Tuesday 26 April 2016

Fallen flower

 Michelle and Ian were childhood sweethearts.      Michelle went to school with my daughter and Ian is our sons best friend.
 Michelle  has been fighting breast cancer for three years.   
 She was determined this cruel disease would not take her from her husband and her two young children.    Her strength and determination left all who met her  humbled.
 At the weekend she passed away quietly and a light went out for so many people.      I have never seen so many tributes on the social network.    Every comment saying the same thing......she was an amazing woman.
Michelle's  brother ran the marathon on Sunday, despite just learning his sister had passed away............he decided to continue because he knew Michelle would want him to.    He finished the 26 miles......and raised a lot of money for Breast Cancer UK.    

RIP Michelle


  1. I don't know Michelle but she sounds like a special person. I'm sure the flowers in your beautiful images mimic her beauty. <3

  2. Yes Jandi, she was a beautiful person inside and out.

  3. So sad to hear this, and we all can only watch helpless. Nice of her brother he could find the power to ran the marathon and raise money for Breast Cancer.

  4. Indeed, we all feel helpless during these times........so young.
    Her brother is amazing, I have so much respect for him.

    So sorry to read about Snarf.......my lovely blogging friend :)

  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Michelle was mightly blessed with family and friends and it sounds like she was quite the blessing too. What a great tribute to Michelle her brother gave her by running the marathon. Peace.

    1. Michelle was a blessing Lisa to many people.
      I pray for her husband and the children, they have such a difficult time ahead.

  6. So very sorry to hear about your loss.
    My thoughts and condolences go to everyone who will be affected by this tragic loss.

    Your tribute ... the words and images used are perfect.

    RIP Michelle


  7. Ahhhh, this had me in tears as my sister is battling with breast cancer. A beautiful tribute to a brave, brave lady.xxx

  8. I'm so sorry for your family's loss, Cheryl. She sounds like an amazing woman. Cancer has stolen far too many before their time. During the Illinois Marathon this past weekend, I walked the 5K portion with my niece and other members of our family, which we've done for the past five years in memory of her husband who passed away suddenly at the age of 40. It is indeed a way to honor those we miss so much.