Wednesday 11 June 2014

Sunshine came softly through my window today.

 A hot air balloon hovered above the garden early this morning.  Nella let it know it was not welcome.   Running around the garden barking loudly.
 Mexican fleabane seems to have self-seeded in all the cracks on the patio.   I think it looks really pretty, also it is much loved by the small copper butterfly, that is why it is a keeper.
 Lavender in terracotta pots just coming into flower.    I love the fragrance as I walk by and run my fingers through the stems.
 'Wedding Day'  reaches the top of the Old Hawthorn and seems to be heading for the wild plum.    I love roses climbing through trees :)
 Oak barrels are planted....lots of 'Hot Lips' this year.   A plant I love as it is always so accommodating.
It would seem summer days are at last with us.       Time to enjoy the garden, to sit back and reflect or perhaps to have supper with those we love.     Whatever you do enjoy,  summer passes so quickly...............


  1. Lovely photos.. that mexican fleabane looks pretty, I love it when flowers self seed and come up in unusual places.. I have foxgloves and pink and purple toadflax flowering near my greenhouses and cold frame, hubby wanted to pull them up to keep it looking tidier but I was having none of it.. I think they look amazing where they are.. plus I get the added benefit of watching my buzzy friends when I'm near the greenhouses :o)

    1. Our husbands come from the same mould. He mentions the fleabane on a regular basis, how it is spreading. It falls on deaf you, anything that helps the bees butterflies etc then it is a keeper. To be fair, he knows me well, and has softened over the years.

      Love foxglove and toadflax

  2. I'm so glad the sun is shining on you and the garden. I've been reading about the downpours and flash flooding in the UK. Glad Nella got rid of that balloon.

    1. Yes lots of storms....they missed our area, thank goodness.

      Nella is so funny to watch......she has a lot of spirit for a small dog :)

  3. Hi Cheryl
    Isn't your post title from a Donovan song or something like it anyway.
    That's a great shot of the balloon - our dogs always used to bark at them when they passed over and they always frightened the sheep as well who used to gallop all over the field when they did that thing with the gas jets.
    We saw that Fleabane everywhere whilst we were on holiday almost like a weed.
    OK so what are Hot Lips - they look like Antirrhinums to me - gorgeous colour - I've planted some red ones this year trouble is the only room I had left to plant in was with the pink Cosmos - so that will look a clashing riot of colour once they flower.
    Yes I think summer has arrived at last - I, like you, intend to make the most of it - enjoy the rest of the week (it was blooming hot today here).

    1. I believe it is Elaine, although like you I cannot remember for sure who sung it :) ou may be right with Donovan.

      Fleabane is like a weed if it likes the is certainly happy here :)

      Hot Lips .....Salvia Hot Lips. I like the fact they come back each year, and seem to fit in anywhere. The barrel also has a deep velvety red Antirrhinums, another favourite plant of mine.
      The Antirrhinum and Cosmos could surprise you.....sometimes clash of colour works, I like the sound of the two plants together. Look forward to seeing them.

      Have a good day..........another hot one in store.

  4. I have always loved the idea of a rose climbing through a tree but haven't been able to persuade a rose to do that here yet. We finally got our mulching done. Yay... Now I can relax and enjoy the garden some before it gets so blasted hot. We have had enough rain to keep blooms going this spring. Wonderful. I giggled thinking about how Nella must think that the hot air balloon was hissing at her. Good girl causing it to float away. Annie barks at bicycles passing so I can just imagine what she would do about a balloon. ha... Love seeing pictures of your garden...

    1. Hi Lisa,

      It has taken a long time for the rose to do as it is told....around six years. I have been very patient and that patience has paid off. It looks truly beautiful, the photo does not do it justice. I also have clematis climbing through the oak at the back of the garden and that looks lovely.

      Hilarious watching Nella, she gets so cross with the balloon. Sometimes we have around three or four going over, well you can imagine the scene.

      Pats for the lovely Annie, she seems to be fitting I well.............

  5. Ahhh, bless Nella. Good on her for showing that balloon who's boss. The rose looks fabulous scrambling through the tree, absolutely beautiful. I bought a Hot Lips from one of the gardening shows, it may have been Gardener's World Live, but I lost it through winter. I agree, it's a lovely plant, quite unusual. The weather's looking fine for the next few days, time to get some more jobs done now that the rain's stopped.

    1. Hi Jo,

      I love the rose scrambling through the old Hawthorn.
      I saw one yesterday when out driving and it was absolutely stunning........well established and drooping with blooms.
      Hot Lips does not like wet soil......I covered all mine with cloches during the winter and they have all recovered well. I shall do the same this year.

      Hope you get all your jobs sorted :)

  6. Love the photo of the balloon! We sometimes have hot-air balloons flying above our house, and I always love seeing them. I've always wanted to go up in one, which is strange because I'm afraid of heights. Your rose clambering through the hawthorn is beautiful--wow, how huge!

    Now I'm going to be humming that song all day:)

  7. Ha.....soooo funny.

    I am frightened of heights Rose. I did go up in a hot air balloon once.....can't say I found it easy but I loved it. It has helped my fear.....I can climb a ladder now :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Hi Cheryl... Oh I love having vines and roses climbing through trees especially like the apple tree in my garden that the top has many dead limbs and the wild rose (darn brain cramp I can't think of the name of it but you would know it because it grows there to ; }}) ) it has climbed to the very top and covers the whole tree in tiny white single roses !!

    Yup I know all about fleabane !! It took over on of my gardens! Wish I had pink along with the white !!

    When I come to your post I always leave feeling peaceful ...thanks!!


  9. You are welcome grace, nice to know that you do:)

    Rosa Canina....the dog rose do you mean??? It grows all around the boundary of this garden and I love it. The scent is wonderful.......