Saturday 28 June 2014

Warm summer summer nights.

 Queen of the Meadow smells slightly of almonds, it attracts numerous insects.   It grows along the verges of the lanes near our home.  It now grows in the garden.
 Queen of the Prarie reminds me  of a trip to America to meet blogging friends.   I shall meet them again one day, when Mr P retires :)
Hydrangeas and Persicaria such a pretty combination.
 I walk the garden looking at the flowers and thinking how beautiful everything looks. 
My father loved this time of year.   I miss our strolls around the garden.     I miss his daily jokes, and his smile.    I tend his little garden each week, Mum cannot manage it.
I do it for my Dad, I know that sounds strange, but he loved his garden, I would not like to see it fade away due to neglect. 

The year is passing so quickly, July will soon be here.    Enjoy your garden, summer is so fleeting............


  1. Obviously Queen of the Meadow is the beautiful sister of Queen of the prairie. They both look beautiful reining over their realms. I can't hardly wait for Mr P to retire. :) Your Dad would be so honored that you are caring for his garden. I know you feel close to him when you are there. Like being at his side. The roses could tell you many of his jokes no doubt. It is hot and dry here. Mornings are bearable but by noon one doesn't want to be out and about. I sit at the patio doors watching baby birds and tiny bunnies flitting about the garden. Enjoy your warm days.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    They look stunning together......neither are in full flower yet, when they are I will post some images.

    The heat must be dreadful to keep you inside. I expect in some ways you look forward to Autumn. Lovely to see the fledglings and kittens.....I have far too many baby rabbits to enjoy them Grrrrr !!!!!!!

  3. Your Dad would be proud of you Cheryl - taking care of his garden like you do - I am sure this brings you closer to him, and if you believe such things, he is probably looking over your shoulder making sure you do things the way he would have wanted. Sometimes you sound so sad and melancholy and I can tell that you miss him greatly - I just want to give you a big hug and make everything all right for you. Take care my friend - glad that your garden brings you solace.

    1. Dear Elaine,

      Thank you for your kind words, I do miss him greatly. I never had an argument with my Father. That probably is hard to believe but it is true. We had an understanding that went beyond words.
      Dad smiled a lot, he passed that on to me :) A smile is never far away.

      Tku again for such kindness

  4. That rose is so pretty, such a delicate lemon tinged with pink, beautiful. I'm sure that tending your dad's garden makes you feel close to him, and that will give you some comfort. Your mum must appreciate the garden being kept nice too.

    1. Hi Jo,

      The rose is Mountbatten, like you I love lemon coloured roses. They have a softness about them, don't you think??

      I do feel close to my father when tending his garden and indeed it does give me so much comfort.

      Thank for your kindness............

  5. Not strange at all. It is so sad to see a neglected garden when its gardener has gone. Love your photographs, especially the first one.

  6. Queen of the Prairie is a plant I've never tried to grow, but what a beauty it is! And so is the lovely rose. Like Lisa, I can't wait till Mr. P retires. I'm sure your Dad would be touched to know that you are still tending his garden.