Thursday 2 December 2010

Me and my dog......

Nella is a rescue dog. She was abandoned in woods near to my home. When they found her, she appeared to have recently given birth. They did not find her puppies. The sanctuary that took her in, told me she wimpered for three days and did not eat.
I remember so clearly the day I got the call. "Cheryl, we have a dog that needs a good home. It will need a lot of space. It might help with your rabbit situation."
I was not sure, I had always had spaniels.

When I arrived at the kennels they told me she was a Patterdale Terrier. I knew nothing about this breed. We walked to her kennel. As I approached Nella ran to the bars and greeted me. I can truthfully say at this point I really was not sure.
at the time I had a spaniel, she was deaf and partially sighted.
Then there was Riley and Poppi. I bought Nella home for a weekend to see how she behaved. She showed such respect for Polly (my cavalier) and with Riley and Poppi, she was an angel. I had made my decision....she was here to stay.
Once Nella found her feet, she decided she was boss. Did I have a battle on my hands. For six months chaos reigned. She would run up the stairs and jump all over the through with muddy feet before I could grab her. Little puddles appeared on rugs and I despaired. BUT I was not going to give up on this little dog.......
She was worth every amount of frustration, every amount of mopping up and cleaning. She now understands who the boss is.......she obeys commands.......our bond is strong and I adore her, as much, as she loves me. Nella is without doubt my dog.

Every year dogs are abandoned or left at rescue centres after the Christmas period. Taking a dog into your home is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. With tender loving care and lots of patience, they can be the most wonderful companion..........I would not be without Nella, my life would be less, without my little dog.


  1. You got me cryin this morning Cheryl! Nella is so lucky to have you! The world would be such a better place if everyone loved their dogs as much as we do. I don't think there is a more perfect compainion to man than his dog. She is a beautiful girl. I've been looking into the breed. My little Jack Russell/Shih tzu mix Daisy Lu is the pup love of my life...I never knew a little dog would steal my heart away!

  2. Hi Eve, I understand every word you say. Us dog lovers are also a very special breed, don't you think?

  3. Oops, I don't think I saved my comment. Nella looks like she's having a lot of fun in the snow. It was interesting (and sad) to read how she came to be with you, and she is lucky now that she has a loving home for life.
    Have you seen the Pedigree advert with the very muddy dog in the very white bedroom? I can imagine a very muddy Nella rampaging through the house with you in hot pursuit!

  4. Cheryl, you know you've touched my heart this morning. I know all too well about "mopping up puddles," and I'm still dealing with chewed up gardening gloves, but it's all worth it when you look into those big brown eyes.

    My heart just breaks whenever I see a dog that has been abandoned or mistreated. Nella is so fortunate to have found you, but I know you feel the same about having her come into your family. I hope to meet her one day, but in the meantime give her a big hug for me.

  5. Dan, I have seen that ad and yes it brought back memories......days long gone, it was not funny at the time but I find it hilarious now........

  6. Your story with Nella sounds similar to my story of how we got Luna. A friend who worked for a White German Shepherd Rescue group wrote me an email and said "we have the dog for you". Ha.. The rest is history. It took us a little longer to get Luna acclimated to our way of life. She had such an awful upbringing (a long story). She is the best now. Wow, you did get a lot of snow. Stay warm.

  7. Hi Rose, I could not be without Nella, it would surely break my heart. I have grown so very close to her over the years, and her loyalty and love have been a blessing.

    I hope you get to meet her one day......

    When I stood in your garden Rose and we were chatting, Sophie ran by. You said "She has brought me so much joy Cheryl" I knew you said it from the heart.......and understood so very very well.

  8. Hi Lisa...I thought of Luna when I was writing this post. I remember you saying she had a bad start in life. She is in safe arms now...

    Yes, too much snow for this time of year. It looks pretty but I have to say I am not liking it. If our council gritted the lanes or the snow ploughs came out, it would be fine, but sadly they do not......

  9. Dear Cheryl - "Love is patient, love is kind" and how fortunate is Nella to have you as boss. She looks so pretty against the snow with icing on her whiskery chin


  10. Thank you Laura....she is a pretty little dog...and looks very cute playing in the snow.

    I am blessed to have her.....

  11. What a lovely post Cheryl. It bought a tear to my eye. I'm so happy for Nella, and for you, she's so cute and looks very happy.

    My husband and I volunteer at a rescue centre and have three adopted cats. Some of the stories you hear are so heartbreaking, it's difficult to understand how people have become so cruel. I know if they had been shown love however they would probably know how to show it in return.

    Thankfully there are lovely folk like you too!

    Hope you stay warm and get to enjoy the snow as much as possible!
    Lucinda x

  12. Hi Lucinda, I have a friend who has three adopted cats also. I agree so very much, it is so sad that people have become so very cruel. Like you, I have heard some dreadful stories and it breaks my heart each time that I do.
    I have also heard stories of love and kindness and that restores my faith in human nature.

  13. Such a moving story Cheryl and such lovely photos. I feel a physical pain when I think of Nella abandoned in the woods and of what might have befallen her puppies. I have sponsored dogs through the NCDL or Dogs Trust as it is now called for years and could visit 'my' sponsor dog should I wish but I have never been able to bring myself to as I know it would be just too heartbreaking to see all the dogs which have been so cruelly abandoned.

    When we first had Louis as a puppy without fail, for weeks and weeks, he would dash into the dining room at about the same time every evening and grab the large arrangement of dried flowers which we had by the fireplace and drag them round the room complete with vase! After keeping docile little female Cavaliers for years he was a real culture shock and definitely thought he was going to be the boss. Of course he has turned into a wonderful and most gentle dog and I dread the day he will inevitably leave us, his health is not good now...

    Nella is a sweetheart and you are both so lucky to have found each other :)

  14. Hi Jan, I also sponsored dogs at the Dog Trust. We visited 'our dog' one year during the winter. It was heartbreaking. I stayed and played with her for an hour and felt so guilty when I had to leave. You are wise not to go, it truly breaks your heart.

    A charming story about dear Louis. Sweet memories. It is sad when our dogs age, and eventually say goodbye. I always say I will not have another dog, it is too heartbreaking but I am soft. I hear a sad story and .........I think you know the rest.

  15. Ahh Cheryl, I have fond memories of meeting that sweet inquisitive face. Nella and you were definitely made for one another.

    BTW many thanks for your kind words, they were much appreciated. Bless you..FAB.

  16. Hi Frank, I was thinking about you and your family today. I do hope Mum and Dad are able to cope with all that lies ahead......

  17. Hi Cheryl,

    Such a wonderful story, I'm so glad Nella found you. She seems like such a calm and loyal partner :)

  18. Hi Liz, Nella is calm.....until a rabbit enters the garden. Inside the house she is a very quiet little dog.....I chose the right dog. I like quiet.

  19. Cheryl, I loved this post about Nella. I even love her name! She is totally adorable in the snow. We've always had rescue dogs - our latest, and best in his time, is Jack, a flat coat retriever. Jack is definitely Jim's sidekick but he's a baby with me - I just love all 100 plus pounds of him! Thanks for encouraging others to adopt these dogs, kinks and all. Sometimes your intuition is the best decision maker!

  20. Dear Cheryl,
    Seeing Nella and reading your story of how she came to be with your family is a Christmas story. A wonderful way to start December. We had two dogs and so many cats I have lost count over the years. When our last Kitty died I said, "No more pets." The outside birds are my pets now.
    Nella is perfect for rabbit control. She seems to be just the right mix of outside active and inside quite by the fire. A most perfect friend.
    You did get lots of snow! Do be extra careful.
    The gardens are sleeping now under their wet blanket.....
    A very lovely tribute to a girl's best friend.
    Nella is very charming.
    Hugs to you both,

  21. Nella is such a darling little dog, and the photos are precious. They really show her playful personality. Each of my pets were rescues, and if I could, I would rescue all the animals in this world. They are so innocent, each with their own individual personality. They all deserve a loving home. I'm glad you took a chance on her.


  22. Hi Amy, I had been watching a drama on the BBC. It was about the second world war......the woman who had the lead role was called Nella, hence how it came about.

    Jack is a handsome fellow. I love all dogs, always have. My mother would not allow us to have pets, so when I married Mr P (who is also a dog lover)it gave me the opportunity to have one.
    We have had many dogs during our married life. I have loved each and every one of them....

  23. Dear Sherry,
    Nella is the right dog for me. We work well together and have an understanding. She is full of character and can be stubborn!!

    I love the fact the birds are now your outdoor pets.....

    My gardens are now heavy with snow and ice. Everything is sleeping. I worry about my bees, I always do. I hope I have given them enough protection.....Mr P tells me each year "Stop worrying, they will be fine"
    I must listen to him.....he is usually right.

  24. DEar Jenny, I so agree. I had four dogs here at one stage. All elderly. They were all special. As each one passed away, they left a huge gap in my life. I live a quiet life and my dog is my friend and companion......

    I agree with you totally.....I always say if I had pots of money, I would rescue many animals.....another dream (I always live in hope that one day I will be able to do this).....

  25. Cheryl, I am sorry to be so behind in blog reading and commenting but have to say "hi" to Nella this morning.

    Your post resonated deeply with me - Ollie was a rescue dog and our first year or so together was an endless fight, he was so scared that he did not dare let anyone else take control. If we had given up on him I am sure he would have ended up being destroyed, he was almost uncontrollable at times.

    Thank you for not giving up on Nella, it's people like you who make a difference. I should have some good (doggy) news for you in the New Year.

    PS: The muddy dog in the Pedigree advert? He was modelled on our boy - have you SEEN how much mud and water a Bearded Collie coat can hold?

  26. There are certain dogs that you bond with and they steal your heart. You are blessed to have found each other.:O)