Saturday 7 July 2018

What a relief.

 It is lovely to sit in the shade of the jungle garden.   The extreme temperature we are experiencing at the moment is way too hot for me.
 It is said it will reach 31C in  our area today.   Phew!!!

 Fortunately Thursday afternoon we had the most amazing thunderstorm.
 I saw it coming from the North.   Dark clouds were forming and a pink tinge told me this would be a rain giving storm.
 I walked out into the garden and waited patiently.   Pitter patter, pitter patter and then the heavens opened.
 I was soaked but it didn't matter.
 It rained solidly for thirty minutes.   Torrential rain :)
 The drive flooded, the conservatory roof got a good clean (it needed it), it was wonderful.

 The whole garden seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

And the smell, that wonderful smell when rain hits dry soil.   Beautiful.
    All my water butts are full.
The pond has been topped up.     The garden will survive for a few more weeks after the deluge.   I am grateful.
Water is so very precious.



  1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to get a good rain after such a long period of dry. I can see that your garden responded immediately. Everything looks so perky.
    No rain here but a break in the heat though they say it will be temporary. It was 60F (15.5C) this morning. My soul nearly floated through the garden as I strolled through. Now if we could just get a good rain before the heat returns.
    Your saturated garden will make a great weekend.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I have a feeling this will be a Summer like the one in 1976.
      I can at the moment fully appreciate how you feel when you have very long dry hot spells. I do not know how you cope. I confess I struggle in these high temperatures. I guess we are just not used to them. Still I am grateful for the rain, so grateful.

      I am glad you are having a break from the heat. Must be lovely for you, enjoy my friend.

  2. Few things feel and smell as wonderful as the garden after a good rain. Here's hoping your weather (and ours) moderates to a more normal summer. Love the photographs.

    1. The seasons are changing. Extreme temperatures one way or the other seem to be the norm.
      I agree, lets hope we get back to the temperatures we should have for this time of year.
      Now wouldn't that be nice :)

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    Lucky you, we haven't had rain for weeks. I want to say well over a month. All the thunder storms of june in london and the south never came here. Lawns are brown, verges are dead. I'm hosing the entire garden every other day now we so desperately need rain

    1. Hi Liz,

      The gardeners nightmare, lack of rain.
      I hope you get some soon, enough to sustain your garden for a while.
      It can be so disheartening.

      Temperatures around 30C but today is cool, there is a little breeze and temperature will be around 24C. I shall enjoy the day by visiting Great Dixter. Temperatures are set to rise again by the weekend :((

      Lovely to hear from you, think of you often.

  4. I have to sit in the shade too. I'm delighted to hear you had a good thunderstorm with 30 minutes of torrential rain, you describe that wonderful smell beautifully. How I long for rain, nothing here for over a month, so many shrubs are dying now, I shall have to call upon a rain dancer. The garden is looking lovely. That is a beautiful pink

    1. Hi Songbird,
      Hope you get some rain soon.
      It is soul destroying to watch a garden wither.
      I would love to see you doing a rain dance. I have a friend who has a large allotment and he has threatened the same :))

  5. Torrential rain is wonderful after a hot, dry spell. Your jungle garden looks cool and leafy, and it's great that you have found ferns that can cope with the heat.

    1. We live in a low lying area so fortunately the water table is never too far away.
      Ferns thrive here. Leaf mould is added every year so the soil is rich and damp most of the time. I have lost a couple but they were planted in part sun (not a good idea) but the rest are along the woodland area.

  6. Beautiful pictures and wonderful flowers. Have a happy weekend. Greetings.

  7. Rain glorious rain!
    You were so fortunate in getting some, we had a very short light shower the other day and that was that! We really do need more.

    I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan