Sunday, 27 September 2015

 I planted the jungle garden a few years ago.   It's progress has been slow but this year it seems to have settled, and has put on a lot of new growth.
 Bamboo features heavily.   I am not afraid of bamboo:)
I love the movement and rustling on a breezy day.
 Cyclamen are in bloom once again.   In fact,  I rarely seem to be without this pretty little plant.
 They seem to spring up all around the garden.   They are a success story.......I have to be proud, there are few success stories when you have frequent rabbit visits.
 Maples are beautiful this time of year.    In a few weeks they will start to turn and then, and only then do we see their true colours.
 It is  a wonderful year for fruit.    Crab apples are a good source of food for  birds during the autumn months.
 I love the scent they exude.....I walk the orchard and feel quite heady with the smell.     I am sure the local hedgehog will enjoy these.
 A bridge has been put in place.    I intend during the autumn to place rocks and pebbles beneath it.    It is an area that floods during winter, I am hoping it will make a pretty feature rather than the usual mud bath :)
 Hard landscaping has been put in place during the summer months.    Simply to make life easier when the rain comes.   A garden never stands still............
 Neither does the gardener, there is always work to be done.
Time to feed the fish.............

Have a good week, enjoy the warm settled weather that is with us at the moment.


  1. Hello Cheryl
    How are you - hope you feel less exhausted than you did - was your holiday good I hope you found it restful. Your jungle garden is quite lush and lovely - if only I had the room (sigh). We had a nasty thing happen with our fish just before we went away - we found blood all over the terrace - the rest of the fish were scared by whatever it was and went into hiding - we netted the pond before we went just in case. Not sure how many were taken - poor things. Nature can be. Fuel sometimes.

    Have a lovely week my friend - good to hear from you. Take care

  2. Stupid auto correct - that should read cruel not fuel - ha.

  3. I am well Elaine thank you. The holiday was wonderful.........just what the doctor ordered :))

    Poor fish. Perhaps a cat or heron was the culprit. Heron visit our garden regularly............

    The jungle garden was planted on a whim........I love it now. I am hoping in a few years it will be really tropical looking........perhaps it may attract parrots :) I jest, of course.

    Have a good week.

  4. Look at all of those fish! They are so pretty. What fun to have them. I can imagine how they gather at the edge of the pond their mouths open awaiting a morsel. Your tropical area is amazing. Is that palm out year round? I would have to bring it inside. It looks huge and happy with it's situation. I have a small clump of a small bamboo. It is a slow clumping grower and it is really slow where I planted it, in too much shade. Your new bridge looks nice as does the path. Sometimes we just need these things in our gardens. Can you see the Super Moon tonight? It is cloudy here. I doubt we will be able to see it. No rain here yet. Everything is droopy or brown. I pray daily for the fall rains to commence. Enjoy being out while you can.

    1. Too many fish really Lisa. They are pretty.....Poppi and Dominic love to feed them and sit and watch them. I will have to thin them out next year. I am sure I will be able to find someone who wants fish for their pond :)

      I have several palms and yes they stay out all year. Temperatures have dropped to minus ten here, so they have done well. The palm is Trachycarpus Fortunei and I believe is one of the hardiest.

      I was hoping to see the elicpse of the moon, it was a clear night here. Sadly, I slept right through it :( Not my intention.............

      Hope the rains come.....will do a rain dance for you :)

  5. Looks like you have been busy this summer, Cheryl; I love the idea of a dry stream under your bridge. I agree with Lisa about the fish--they are so much fun to watch. Love all your images of fall on this post and the last. I'm behind again on blog-reading--Mom has had another bad spell, so blogging is very low-priority right now, and my garden is definitely being neglected. I'm hoping things will settle down soon so I can enjoy these last few weeks of the garden--autumn is much too short here!

    1. So sorry to hear about your dear Mother Rose......everything fades into the background when those we love need us. Thinking of you and yours.

      I have always wished for a dry stream.....Mr P made the bridge. I must order some rocks and stones to finish the task. At the moment the humping and heaving does not appeal :( I will get around to it though...............

      Hope things settle soon for you Rose and you can enjoy the weeks that Autumn gives........................

  6. Oh yes, I love bamboo too. It gives such a tranquil feel to a garden with its rustling sound and swaying movement. It looks like you've been busy over summer but the garden is looking fabulous.

  7. Thank you jo.....bamboo is a favourite of also makes a wonderful screen.

  8. I think the bridge will look gorgeous with the rock stream underneath. I love your jungle.

    1. I hope it will look good.....not too sure at the moment. I tend to have great ideas that turn out differently to my original intention :)

      The jungle was planted for the grandchildren originally.....they of course are growing up, so now it is for Grandma :)

  9. I really do love gardens like a jungle, bamboos form wonderful screens, we have planted them as a screen in our daughter's garden and it is great, indeed a kind of jungle. The weather has turned sunny here too, I love it, good weather to work in the garden, to make walks in nature and afterwards read a book or have a cup of tea on the verandah, great.

    1. Bamboo, do indeed, make wonderful screens. I have used them often for that purpose. I think you have to be selective, just in case you get a plant that wander :)

      Tea on the veranda sounds great, enjoy Janneke

  10. You have had lots done, that bridge is lovely, very Monet, and the new path looks marvelous!
    Jungle garden, oh wow! I too love bamboo, you can't beat the way it moves in the wind. I love your cyclamen, I only see mine early spring. Those apples will be welcome food for many a critter, I always leave my apples for the birds, I remember my old dogs eating them once and tottering around blind drunk!
    Oh...those fish! How relaxing it must be watching

    1. I wish the bridge was as large as Monet's and had the lily pond below.....we can but dream :)
      I am still very content with my tiny version, it makes me happy and Dominic will love to run across it.

      I have seen many a dizzy bird that has eaten the fermenting funny.

      Have fund in your garden snowbird............

  11. Cheryl ... such a lovely calming post as I read it sitting with a late night cuppa!

    I really want to walk the garden with you - but feel I can when you share such lovely photo's.

    I love Cyclamen, whether they are in the garden or in a lot of garden centres at the moment too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week - especially with the late Autumn sunshine.

    All the best Jan

    1. Such a lovely thing to say.........thank you Jan.
      I often walk bloggers gardens in my mind. Good for the soul.

      The cyclamen along the woodland path always make me smile. The flowers are so small but they seem to be survivors. I love them

      Have a lovely sunny week :))

  12. It all looks really beautiful, the crab apples seem to be particularly good this year, my John Downie is absolutely laden with bright red apples. I like the idea of the bridge with rocks and pebbles underneath - a definite improvement on a mud bath:)

    1. It is a good year for fruit Rowan.......the trees around here are laden ...........

      Oh yes, definitely better than a mud bath.....only thing is I have to finish it :)


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