Friday, 19 June 2015

A new rose in the garden of life...............

A much wanted baby was born this morning.     It has been a long journey for both parents.............
 A baby girl, six weeks early, delivered by emergency section.
Congratulations darling niece and welcome little Carys...........


  1. Many congratulations to all concerned, such a beautiful name too. I do love the rose in your photos.

  2. Thank you Jo.........

    White gold.......some blooms are tinted pink, some tinted gold. It is a floribunda. The scent is amazing. I love this rose.

  3. How exciting. I hope Mom and Baby is healthy. The party grows.... Beautiful roses.

    1. Mummy is anxious about the little one. Baby is in a special care unit........and is holding her own.
      She is a most beautiful baby...........

  4. Sending wishes to your little one, she will be well looked after, beautiful like your rose...
    Amanda xx

  5. Cheryl ... my best wishes to the new arrival, such a lovely name.

    Your pictures are lovely too.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a wonderful addition to your family. I'm sure that the new arrival will be fine, my eldest grandson was born five and a half weeks early by C-section and is now a healthy, lively 8 year old. Congratulations all round.

  7. Congratulations all around. Hope the little one is doing well.

  8. Ah....a new life enters the lovely! Congratuations to all. And what a heavenly rose to celebrate!xxx


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