Friday 2 March 2018

Bleak House.

 Very pretty but please go now :)


  1. It does look very beautiful, but I get the sentiment. I'm happy to be tucked up today but by tomorrow will be wanting to get back to normal :o) Hope Nella OK x

    1. I really need to be outside working in the garden.
      I miss it dreadfully.
      Still it is pretty and I must just enjoy it while it is here.
      Nella snuggled in front of the fire :)

  2. Oh my, do you usually get snow like this? I know you must be ready for spring, but to me it looks lovely. We had so much rain last week that our town was flooded--I would rather have had snow.

    1. I suppose Rose it is what we are used to is the best.
      I can deal with rain, it always rains in UK.
      This is very unusual. Yesterday was the coldest March day since records began (that is for our area, Kent)

      Have a good weekend Rose

  3. Your house does blend in with the snow. I know you are anxious for it to go away. I don't blame you. It is time for sunshine and intermittent rain.
    The statues look nonplussed. They are carrying on...
    Lucky for me the sun is out today even though it is not as warm as it could be. I will take the sun. The birds are quite happy and singing. Spring is right around the corner.

    1. The house is cold Lisa. I have enough wood stored to light a fire each afternoon. Nella loves to sit in front of it and warm her old bones.
      Stewart took me to the farm shop this morning. I bought more bird food and apples. I have dozens and dozens of birds.
      I feel like the bird woman :)

      Glad you have the sun. Enjoy it Lisa and have a lovely weekend.

    2. Your wood fire sounds so cozy. Annie and I would be right there with Nella soaking up that warm air. Your birdies will be so happy and healthy. I hope you have a great weekend too. Give Nella a pat for me and tell Stewart I said hello.

    3. What a nice thought Lisa.:)

  4. Hello Cheryl
    Due to our recent move I've not seen any of your recent blog posts and am only now catching up.
    The snow was awful, although the grandchildren certainly enjoyed it.
    Your photographs look good, thanks for sharing them.
    I'm so looking forward to more spring-like weather and enjoying some local walks.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. Wishing you every happiness in your new home Jan.
    Hope all went well.

  6. Looks like quite a lot of snow! It does paint a pretty picture but hopefully will melt soon (if not already).
    We too are having an unusually snowy year. I took a vacation in Costa Rica and loved the warm sunshine, but actually it was too hot for me. Was glad to return to my home, my own bed, neighbours and friends.

    I too enjoy feeding the birds. So glad you have lots on. your property.
    So looking forward to spring!
    Warm hugs