Monday 5 September 2011

Medlars.....the copse.....and seeds.

 Each morning, as soon as I rise, I walk the garden.   I have done so for the last nine years.
It gives me time to think about the day ahead.   To see and absorb all that is around me.
 The copse is the most magical place in this garden, and is almost, almost, like a secret garden.
 It improves each year.......and still has secrets, some I will never know.

 I love the fact that it is natural.   It has been left to tell it's own story.     I love to sit amongst the trees and listen.
 Today I was in for a surprise.   The medlar tree left a message.   
As I climbed the stairs to the tree house I notice Medlars on the deck.
Ripe Medlars that the wind had brought down.   It looks as though the birds have been enjoying them.
Walking back into the copse I did find one, just one, on the woodland floor.    I would not say it is the most appealing fruit in the world but I was certainly going to try it.   On my travels I have eaten worse :)
I opened the fruit and scooped out the bletted flesh  with a small spoon.   I smelt it....smelt quite nice.
The fruit is slightly gritty, only slightly.     It tastes of stewed apples, a dash of spice, and has a lovely zing to it.    I like it, I like it a lot.
I managed to salvage four seeds from this fruit and shall try growing a Medlar.
If anyone would like a seed let me know.   Cannot promise you will get one, as the Medlars on the deck were minus seeds, so something is obviously eating them.

There is a strong gusty wind today.......torrential rain is expected.   I think it might rain Medlars tonight :)


  1. Maybe if it rains medlars you will find more seeds. What an intersting fruit. I don't feel like I can grow anything right now with the way it is, so dry. At least we are having a cool down. It is windy here too. Just no rain predicted. WHINE~~

  2. Hi Lisa,

    My heart goes out to you. Lack of rain is a gardeners nightmare. We had a dry Spring this year with above average temperatures. Little or no rain during that period. Summer was cool and wet with spells of sunshine. It has been a very strange year weather wise.

    It is raining today and there is a strong wind blowing......without doubt autumnal.

    I do hope your garden gets a good soaking soon.


  3. I imagine you to be a very serene lady Cheryl, especially if this is how you start your day. The bletted medlar bird-leavings windfalls can be used for making medlar cheese

    p.s. what a fortuitous meeting of neighbours and furry friends

  4. Thank you Laura,

    Now that does sound interesting. Medlar cheese :) the mind boggles. Tks for the link.

  5. So it does taste like stewed apples how wonderful and sad that you can't get more. That is a beautiful place

  6. What an amazing post! Your medlar tree is magical! I love the messages it sends you and glad you were able to try the fruit.

    I'd love some seeds, but please I'll be last, because I'll have to save the seeds to plant until after I've moved. So I'd rather you send to those who will be planting soon.

    My mother also walked the garden every morning, and I've followed in her footsteps. She used to say "I wonder what's come up in the night?"
    Sending hugs

  7. Thank you for taking us on this tour of the copse, Cheryl. You often talk about it, and I know you've shown a few photos before, but I don't remember seeing long views like these before. It does indeed look like a secret garden...the perfect place to daydream. The Medlars certainly are interesting fruits.

  8. Hi Wendy,

    The Medlar tree fascinates me. I am a little besotted with it at the moment.
    I found more fruits today:)

    How lovely you follow your mothers way......
    I just love to walk the garden first thing. It is such a special time of the day.....the whole world seems to be sleeping.

  9. Hi Rose,

    Interesting fruits Rose? They are not the most beautiful are they ?
    But I have to say they taste good:)

  10. Early morning is the best time for a wander round the garden. When we had our old dog, she came with me, along with a mug of tea, 5am was a very special time. Your copse looks magical, a wonderful place to explore.

  11. Hi Pauline,

    Nella always joins me in the garden first thing.
    She likes to try and find the rabbits they may still be lurking.

  12. I cannot believe how much I learn from reading your blog. Today it is the Medlar Tree. I did some quick checking and found some really interesting facts. I had never heard of them before today. Now I can carry on a decent conversation if the subject ever comes up.

    And I have no doubt that your garden is like the secret garden, full of beauty and magic.

  13. Dear Cheryl,
    Please to have a Medlar seed....I shall try to grow.
    I think the fruits are magical....
    I also go outside for my morning meditations....
    Love seeing the copse...
    Happy Medlars~ amazing and ever so magical.

  14. I love the medlar seed pods and the tree. I'm not familiar with it here. In that first photo, is that bamboo in the pots?!