Thursday 19 August 2010

Dreams do come true.....

I always hoped that one day I would have a large garden. A space I could give back to wildlife. It was a dream I had held in my heart for what seemed like a lifetime. The first day here, I felt a sense of panic. What had I done? How on earth will I have the time and stamina to complete the task. I was overwhelmed by the thought of it.
But it is amazing at what we can achieve when we have a dream. Each day when I walk this space, I see little things that still thrill me. I can truly say nature never ever bores me.

Even Sidney squirrel has a certain charm.......we won't mention that he has almost brought our native red squirrel to the brink of extinction.
Butteflies are in decline they say......I have seen the changes here. I have a garden full of is amazing what one person can do when they have a dream.
The garden is now full of bird song......and on occasions I am lucky enough to capture an image of the shy visitors. The juvenile mistle thrush has come to feast on Laurel berries. I get many interesting birds here but rarely am I able to capture them with my camera.
This sweet and very beautiful juvenile treecreeper was searching the old hawthorn for insects. His/her flight was uncertain and I could see the fear in the small birds eyes. One photograph and I left it to feed peacefully. I walked away with a smile........a feeling of complete joy. You cannot buy these moments.........


  1. Your last statement says it all. Your little corner of the planet is a blessing to not only you but to the world. Tree creepers are one of my favorite birds. We are just a little too far south for them to nest here but they come here for the winter. Our creeper looks very similar to yours. It is amazing how fast they can skip up a tree.

  2. Hi Lisa....tku....and of course your lovely garden. The little tree creeper was unsure, she is still learning. I peeked at her through the trees, so sweet, so was a lovely moment.

  3. Stunning photos as always Cheryl and such a calming read too. I am so glad that you have achieved your dream and the work involved is obviously worth every moment you are right you cannot buy what you have there. Thanks for your comment on mine - you might not be quite so keen to have badgers if you saw the havoc they can create in a garden - we have a lot round here and I am about to try to send you a photo taken from my front door last autumn when they were busy eating the nuts on our driveway!

    Jane x

  4. Please keep dreaming and sharing, and we all will keep dreaming too...
    I know that sounds tacky and twee, but I hope you will know the sincereity behind the words.

    Your pictures are magnificent, but it doesn't beat actually seeing and watching... as you say, you always walk away with a smile! :o)

  5. Hi Jane....tku.

    We used to have badgers visit the gardens several years ago. They used to go into the copse. I have a fallen tree trunk in there that is rotting and they would scrape the inside out to get to the insects. They left claw marks, still fascinates me......
    I do understand that they do a lot of damage, and that can be frustrating. The rabbits get me down sometimes. I suppose at the end of the day they are only doing their own thing and without doubt it was their space first!!

  6. Hi Dan, it does not sound tacky or twee. I know without doubt you are sincere. You and Liz give me hope for the future. Our native wildlife and the habitat they need is so important. I walk the path to old age, although I intend to garden into my 90's, that is another dream. You hold my dreams in your hands and I hope one day to see your beautiful garden and all the creatures that come to live alongside that will make me smile.

  7. :0) It will happen, I promise!

  8. Hi Cheryl..never a truer word spoken. We listen to the foxes as they squeeze through the gate every night. I don't totally dislike the Grey Squirrel but i'm glad they no longer visit and tear up the garden! Nice shots of the garden visitors, especially the timid Treecreeper. FAB

  9. Hi Frank, how are you. I wish we had foxes, I rarely see them these days. I have a love of these often misunderstood creatures.
    I do not dislike any animal but if I am truthful, I would rather have our native red in my garden than the grey. Perhaps one day, who knows?

    I was thrilled to capture the treecreeper.....

  10. Hi again Cheryl..I'm doing ok, it's just the waiting and waiting but hopefully soon we will have some definite understanding of PJB's eventual future or not...probably the latter.

    Now Reds in the garden would be a cause for celebration.

    I'll contact you directly very soon as I've realised that I haven't done anything about the seeds I promised you...sorry. FAB.

  11. Oh, I like foxes too. I saw one a couple of times about a year ago or so. Very exciting.

    You sound peaceful and serene, Cheryl. It's a pleasure to come here. Your pics are fabulous. I don't know how else to describe the creative nature of your photos. I just love them!

    Thank you for sharing your little corner of the world with us.

  12. Hi Cheryl...your love for nature and your gardens comes through in your posts..its wonderful that you have been able to have this dream come true for you !!
    Wonderful and tranquil place!!

  13. Yes Cheryl, dreams can come true. Like you, I always wanted a large garden full of wildlife - I wanted it so much it was a physical ache.

    And now we are here - Ask, Believe, Receive; the Universe is a wonderful thing.

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    I think I am similar to you, although I really do feel if I had a huge garden I would seriously struggle, so although it is a wonderful dream, I think the realities are very different and I can see myself giving up a large area to a wildflower meadow which I will know I can leave for most of the year to ‘do as it will’.

    I love your Treecreeper, they’re such unusual birds and so wonderful to see when you do spot them! we have them in ‘our’ cottage where we stay in Scotland, and one year I think there were 3 all climbing up the same trunk – they don’t hang around long!
    Also when I went to an RSPB centre we were walking through some woodland and I stopped to look at a tree and was just saying to mum ‘that looks suspiciously like a Treecreeper type of tree’ and what should appear? In our last house we lived near a park and I quickly learned exactly where the Nuthatches/Woodpeckers and Treecreepers would be and which types of tree they prefer.

  15. You are such an inspiration, Cheryl! I am still in the overwhelmed stage, thinking I can't possibly achieve all that I have in mind here, but I keep taking baby steps each year. Your garden is truly a testament to what one person can do to make this world a better place for all of nature's creatures.

  16. Hi Wendy, tku for your kind comments.

    I feel peaceful at the moment. Despite the things that are going on in my life at this time, I feel very very content. I think it is the thought of autumn. I adore the fall, the colours, the weather, and the wonderful sense of nostalgia......

  17. Tku Grammie, I am lucky I have a man in my life who tries to fulfill my hopes and dreams. I do not know what I would do without him......

  18. Absolutely Bilbo, I could not agree more.....

  19. Hi Liz.....I sometimes struggle with the garden but I am learning to do the important jobs first and work my way down the list.
    There will always be huge amounts of work involved with a garden of this size. I do sometimes wish it was a little smaller but then perhaps if we downsized I would miss it....who knows.

    I have never seen a nuthatch in the wild. They are very beautiful birds.
    Experience, of course, is the greatest teacher of all.....

  20. Hi Rose, gardening can be overwhelming.....I think we walk a garden and panic at the amount of jobs piling up. I have learned to do the most important jobs first and work my way down.......

    Have a lovely weekend Rose.....

  21. LOL, I love my garden but it is definitely too big to maintain int he way I wish it would be maintained. Still love the space, though. Glad you are happy in yours!

  22. Dear Cheryl,
    Being at peace, where ever we are in life, is a gift. Content in our love and to be able to express our dreams is a grace we only have when we are true to ourselves. You have found your heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for inspiring me to keep my faith in my dreams.

  23. I think being happy within your garden is a lot like being comfortable in your own skin. You must come to a point where you realize it may not be the garden you had in your head, but with all it's imperfections, it surpasses your wildest expectations when you see all the wild things that call it home. Or, that is how I feel about mine. I do love to visit yours--it exudes a peacefulness--a place of refuge from this crazy world. Thanks for sharing.