Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday safari

I have brought the auriculas inside where I can appreciate their lovely scent.   The continous rain will ruin the blooms....they are fragile.
April was an awful month, cold, wet and dull.   It would seem that May will be a repeat.
Camassia seem to like the conditions and are looking beautiful.   
 Bugle is one of my favourite common wildflowers.     It grows  freely here.
Borage with its deep blue, star shaped flowers life the spirits.     During medieval times they were used on salads.....I use them on my plate also :)

Mason bees have left the units.   There are few this year.    The wet, cold weather will do them no favours.   Fruit blossom lay on the grass, a soggy mass.

I found this little bee working its way through the Borage flowers.   One little bee gives
me hope........that the weather pattern will break, if only for a short while and bring a little
sunshine back into our lives.    Bless the bees.      Happy Sunday safari.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Has it been a bad weekend for you weather-wise? Here it's been OK and I've spent much of the weekend outside; including sitting enjoying the sun and reading today. Although tomorrow is to be horrible and I'd planned to go round to my parent's and weed for them. Oh well.

    I hope you get some more sunshine again soon; the ground is drying surprisingly quickly when the rain stops! No problem mowing the grass this weekend.

    1. Hi Liz,

      The weather is awful....cold (8C) and drizzling. The grass is as wet as a sponge in the bath (I jest not). There is no chance of mowing but the buttercups look great :) There are puddles in the flower borders and to be absolutely honest I am fed up :(

    2. Hi Cheryl,

      That's such a shame :(

      I'm surprised it's so wet for you tbh, and I hope it does drain away quickly enough once you do get a few dry days.

      Can totally understand how fed up you are - we all are. I'm feeling much better after being able to get out in the garden this weekend but know it's back to constant rain tomorrow.

    3. Hi Liz,

      What you have to remember we are low lying, so generally our water table is high. It does drain away into the ditches but when the rain is so persistant, it takes a very long time.

      I shall be interested to see how high the water is when it stops raining. I usually dig a small hole and see when I hit the water table.

  2. Dear wet Cheryl,
    Bless the bees indeed. Your flowers are very beautiful....
    Your gardens are soaking up the rains. I do hope the sun shines soon for you.
    I used to grow borage...I grew it one year for my sister. She was having silver fish trouble and kept having her house fumigated. I told her I would grow borage for her. Once the plants were good sized I cut them and we placed the plants
    in her attic. As the plants dried the silver fish left her attic never to return....The power of herbs!
    Happy Safari....

    1. Dear dry Sherry :)

      Tku, the flowers are pretty, although a little tired of being so wet......

      Indeed the power of herbs.....I love the herbs, as much as the bees and butterflies.
      I must remember that re silver fish as I have just found some in the kitchen cupboard. I will try the borage and let you know what happens.

  3. I do love borage! Great for wildlife and great for us, like all the best things are. :) Your pansies are very pretty too and I also love bugle. In fact all the plants in this post are beautiful.
    I too am getting fed up with the grey days but I feel guilty about saying it after praying for the rain!! I think you are right that we should have specified rain at night and sun in the days! Quite a few of my seeds have rotted in the cold frame which is a shame. Hey ho, it's nice to see everything looking lush though isn't it. :)

    1. Hi Lucinda,

      I also wished for mother would say be careful what you wish for. Mother is usually right :)
      The grey days can be so depressing, especially as we walk towards the longest day. Mr P and I have not had supper on the patio once this year :( I do so love to sit amongst the bees and butterflies eating an evening meal with my husband. Nevermind, it will come, of that we can be sure.

  4. Your flowers are so pretty Cheryl. I know that a continuous rain can be dispiriting. Here it is so darned hot (87F) and it is supposed to stay that way for awhile. UGH... Everyone in the neighborhood that has a pool is now swimming and having a good time. They usually don't even open their pool until the end of May. Crazy weathers. Your poor bees will have a difficult time. I remember one really cold summer we had. I didn't have hardly any butterflies or bees that summer. Won't have that problem this year. ha... Cheers and Hugs. Happy Sunday Safari.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Do feel a little fed up with the continuous rain. Also temperatures hover around 8C (46F) which is ridiculous for this time of year.

      Your temperatures are high for early May, perhaps you will have an early autumn !

      Hope you see lots of bees and butterflies :)

  5. My theory is - once you have borage in the garden you are never rid of it. At this moment in time there are millions of seedings all over the place. I love it - but not that much.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I have never experienced that. Borage is obviously not too keen on the soil in my garden. I wish it would spread around a little, as I love the deep blue flowers.

  6. Sorry to put a dampener on things, so to speak, but did you know that all this rain we've been having is the wrong sort of rain. That's what the water companies are saying anyway.

  7. I agree, it is depressing :-( I am thoroughly fed up with it! We did have a couple of sunny hours late yesterday afternoon and went for a walk but it was so muddy I was stepping out of my shoes!!! I knew I should have taken the time to put my wellies on.

    Anyway, your post and pretty flowers are very cheering on yet another wet afternoon. Are they all blue or shades of blue to reflect your mood? ;-)

    1. Hi Jan,

      I walked Nella in the rain yesterday.....I did have my wellies on as parts of the lane are flooded (around six inches of water)

      Yes, probably it does reflect my mood. Mainly because I cannot garden (I do love to garden every day if I can)
      The ground is just too waterlogged to walk across it :(
      More rain expected this week :(

  8. I love all your flowers, and that little angel holding the puppy is so dear.

  9. cheryl
    thank you for your kind words x

  10. Bless the sweet little bee. I hope your rain stops soon. I love the look of raindrops on flowers, but I think yours are tired of being soooo wet! Lovely colours, though.

  11. Poor little bee--at least the borage flower is providing him with an umbrella. You seem to have had more than your fair share of rain this spring, Cheryl. Our "April showers" have come in May instead, but thankfully no flooding here. Just enough to keep me from dragging out the water hose. The good news here is that our mild winter has resulted in an abundance of butterflies--they're everywhere!

  12. Cool. oh it was totally violet sunday safari!
    Gorgeous pictures!
    xoxo, Juliana