Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring is in the air..........

 The first bee of the season.        At last the sun is shining,  the rain, for the time being, has ceased.     It has been a long wet winter.     
Many of the cherry trees are in bloom, they really do look so pretty.       This is one of my favourites...........Prunus Autumnalis Rosea.  

The birds are busy building nests ......Blue Tits have used the old water pump as a nesting site.   I have also seen a Robins nest in an old watering can which I wedged between branches of 
a Beech tree in the copse a few years ago.     A Peacock butterfly was spotted yesterday on the cherry blossom but I was not  quick enough to capture.    It would seem Spring has arrived.......I say that with caution, it is such an unpredictable season.

Is the sun shining on your garden??


  1. We have had a bit of sunshine in our area but it is still cold and windy. I have only a few crocus, snowdrops and witch hazel blooming now. We are a little behind your weathers. Your cherry trees are gorgeous. I can't wait to hear the hum of a bee and to see the fitting of a butterfly.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      How strange, I was just thinking about you, and up you popped :) I have my new laptop at last hoooooooray, so hopefully I will get back into blogging etc once again.

      A bee a butterfly beautiful birds......what a difference it makes to a garden.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Very nice to 'see' you again!

    I'm surprised you haven't seen Bees/Butterflies sooner? We've had them for a week or two now - although they will probably go back into hiding soon as it's due to get cold again in the next few days.
    It's very windy here today, I've seen a Peacock trying to fly but it's just too dangerous for it at the moment so I'm guessing it's found a nice sheltered site now.

    The plants have come so early this year, I think I'm going to have a big lull before the spring/summer plants arrive. Crocus and Irises have finished, daffs are out and soon to finish too. However I have spotted some buds opening on my Geranium Phaeum today. Far too early - normally late April/May blooms. As nice as it is to see them, I'm actually worried that I'll have nothing left blooming by July.

    1. I understand Liz, I have bleeding hearts full of buds. Everything seems to be moving a little too quickly. Perhaps cooler temperatures will slow the plants down a little.

      I have seen several bumble bees and quite a few honey bees which is positive. The bee in the image was taken around ten days ago and is the first bee that came to visit :)
      Also saw several butterflies whilst walking Nella yesterday......couldn't identify them as they passed by so quickly.

  3. So glad the rains have stopped. Yes, spring is at hand. No butterflies here but we have seen a few bees. Love your photographs.

    1. It is always good to know that the bees are about :)
      Tku, I have started to use my camera again.........lost interest for a while.

  4. It is windy today but whatever the weather does, it is definitely Spring in the garden and what a joy looking round each day and finding more and more things in bloom. Peacocks, Tortoiseshell and yellow Brimstone butterflies have been around in abundance this past week.
    Prunus autumnalis is my favourite cherry to

    1. Hi Chloris

      So pleased to hear that you have seen so many favourite is the Brimstone (havn't seen any so far this year)


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