Monday 12 March 2012

If you were a fairy........

 I sat beneath the apple tree looking at the flowers and watching the bees.    Before Poppi started school we would picnic here and read books.    I would like to share an extract from a poem that we both like......If you were a fairy by Clare Bevan.   
 If you were a fairy, where would you fly?
To woods were the unicorns wander and cry?
To caves where the dragons lie sleepily curled?
To waves were the mermaids are happily swirled?
To castles that grow from the glistening sands?
To magical mountains? To looking- glass lands?
To a city of clouds in the blue, summer sky?

If you were a fairy, where would you fly??

Tell me where would you fly?

I would fly with the bumble bees and spend the day visiting flowers :)


  1. How delightful! I love the violas, one of my favourite flowers and very fairy-like.
    If I was a fairy I would fly inside all the cracks and crevices and hollows in old trees and make little homes there where I could sit and watch the birds and squirrels and foxes and deer. x

    1. Hi Lucinda,

      I knew this would catch the imagination of bloggers.....and I knew you would think of something beautiful to write.
      BTW can I come ?

    2. Of course! I will have my fairy tea set laid ready in the hollow of the old oak with nuts and fairy cakes for us to snack on! :)

    3. Lucinda,

      Let us stop now, day dreaming is my speciality, I may not get any work done today, if I keep reading these lovely comments :)

  2. That one is easy. If I were a fairy I'd fly to Cheryl's garden.

  3. Hi Cheryl...First I must say I love the colors here,so cheerful, and I needed that ..thanks!!
    If I was a Fairy ..hmmm..I think with Fireflies by night and Butterflies by day ..with one to light the way by night ..with one to dance all day !!
    It has been 65 degrees today and still is 60 at 5:30PM...some windows open to air the house out...I love it even if it is only for a few days!!
    I am sneezing,have a runny nose, and coughing and peeing my pants..awful to get old lol!!
    It will get better..thanks for you sweet comment on my post!!

    1. Dear Grace,

      Sorry to hear you are so unwell :( Poor you.....
      stay warm and get better soon my friend.

  4. I would be on those magical mountains. Attending dances on the mossy rocks. Slipping through the moraines watching birds, bees and all wild creatures. Listening to poems being read by the lovely lady under the apple tree with the little girl on her lap.

    1. Lisa,

      Lovely to dream if only for a moment...

      Tku for such a lovely comment :)

  5. So magical, Cheryl! Love the poem and your lovely photos:) If I were a fairy I would ride bumblebee backs and visit flowers also :) What an enchanting time that would be! xxx

    1. It would be so enchanting.....dreaming is a hobby of mine, and one that I intend never to stop, no matter how old I get.

  6. If I was a Fairy I would fly with the butterflies and the Hummingbirds.
    I would sit at the hearth and sing songs with my family.
    I would talk with the seahorses and hop a ride on a Dragon.

    If I was a Fairy I would wish on the stars and walk with Unicorns.
    I would swim with the Swans and dance with the bees.
    I would cry for all the loss of habitat for Mother's creatures.

    Lovely post! Thank you.

    May you and Poppi spend many happy Holidays under the old Apple Tree.
    May she read stories to you and poems she writes.
    May you both dream together.


    1. My dear Sherry,

      Your comment brought a tear to my eyes......

      Poppi and I will always dream, we are just made that way.
      I enter her world without any hesitation, for it is a world I have never really left :)

  7. I would fly straight to your garden Cheryl! Have a cuppa with you in the garden and hold Nella in my lap all day!!!

    1. Eve,

      What a thought, I know one little dog who would thoroughly enjoy the experience :)

  8. What a lovely, whimsical post and your photos are beautiful, Cheryl.

    If I were a fairy I would fly with the butterflies and birds on endless sunny days. I would wave my magic wand and there would never again be cruelty, suffering or prejudice anywhere in this world...

    1. Hi Jan,

      Tku, I enjoyed taking these photographs:)

      Your dreams are my dreams my friend.......

  9. If I was a fairy, I think I would fly, way up to the sky, but I can't. Oh no, that's that Orville the Duck song. No wonder I'm not a fairy.
    Lovely post, very thoughtful.

  10. Crystal.....Ha now that is funny :)

  11. If I were a fairy I would skip the 24 hour flight home and fly straight to your garden with my little cherub in tow. I am a fairy but sadly my wings won't get me there! Ah well only 70 days till our return. Can't wait to come visit your little sanctuary... Sienna will love your little fairy garden I'm sure she'll be walking with a bit more confidence by then... Much love and kisses, hope you have a wonderful birthday on Friday!

    Big hugs and kisses from me and my little miss mischief xxxx

    1. Hello lovely,

      It was so nice to open my comments and see that sweet little girl looking at me.
      Wouldn't that be lovely Sara, to be able to skip that 24 hour flight.....never mind, Mum and Dad will let you rest when you get here :)

      Hugs and kissess to you all
      Look forward to taking you around the garden :)

  12. First, I'd fly right into the crocus and roll around in the pollen and drink a little nectar, then I'd find wherever the butterflies are hiding and chat with them awhile. Then I'd join the fairy throng and fly straight to your garden, Cheryl.

    What a sweet little poem; happy bee watching, Cheryl!

    1. Rose,

      Doesn't that crocus look so tempting? It must be wonderful to get covered in pollen and 'bee' so happy just visiting flowers. I should have been a bee :)

      It is a sweet poem Rose......a poem made for little girls :)

  13. Beautiful Cheryl - where did Poppi choose?
    Sherry's poem/comment is lovely and I can't agree more.
    Have you read Signe Pike's Faerie Tale. If ever you do, I'd be interested to hear what you think.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Poppi was, of course, Queen of the fairies. Sweet child that she is, she said "I would fly to Mummy and then back to you again." Poppi is a simple soul and that is just why I love her so very much.

      No I have not read for the wish list perhaps.

      Have a lovely weekend.

  14. If I were a fairy, I'd fly to where the rainbows live and slide along their delightful colours, right into a silver lake. I'd swim with the fishes and mermaids who live there and say hello to a frog on a lily pad. I'd never accept a cup of tea with Mr. Frog because he might just be an evil witch in disguise (besides froggy tea tastes terrible).

    Riding on hummingbirds, dancing with dragonflies, frolicking with butterflies would tire me a bit and so I'd curl up with that cozy bee you managed to capture in the heart of the spring crocus, and take a nap.

    Waving my magic wand (just like shy songbird) I'd banish war and poverty, sickness and pain and paint the world with cottony candy and chocolate.

    And then I'd fly back to your enchanted garden, under the Apple tree with you and Poppi, where I'd take off my magic wings, shake off the fairy dust, and return them to you!
    Lovely post and lots of fun.

    1. Wendy,

      Have you ever thought of writing a book for children (or perhaps adults, who keep the child within)
      I was under your spell for a brief moment.....tku, what a delightful read :)

  15. Lovely poem - I would fly to the woods where the unicorns wander and cry or to a flower rich hay meadow on a hot sunny day in May or June.