Tuesday 30 November 2010

In the meadow we will build a snowman......

Yesterday the sun shone,
and melted the ice.

Today, I awoke to a different scene.
The snow has worked its way south.
Time for children to have fun.
Time to capture the beauty all around us.
But let us not forget those less fortunate than ourselves. The elderly and infirm.......those who are homeless.......those who sit alone and will not hear a knock at the door.
Also our wildlife who will need shelter, food and water on these dark and cold winter days.
I have filled all my feeding staions with fresh food. Roosting pouches are filled with hay. There is plenty of water. I have put food out for the rabbits, yes rabbits. I know, I know.......lets not go there........my tender heart wins everytime.
I send my best wishes to those who live in Scotland, Wales, Northumberland and many other places in the North. Their weather is extreme.....but I know our Northern friends are a tough bunch and they will cope. They always do............
The snow continues to fall..........I am listening to Christmas carols. The house is very quiet. I think of all the celebrations that have taken place under this roof, and find it comforting.


  1. Stay warm Cheryl! I've spent many a snowy day when I lived in the northern US. Brrrr! It's very good of you to think of others and the little critters...yes...even the bunny rabbits!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Sorry to hear you have eventually got the snow too, at least I'm not the only one now!

    Here's to hoping it melts quickly, I need it gone by Saturday otherwise I won't be able to go to 'our' Carol Service :(

  3. Lucky wildlife that lives in your garden! Lovely photos too as always.


  4. You will have fun outside looking at the tracks in your garden. I know you will find rabbit tracks but I wonder what else?? I love snow. It should help you get in the mood to decorate for Christmas. When it is so dark it is fun to have the lights all glowing. "oh the weather outside is frightful but inside its so delightful"...

  5. How lovely, Cheryl! There is something so magical about the first snowfall. And today, with another year's experience in gardening under my belt, I notice with a more critical eye just how beautiful your garden is--it truly has "winter interest" with all those lovely evergreens and grasses to give it structure. I'm taking notes...

    A wonderful reminder, too, to think of those less fortunate as well as the wildlife who don't find it as easy to survive in the cold. We have a pile of downed limbs that needs to be burned, but I hate to do it now, because the birds find it a great refuge during the winter.

    Stay warm, my friend.

  6. Hi Cheryl
    I thought it was heading in your direction. Hopefully it won't last too long down there, I know it's not your favourite weather. The garden birds continue to eat us out of house and home here, especially the (normally very coastal) gulls. Beautiful pictures, I love the snowy grasses.
    And did you build a snowman in the meadow...?

  7. The snow shots are very pretty.
    Sounds like you have a long history in your home...glad you're enjoying the season.

  8. Beautiful, atmospheric photos Cheryl, my favourites are the one with your lovely bronze girl, still happily enjoying her book and oblivious to her snowy surroundings :) and the last one, looking through the wrought iron gate to the very welcoming, illuminated door. Your usual sense of peace and contentment prevails...

    Whenever they mention your county on the weather reports I think of you so expected to see these snowy scenes before long. We have only had a very small amount of snow but it has been bitterly cold with a temperature of -10C during the morning one day recently. As fast as we chip away at the ice in the birdbath it refreezes.

    I spotted (and of course wished I hadn't!) the comment you made somewhere about the poor Rabbit found in your garden so am I surprised that food has been put out for the others? NO! ;) I would definitely have had to do the same :)

    Stay warm and safe...

  9. Your garden is magical with the fresh snow. Looks postcard perfect. :) We had our firts snow last night and this morning-just a light covering, but enough to let us know winter is here. Bless you for your tender heart and thinking of all the creatures in your garden. I know they must come from miles around to enjoy.

    I hope the heavy snows to the north don't find their way to you. But a little snow makes for that holiday feeling doesn't it? Thinking of you all!!