Thursday 29 September 2011

Candy floss blooms..........

 My mother never dressed me in pink, she always chose lilacs, greens and white.
 Our parents, can without doubt, influence our choices.     I am not really a 'pink' sort of girl.
 And yet, Filipendula Rubra 'Queen of the Prairie' stops me in my tracks everytime I walk past her.    She is too pretty for words.    Native Meadowsweet grows in abundance in this area.   I have always loved it's pretty frothy white blooms.    I would like to see her growing alongside 'Rubra'
Do you like pink in the garden?    If so, which is your favourite plant?


  1. My mom DID dress me in pink and I am NOT a pink kind of grrl. It took me a really long time to realize, yes, I do love pink flowers. Queen of the prairie is one of my favorites! I also like hot pinks, too.

    Is QotP blooming for you now? Mine blooms earlier in the summer.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I don't know how much my mum dressed me in pink - I don't remember any pink dresses however I was very much a frilly, lacy kinda girl who loved big princess dresses and then I'd promptly be climbing up a tree!
    Clearly my mum would never have influenced me to climb trees; I can thank my brothers for that! :D

    In the garden, I do have a lot of pink although I do prefer blues and purples I am not scared of pink. My favourite has to be my Rose 'Harlow Carr'. It's the perfect shade; a bluey pink so not too sickly for me. Although I don't mink sedum I'm no fan of the sickly pink roses.

  3. Hi Cheryl...oh my goodness she is delicate and just precious looking...a real beauty!!

    My sister and I are 14 month apart in age..The same item was always bought for both of us in different colors!! For me it was usually pink and my sister blue...
    I don't like pink clothing for me hmmm I wonder why!!
    My favorite pink is an early spring blooming clemtais that for the life of me I can't think of the name of right now!! It just brings a smile on my face when it blooms so early after a long winter !

    I am of to Northern Maine tomorrow to visit with my oldest daughter "the sheep farmer" for the weekend ( I dressed her in a multitude of colors lol) ; }

    ♥ Grace

    PS..yes...I admit..I am a romantic at heart!!

  4. How beautiful! The native meadowsweet is another very useful herbal medicine but I love this pretty pink variety, so faery like. I don't have many pink flowers but I love the fox gloves, echinacea and roses. I always think pink has its place as long as it's not allowed to take over! Like most colours I guess, apart from green of course which can take over whenever it likes. :)

  5. I don't remember owning a piece of pink clothing until I was in my 30s and it was fuschia. I like all colors but can't wear pale hues. I am more of a jewel tone person. I like all colors in the garden. I have pink, blue, purple, white, yellow, red etc etc... I have the Queen properly enthroned in full sun in the front garden. She blooms late spring/early summer here. Her bloom is one of my favorite pinks as well as a tall garden phlox that is a lilac-pink.

  6. Queen of the Prairie is such a pretty flower!
    Yes, I love pink, especially the darker or fuchsia tones. My favourite pink flower? Oh, that's hard. Peonies come in such vibrant pinks. Fushsia is also one of my favourite pink flowers and I like apple blossoms even the delicate ones. Pink tulips perk us up in the cool spring mornings too and roses are gorgeous wearing pink. So, I just can't decide. They're all good!

  7. Oh, I forgot to say what a beautiful background!! I just love it. Time to update mine.

  8. HI Monica,

    Yes, QotP is in bloom now. I thought she may come into flower whilst I was away. I am so pleased she waiting a while.

  9. Hi Liz,

    I climbed trees in frilly dresses also Ha!
    Many time I went home with a rip in the mother was not amused :)

    I have to agree 'Harlow Carr' is the perfect pink.....a very romantic bloom.

  10. Hi Grace,

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter. Sheep type of girl.

    I just knew you were a romantic deep down.....your photography speaks volumes.

  11. Hi Lucinda,

    I love foxglove, and ecinacea. The latter always disappears during the winter months and never returns. I have given up on her.....
    I think most woman love roses :)

    I have been reading up on Meadowsweet and intend to add her to the garden next year.....

  12. Hi Lisa,

    I somehow knew what your colour palette would be :)

    I must say QotP is the perfect pink for me.
    I intend to grow more of these and have them dotted through the island beds.

  13. Wendy....I am are a 'pink type' girl, never would have guessed that :)

    I just fancied a change.....I do get bored with seeing the same background etc. I quite like this one (at the moment anyway)

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    What a beautiful blog! I wouldn't have expected any less :-)

    I was always a tomboy and in the garden I am drawn to hot spicy autumnal colours. But a strange thing has happened since I became a mum ... I softened and started wearing dusty pink, and I've developed a taste for big blousy old-fashioned pink roses!

  15. Hi Hedgewitch,

    Welcome, it has been a long time, I am delighted you are back. Tku for your kind words.

    Being a mother does strange things to us.......hormones have a lot to answer to :)
    Dusky pink is lovely and one of my daughters favourite colours. I to love old fashioned blousy pink roses and intend to plant some this year.....

  16. What a lovely and delicate flower. My favorite pink flower is not in a garden, but profusely grows wild in our woods. It is kamia latifolia, or Mountain Laurel. The pink and white blossoms make a lovely sight indeed.

  17. Hi ncmountainwoman, I must go and look that up, it is a new one for me. Wildflowers are the best:)

  18. Dear Cheryl,
    My Mother loved everything....My childhood home was full of kitchen and childhood bedroom was in in honor of my Mother, who also loved Christmas, my December colors are pink and green. I do pink roses for my Mother. For me I do white tulips!
    Queen of the Prairie is gorgeous!

  19. Such an incredibly beautiful flower, it reminds me of a cherry blossom and no pinks for me either.

  20. Such an incredibly beautiful flower, it reminds me of a cherry blossom and no pinks for me either.