Sunday 18 February 2018

Siberia !!

 With weather conditions right I decided to cut back some of the large shrubs.   
 Shredder in place I was ready to go.
 Eight barrow loads later, I decided to mulch the woodland area with the shredded bark.

Just a few images but did manage to cover the whole woodland area.
Mid week we are expecting Easterly winds from Siberia.
The weather conditions look set to stay until next week.
Living in the SE I am expecting some of the evergreens to be damaged.    Such are the woes of a gardener.

Enjoy your week and hope the sun is shining for you.


  1. Wow, that is one huge pile of sticks. Your shrubs will be so happy. It has been a glorious day here. Mostly sunny, not too cool, if the wind wasn't blowing it might get very warm today but we won't have to worry about that. I cleaned up the front of the house some. Pulled out all the greenery I used for christmas decorations. Some little bird was roosting in the ones on the front porch. There is still a place for it to roost. It will be surprised to find most gone. I hope your evergreens aren't damaged. If they are evergreens they might be tough enough to withstand your colder winter temps.My Hinoki Cypress has a lot of brown on it. I am afraid there is something going on with it. Time will tell. I have a shredder very similar to yours. It is handy.

    1. P.S. I had to get out today because it is supposed to rain every day this week. UGH...

    2. I keep coming back. I wanted to look at the flowers that you mulched around. Your daffodils are way ahead of ours as are your Hellebores. We will be catching up this week some. It is supposed to be warmer.

    3. Hi Lisa,

      Hope your little birdie finds his roosting patch.
      Yes the shredder is very handy but I must confess it is a job I am not very keen on. It is so laborious.

      We often get winds from the East in Spring. We get them each year and they always do such damage. One Spring they absolutely tore my hosta to shreads. I am not happy when the weather comes from this direction :(

      The rabbits and squirrels keep digging the bulbs up. I find mulching deters them. The hellebores have also been nibbled, so hopefully the mulch will stop this too!

      Enjoy the warmer temperatures and look forward to seeing photos of your garden blooming :))

  2. I planted 200 new crocuses this autumn, however, no crocuses for me this year, the rabbits played havoc with them, they have been digging them all up.
    Your woodland garden looks very good with the mulch. My shredder is still in the shed, but soon I have to start with that chore too, I postpone it because I don't like it.

    1. How disappointing Janneke. Crocuses are so pretty. I planted mine in clay pots this year and I have been pleased with the results.
      I tolerate the rabbits but they do a lot of damage to a garden.
      I have so many holes in borders and grass now that I have lost count. It will be time to fill them in once the rains have stopped.

      Shredding is one of my garden hates:)