Tuesday 14 June 2011

Candy floss and fairy castles......

The blooms of Sorbaria remind me of candy floss...fluffy and light.
Bees are attracted to the blooms.   I wish I could be a bee for a day and spend my time visiting flowers.
The seeds of the honey lilly are very beautiful.   They remind me of fairy castles.
If you plant en masse your imagination can run wild...........


  1. Hi cheryl,
    I love the little fairy castles!! Very cute :)

    Hope you're feeling better now; I have a cold too, think I must've picked it up at my nieces christening on sunday...

  2. Fairy castles indeed. Love em. I used to have Sorbaria in my garden but it tried to take over a bit much. I had to remove it becasue I was afraid it would take over. It almost did in two short years. I loved they way it bloomed even in the shade.

  3. Hi Liz,

    I am feeling better at last. I must confess this virus has been a nightmare and really stopped me in my tracks. I have gardened today, so I must be feeling good.......

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I have put the Sorbaria in a very large tub, just to keep it in check.
    I love the blooms.....they are just so pretty.
    Perfect for this romantic gardener.....

  5. Hi cheryl,

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and can enjoy the warm weather again. I hope the garden hasn't behaved too badly when you were gone?

    Today I potted on some seedlings, it is probably too late now to see blooms from them but I can live in hope. Some were also for next year; honesty and sweet rocket

  6. Hi Cheryl..Love your post title...so so pretty an soft looking the Sorbaria, one I haven't tried!!
    Your imaginary fairy castles are a wonderful thought ..embrace the inner child!!
    Happy your feeling better too...Grace

  7. Hi Liz,

    There is quite a bit to do in the garden. The rabbits always do some sort of damage and of course, there is always dead-heading and cutting back. The grass needs cutting and the hedges need a hair-cut. I wish you hadn't ask, I feel a slight sense of panic coming on:)

    I had one honesty plant this year, and the rabbits ate it......sigh. Just love those silver seedheads.

  8. Thank you Grace, very much so.

    I always embrace the inner child.......

  9. You have quite an imagination, Cheryl:) I do see the fairy castles in the honey lilies, but what is candy floss? Is it like what we call cotton candy (pure spun sugar guaranteed to add a few cavities)?

    The garden center we visited last fall when you were here now stocks little accessories for a fairy garden. Beckie had youngest granddaughter with her when we saw them; she was quite taken with the tiny benches. I might just buy her a few of these items for her birthday--I know the granddaughters would enjoy them.

  10. Dear Rose

    I do indeed. I have my mother to thank for that. She would write stories for us when we were very small. It would be such fun at bedtime listening to the new adventures of Tippet and Toppet.

    I would think that is so....cotton candy, candy floss. I have never eaten it, I do not have a sweet tooth. It is very popular here at seaside resorts and fairs.

    The children I am sure would love the fairy benches etc.......I know that Poppi certainly would.

  11. What an amazing memory and imagination, a gift I believe.