Tuesday 15 May 2012

A chill in the air......

 I decided to walk Nella this morning.    Although it was sunny, the temperature here was only 4.5C     It felt more like mid March than mid May.    It didn't seem to worry Nella too much.     I was warm in my coat, scarf and gloves :(
 There is still a lot of water lying around and the large ponds and ditches are full.
 One of my favourite occupations when walking Nella is looking at the wildflowers.   I always hope I will find something special and most of the time I do !   I can never resist taking a photograph of a dandelion clock :)
  To find wild orchids growing near your home is wonderful.    I think this is the common spotted orchird, I cannot say I am totally sure but that is my guess.   If anyone can confirm that or otherwise I would be grateful.
I found this pretty bloom growing beneath the hedgerow at the fishing lakes.   I am not sure what this is.   Any ideas??
Note:   After some research have found out that this is the flower of Grando Violetto, an italian heritage broad bean.     When the seeds are ready I may just take one pod to grow this variety in the garden next year.    Apparently slugs love this plant so it may disappear before I can do that.

I enjoyed my walk with Nella.....we got home before it started raining again..........

The cold wet weather seems endless.    The occasional day of warmth and sunshine is such a tease, it would be wonderful to have a full week of blue skies and sunshine.    I live in hope :)


  1. It was cold here too today. I managed to take my dog for a walk just before a hail shower.
    You know that full week of blue skies and sunshine ? Looks like you'll have to settle for one day instead, if the weather forecast is correct.
    The flower in your last photo looks like some sort of pea or bean.

    1. HI Crystal,

      I did hear the forecast but live in hope that they might have just got it wrong. The wind is coming in from the East on Thursday, so it will be really cold with all this water lying around :(

      I thought some sort of pea or bean.......tku for confirming that.

  2. Hi Cheryl.... Nella is so cute...: } I wonder if there are dandelions all over the world ; } I like that photo! That last one has to be an orchid of some type...it is gorgeous! I would love both of those orchids in my garden ! I saw your last post and the Yellow tip is just a wonderful photo with the touch of Forget-me-not's!!
    The weather here has been showers and then some sun the threat of shower etc.. temperature have been staying warm ...it is 59 degrees!! It get's up to 75 when the suns out !! I think I see Sheep away of in the second photo : }}
    I am having a hard enough time to get motivated as it is and this weather doesn't help...having some depression problem again lately!!
    Hope for sun for us both!!

    1. Hi Grace,
      I think Dandelions have spread to most places, don't you :)

      Yes, you do see sheep......I am surrounded by sheep :-}
      Your eyes are obviously improving......

      Sorry to hear that you are feeling depressed, it can be such a lonely journey.

      Sending you healing hugs.

  3. I spend a lot of my dog walks looking for wild flowers too. I think your mystery flower might be a bee orchid.

    1. Hi Rowan,

      Do you think? I will do some more research, I did look in my book 'Sarah Raven's wildflowers' but decided the leaves on the plant were wrong. I will check again, as I love the thought it could be a bee orchid.

  4. We had hailstorms all day yesterday - so no chance of getting out all - unless you wanted to get battered to death. I've made up for it today though. Lots of lovely things to see on your walk and a beautiful orchid - how lucky are you!

    1. HI Elaine,

      The weather is crazy, isn't it? It is all I seem to talke about at the moment.

      I was really surprised to see the orchid, in fact I discovered several in a small area.

      Glad you managed a day in the garden :)

  5. I have just been trawling through my wildflower book for your mystery flower with no success and then had a brain wave that it might be some sort of Broad Bean flower...then scrolled a little further down your post :-)

    Anyway, it looked like a pleasant though cold walk and lovely to see Nella enjoying it too. It was really cold here last night :-(

    I'm very envious of your orchid, I never seem to find them here!

    1. Hi Jsn,

      Tku for looking.....I suddenly had the idea it might be a broad bean, just seemed a strange place to find one :)

      I was absolutely thrilled to see the orchids growing wild....

      Happy Thursday :)

  6. Dear Cheryl,
    I do so hope you did see a Bee Orchid and some how a wee bit can come to your bee gardens... A very lovely walk. Pats to Nella. I do think it was a wee bit too cold for the middle of May! I was thinking of you and little hat and gloves....
    It is too warm at my house once again. I am inside by noon.
    I have called the Rain Dragons home, they have been dropping snow in Colorado! We are dry again....I shall trade sun for rain and shall send some warmth for some cold.
    Seems as if I am always looking for balance.
    Sherry who is dancing with butterflies

    1. Dear Sherry,

      Little hat has played a large part in my Spring wardrobe.

      Bee orchids are protected by law, so to remove or take any part of it would be illegal. As much as I love wildflowers I would not take anything that is threatened with decline or extinction. I love to see them all in their natural habitat.
      I did see some for sale recently, the cost was twenty five pounds per plant.....so very expensive, especially if you lose it.

      We are expecting rain romorrow and Sunday.....hoping warm showers come your way soon. I keep blowing the rain clouds your way but it really is not working at the moment :)

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    Great pictures, Nella is such a lovely girl. The orchid loks beautiful in the sunlight. I will post a picture of the one growing near me soon.
    I'm glad you identified the mystery bean!
    The weather has been better hasn't it, though still a bit cold for my liking! Never happy are we us Brits. :)

    1. Hi Lucinda,

      It is always lovely to see a wild orchid, no matter how common they are. I visit the group everytime I walk Nella, they are so fascinating.

      The weather is always a good topic of conversation in UK......but lets be honest, it changes so often, we are bound to find something interesting to say :)

  8. Hi Cheryl, I am back from my trip and just getting around to reading blogs again. I had such a lovely time. Your wild flowers are gorgeous. What luck finding an orchid. They are few and far between here. I have never seen this type. Nella is a beautiful girl. We are having record heat now. UGH... Still no rain. All I do is water. Even the shrubs are showing signs of stress. I wish we could trade some weathers. You sure wouldn't need a hat or gloves here.