My ticket lasts for a year, so I can visit whenever I want to. I shall make the most of every opportunity.

    The Gunnera are amazing....there is actually a forest of them.....very pre-historic.

  18. Thanks so much for the tour. Wish I was there.
    All looks so peaceful. And the castle looks like something out of a fairy tail.
    Those Gunnera sure are amazing.

  19. What a delightful day...thanks so much for taking me along. It was like going to a fantasy land and visiting the beautiful castle. Thanks for a great day!

  20. Hi Patsi, I have to say the castle and the grounds are beautiful.....the woodland area has a wonderful romantic feel. Many of the trees are ancient.....

    Gunnera manicata are such beautiful specimens if you have the right conditions. Sadly I lost mine this year, due to the bitterly cold winter. The garden is in a frost pocket, so, even though I protected the plant with straw and fleece it did not make it through. Sigh

  21. Wanda, tku, so glad that you enjoyed the trip.

  22. Hi Cheryl. What an enchanting time you had together. It warms the soul to see one so young at one with nature. 'A chip off the old block' as they say and definitely following in the 'tutors' footsteps. FAB.

    P.S. Thanks very much for your continued thoughts and supportive words. Hoping to see PJB for a short while tomorrow pm.

  23. Cheryl, What an enchanting world with castles, ancient trees and princes and princesses. Thank you for taking me along, the little girl in me had a wonderful time pretending. gail

  24. Dear Cheryl,
    Being with you and Poppi climbing trees and looking for Green Man brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this magical day. I do not have any grandchildren. I can only imagine how delightful being with them is. I laughed when the Swan came for half a roll and so happy Poppi was able to get unstuck...Wonderful photo-jouralism! Thank you. Not only did you take me there but I can almost hear the voices in the rocks of the old wall and the castle.
    The ancients are with us.
    Stay dry. Climate change is here. We will have to find ways to adjust.

  25. Hi Cheryl, Poppi is just so sweet. I love her red boots. And kids of all ages like to hug trees and go under arches! :) You are lucky to have grandkids--kids totally take one out of oneself and look at the world in such an interesting way. Hope Poppi will find something in the indoor classroom to interest her.

  26. Thinking of you Frank......hope all goes as well as can be expected tomorrow.

    My grandchildren warm my heart and soul.....each day brings sunshine when they are around.

  27. Gail, it is always good to feel the child within us.....

  28. Dear Sherry....I often feel those that have walked before me....I am sure that Poppi does to, she often goes into little trances and I wonder if she feels more, than she understands.

    I love old walls, I just want to be near them and touch them. They hold so many secrets.......

    Poppi loves the green man and understands his ways. She went to the cave to listen to his words.......

    I agree. Without doubt climate change is here. I am learning. Many books are waiting to be read......I have so many plans for the garden, I fear I may never get them done. It goes without saying I shall try.....

  29. Hi from Texas!
    I'm back in school this week as a teacher, so my new schedule is to catch up reading my blog friend favorites once a week. I just read 4 or 5 of your posts at once. They are so good and the pictures so inspiring, and the words so wonderful, it's like sitting down to 4 pieces of chocolate cake at once.
    Those trees! I love large trees, but haven't posted that side of my life yet. I think I might do that in the winter. I'm a volunteer here in Texas with the Forest Service. My job is to find the largest trees of each species.
    Thanks for posting the ENTS! So fun.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  30. My cousin has a lovely expression for days out like this with her children - she says she's "making memories" because that is what her Mum did when she was small.

    Gunera and a willow structure - is it mad that I badly want both in my garden?

  31. Oh my it looks like a fairytale. What a beautiful place. Someone could truly write a fairytale here. I would so much love to go there. The tree is just amazing and it's just so wonderful. I love the castle and the old walls too. Oh and Poppi is just so beautiful. You must be so proud of here. What a little doll. I love her name.
    Thanks for showing us this awesome place :)

  32. Oh, I'm wondering what the green man is?????

  33. Oh I just read above what the green man is and what he stands for. How interesting :)

  34. How sweet is Poppi!! She IS and outdoor girl! Beautiful findings Cheryl in such a beautiful place!