Friday 2 January 2015


When a New Year arrives I tend to start planning my gardening projects.
Sometimes I forget what is in the garden until I look back at photographs or gardening journals.
Also it is a good time to reflect on things that have happened during the period and how they are looking  now.
 When I saw the image of lemon roses and salvia, it reminded me to remove some of the old plants from the patio barrels and replace them with said plants.
I was so pleased with this combination......both plants flowered from May to October, the scent from the roses in the evening was quite lovely.
Before Spring arrives I must remove some of the lower branches of trees.
It will allow more light in, to encourage better flowering in the perennial borders.
A difficult task, and I wonder when I will have to let Mr P have his way and bring in a tree surgeon to do the job.   NOT this year, because I like the work and still feel young and fit enough to complete it.
My lovely Nella daydreaming on the patio....surrounded by Mexican fleabane.    I love the fact the little plant seeds itself amongst the cracks in the patio slabs.   Mr P does not.......we will compromise  I will remove some but not ALL :)
 Dominic turned two........I so enjoy parties.
I would like during 2015 to have more of these celebrations.......and will make a concerted effort to do so.   Spending time with family is so important.
 You may remember that Poppi changed schools in September due to bullying.
All has worked out well.....she has made many new friends at her new school and is very happy.
She is doing exceptional well in her studies, loves her teachers.........she is now in the school choir and after school drama classes :)
 Ragwort......a great love of mine purely because it attracts so many insects.
Also it is the host plant of the Cinnabar moth.
BUT it is toxic to livestock so I must make sure it has not escaped the garden and seeded itself on neighbouring land. 
And finally I will not forget my wasp sting......a severe allergic reaction is something you do not forget.    Regardless they are very welcome here......but  I have a lot more respect for them these days :)

I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year and am so looking forward to reading your blogs as we stroll through 2015 together.


  1. Some beautiful reflections here Cheryl. I love the lemon roses and salvia and your Nella does look happy relaxing on the patio. Summer seems so long ago but we have another one to look forward to. Happy New Year. Patricia x

    1. Indeed we do.....I love the start of a New Year, it is always full of hope.
      Happy New Year Patricia..............

  2. Hi Cheryl
    I find that this is where blogging comes in useful - so you can look back over the year and remember all that has happened. It was a good year overall wasn't it - no complaints. I did notice a distinct lack of wasps this year my apple tree is usually full of them - typical that you should get stung and have an allergic reaction as well. A few years ago one flew up my skirt and stung my bottom - no one was willing to put cream on it for me - I wonder why?

    Here's wishing you a very happy New Year - full of gardening and blogging pleasures that we can share.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Ha !! I remember many years ago my son (aged two) was stung on the bottom by a bumble flew up his trouser leg and could not escape, hence the sting.
      I can still see my little boy with tears streaming down his face saying "Why bee not like me mummy "...............Even though he had been stung he never showed fear of them....

      Yes far fewer wasps....probably due to that awful wet and stormy Winter/Spring yuk......

      It is good to share :)

  3. The new year is as good a time as any to look back at what worked, what didn't and make plans for the coming year. I'm so pleased to hear that the change of school has worked well for Poppi, no child should have to suffer bullying, I'm happy that she's enjoying her new school. Nella always makes me smile. Happy new year, I look forward to hearing many more tales of your beautiful garden in 2015.

    1. Me is good to see my little Granddaughter so happy.
      I loathe bullying of any is just not acceptable. So very cruel.

      Nella makes me smile everyday........I cannot imagine my life without her.

  4. What a fun look back. Yellow roses are my favorites. I will have to try this combo this year. On the patio sounds marvelous. I have so much shade tho I don't know if it would work. I will give it a try. I am thrilled to learn that Poppi is doing so well in her new school. It sounds like they have good programs that suite her. Nella is such a sweetie. I love seeing her in your garden. I would be like you in that I like flowers popping up in the cracks of sidewalks etc. You just can't keep them all out. ;) I am so excited about this coming year in the garden. I am not sure why I feel all this inspiration coming to me but I have so many ideas, wants, needs to do in the garden. I can hardly wait to get started. We are entering a really cold spell here. I will have plenty of time to plan, dream... Here's to a new gardening year. I can't wait to see what all you are up to in your garden.

    1. Sometimes it is good to look back and learn from mistakes made but also to see things that have turned out fine.
      The patio is south facing so salvia and roses do well here. They may not like the shade Lisa.....I would hate to see you spend the money, and have poor displays.

      I know how you feel.....I have not been this excited about the garden for quite a while.
      I wonder if our motivation will last once we start all the garden chores that need doing :)

      It is raining know, that sort of rain that gets right through to your bones........
      and leaves a lasting chill.

      I will take care Lisa.......

      Lots of Love.

  5. P.S. While I don't have allergic reactions to wasp stings, they hurt like nothing else. Do take care. They have earned my complete respect. :)

  6. I love the combo of yellow roses and the salvia! And of course, I love the photo of the grandchildren and Nella. Sophie grabbed my gardening gloves one day as we went outside, as she usually does during the summer--I think she's anxious to get back in the garden, too:) I haven't had much time to think about the coming season, but there's still plenty of winter yet to dream and plan. We're off to see the new grandbaby next week, so that is all I can think about right now. Happy garden planning!

    1. Hello Rose,

      I am with Sophie, just dying to get my hands in the soil.

      Yes of course, you must be so excited to see the little one. Such a joy for you all.
      Our niece comes for a visit in May bringing new baby boy and her little daughter Sienna.
      They will be flying in from Australia.....the whole family are so excited :)

      Have fun Rose.............