Thursday 26 July 2018

Too hot to handle.

 Not a cloud in the sky, I should be grateful but I am afraid to say this weather is getting me down.   It's not just the heat, it is the humidity.     Yesterday temperatures reached 32C (94f) and today they are expected to go higher.   Phew!!!
 The grass is brown, which I can live with.   It will come back  once the rain arrives.    Nella sleeps most of the day and who can blame her.
 Rabbits are out and about at all hours trying to find food.   I have been feeding them, also lots of water sites around the garden for the birds etc.
Each evening a hedgehog visits the garden.   He comes for his cat food and other hedgehog goodies.     I am not the only one struggling, our wildlife is having a difficult time.
 I water containers each evening.    I seriously must think about planting some of the plants into the garden during the Autumn.
 Perhaps just keep a few pots of annuals, which are easy.
 I love this paniculata.     I think it is Vanilla  fraise.    It has the most wonderful scent and stops me in my tracks as I enter or exit the shed.
 Sanquisorba lilac squirrel is coping well with the drought.   It is supposed to look like this by the way, it is  not gasping for water :)
During the Spring I bought some dwarf gladiolus bulbs.    I went with apricot this year.    They are dotted through the borders and are looking beautiful.

I am not watering any plants in beds or borders.
This year it will be survival of the fittest.
Weather is changing, climate change is here.
For me, it is no good planting something that will  struggle.
Nature is a great teacher and I am willing to learn.

Hope you are all managing to keep cool, especially those in the South where we are melting :)


  1. Oh my goodness I so agree, have had enough of the hot weather! Our poor garden is struggling like everything else. I love your apricot blooms, such a lovely colour. Sending love and cooling thoughts to Nella- Ted in particular understands and sympathises x

    1. Nella thanks Ted for his kindness.
      It is so good someone understands :)

  2. Hello Cheryl.
    The garden and the gardener have been gasping for weeks BUT we have just had our first, long awaited shower with hopefully more to come. Hope you get some soon.

    It is heartening to see how so many plants cope when we mere mortals suffer.

    1. No rain at the moment Frank but I live in hope:)

      Yes it always surprises me just how resilient nature is.

    2. It rained all day yesterday:)

  3. Glad you got some rain. We have a friend in Ireland and the weather there has been terrible. I hope your plants make it. You have worked very hard for all of them but I agree that watering is not the answer. Here in the US the planting zones have changed quite a bit due to the warming.

  4. I sure understand your angst with this weather. So glad that you finally had some rain. THANKFULLY We are getting that rain today. We have had way too many of those 90degree days. I am sick of watering even the pots. Water, water, water...Ugh. I too am rethinking my potted plants. Along with the rain has come a couple of days below average temperatures. Amazing what those lower temps do to the psyche. I have been so full of energy. ha... We have had a family of rabbits in the garden. Driving Annie crazy. I worried she would catch those tiny rabbits. They can get around fast and hide in the smallest places. She hasn't got one yet. Love that squirrel tail plant. I have never seen such a thing. Your pots look good despite the weather. I left the gladiolas in the ground a couple of years ago. I am pretty lazy about digging up plants and one of them is still living this summer. It bloomed a pretty pale yellow. I like your apricot color a lot. I bet this hot weather is easy on Nella's old bones. Give her a pat for me.

  5. Hi Cheryl, you poor darling, we are all having to learn from stressed dehydrated Mother Nature. I'll be interested to see how the plants in beds and borders go without extra water. Good luck! I suppose it will rain eventually ...

  6. Love that picture of Nella.
    I did enjoy all of your photographs.

    This summer has been crazy, not only for the UK but many other countries too.

    The gardens never cease to amaze me … they do the best they can and still provide wonder and enjoyment.

    As I post this - it has been a little cooler and we had a little welcome rain last night.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  7. I agree with you, the heat was far too draining, like Nella I just wanted to loll around all day. Thankfully the weather has broken. I'm so glad for people like you who care for native wildlife, how they have needed water. If the weather continues these extreme patterns I think we'll all have to re-think what we grow. Loving the blooms in your garden, how wonderful it