Thursday 1 March 2018

Beast from the East

The beast from the East arrived three days ago.
Each day is worse than the one before.

I am hoping it will soon be gone.


  1. My goodness. Your area really got clobbered with snow. I hope it melts away soon too. If that happened here, and it is still a possibility, I would go out and throw some poppy seeds on the snow and let the snow plant them. :) I hope all of your fleece stayed in place. Hopefully the snow will insulate the tender plants from the cold.
    I woke to above normal temps with birds singing the morning chorus in the fog. It looks like our area is having your weather and you are having our weather. It has been raining here almost every day. Needless to say the weather people say we had the wettest February in 28 years. Our water tables must be nearly full again. One of our birding friends built a large pond last summer. She had complained that there was so little water in it. It is now full.
    It seems like these early spring snows melt fast. Good luck for a quick melt.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    The snow started Monday evening. It will not give up.
    It is the wind chill that is an issue more than anything. It registered -11C Tuesday night. Some of the fleece has held but some hasn't, never mind.
    Some of the evergreens are looking very sad. Time will tell.

    I have had a lot birds in the garden. I am keeping them well fed :)
    Redwing and Fieldfare have been grateful for the apples. I buy them in bulk from our local farm shop. They are so cheap.
    Some of the smaller birds are struggling. One little chap on the feeder today looked very poorly. Such a bad time for wildlife.

    Glad your water levels are getting a good top up:)