Wednesday 21 February 2018


 Ophelia is an early flowering double snowdrop.
I have lost many but some remain in the copse.
They are so pretty, I hope they stay.


  1. She is a lovely lady. I hope they stay too.
    Cold and rainy here today.
    Inside being creative. :)

  2. I used to have quite a few Ophelia but they have disappeared :(

    Are you painting Lisa?

  3. No painting. I have been in a book making binge. The last time we were near a store that had beautiful papers I bought some and I have made a few little books. Rain again today. I will have to get my pretty papers out again.
    I too have had trouble with Galanthus disappearing. I think when you have droughts such as we have from time to time it is hard on them. Of course I blame everything on drought or drowning. I imagine it is true for delicate plants and bulbs. However I saw a roadside full of galanthus one day near where a house used to sit. They must have washed down in this area. A coal mine had bought the property and it was all dug up. It didn't seem like an ideal place for them but there they grew in a wide swathe.

    1. I love beautiful paper. I have to travel quite a way to find them here. I could buy on line but I like to see and feel what I buy.
      It is lovely and bright here but the wind is bitter.
      Apparently by next week we will not get above freezing during the day. Very unusual for SE UK.

      Yes Galanthus is a mystery to me. The other plant I love but just cannot keep is lily of the valley.
      But I have an idea. I have seen it planted in wire pots with moss. I am sure you know what I am thinking :)
      In the moss garden perhaps?

      Love the story Lisa. I guess most plants will only grown when they are happy.

    2. Like you I love to see and feel the papers I purchase. The store I like is Hollanders in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I only get the chance to shop there when we go to see Gary's brother. Hollanders has all kinds of book binding supplies. They have all sorts of colors of waxed linen threads. I can purchase small quantities for my little projects. I can just browse, sniff, touch. Such fun.

      I bet the Galanthus will be thrilled to be in with the moss. They would light up that area during late winter/spring. What a marvelous idea.

      It is rainy and cold here. It is only to get around freezing during the nights so that is good. I am chomping at the bit wanting to get out in the garden. I know it is too early for most things but I can't help the way I feel.

  4. Aha so that's the name of those one's that look different from the others!