Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Yesterday I

 Yesterday I had a breakfast scrub.......
 I visited a charity shop and bought some books ready for our Autumn break.
 I had my husbands Grandfather's painting framed.    It is 102 years old and has great sentimental value.
 I looked at Autumn colours..........
 and bought a new scarf :)
 Yesterday my little old dog and I had a four mile walk.   She came home to a bone.
I picked apples and baked them in the oven.
I love Autumn................


  1. Wow if I had a 4 mile walk I would need a bone and a big dish of those apples. All sounds wonderful. I can't wait until it is cool enough to entice me to a long walk. It is to be in the upper 80's all week here. Hopefully Autumn will return here next week. I love autumn colors. Leaves are beginning to fall here but it is more due to lack of rain and shorter days. The painting is fabulous. Did Stewart's grandfather travel or was this from his imagination? Love it. Your book choices sound good. I have read the Geisha book before. I think you will like it. Have a great trip.

  2. Sadly Lisa, we do not know anything about the content of the painting. He did not travel.........
    It will always be a mystery.

    I read Memoirs of a Geisha many years ago..... I am looking forward to re-reading it.

    It is cool here, very pleasant actually. The sort of weather I love.

    Hope Autumn comes your way......

  3. Hi Cheryl! Your days are beautiful.., the painting is lovely. And so is your dog! Is she an Airedale terrier? We had one when I was growing up ... His name was Teddy. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Nella is a coarse haired Lakeland, formerly known as a Patterdale terrier. When on alert she does look like a miniature Airedale. I love the breed. Teddy, an appropriate name for one.

  4. Ps I have read both books and enjoyed them both.

    1. Good to know Jandi..........looking forward to reading them :)

      Have a wonderful week.

  5. Sounds like you had a good day, the books look good.

  6. I always worry when I see make up that looks edible

  7. That was a wonderful day Chery, I love and miss those long walks now Snarf is not there anymore. Nowadays I take my bicycle more and more. Framing a painting with a memory feels good, I think I should forget the breakfast scrub (haha) and the books are lovely reading, I read them both in Dutch.
    Enjoy the second part of the week!
    fregards, Janneke

    1. I miss your posts with Snarf, he was a special dog.
      I understand you would miss your walks with him.
      I seem to have chosen books that other bloggers have read.
      I did read memoirs of a Geisha many years ago. I am looking forward to reading it once again.

      Have a lovely week my friend, and enjoy your bicycle......

  8. Seven lovely photo's to show and describe your day.
    I looked and read with interest, especially about that painting. Gosh 102 years old - so special.

    Autumn is a lovely season and I hope you enjoy your break away, you managed to get some good books.

    Autumn fruits (and vegetables), can they be beaten for taste and flavour?
    I can almost smell your apples baking from here ...

    Take care, and I'm sending lots of Autumn good wishes your way

    All the best Jan

  9. I'm also a lover of Autumn. Ah, the wonderful smell of baking apples. You've captured a lovely day in a lovely fashion.

    1. I love the smell of apples baking...so delicious.

  10. You have me loving autumn too, it is such a lovely time of the year isn't it? That painting is just marvelous.xxx

  11. Very nice!Hello from Prague! Michaela