Saturday 4 June 2011

Hot, heady days......

"Nanna, look at all your lovely flowers." Poppi said, as she sat amongst the buttercups. She brought a smile to my face but then she always does. The dry hot weather continues, and as with most things there are some advantages, like ripe alpine strawberries. Poppi and Riley soon cleared them.

Honeysuckle is in bloom around the garden. The scent during the evening has been wonderful and attracted many moths.
Oriental poppies were cropped by the rabbits in early Spring. They have bloomed more freely and have not grown so tall. An advantage in this windswept garden.

Hemerocallis 'Europa' grown by the previous owner. It has taken me a long while to love these simple flowers but love them I do. The original 'orange tawny' was grown by the herbalist John Gerard in the early 17th century.

Sisyrinchium.......such a delightful plant. It does not like water around it's roots and has made it's home in the gravel drive. It is more than welcome to stay....I love the buttery blooms.

Hypericum, a lovely bee plant. This one is a dwarf variety and frequents the alpine troughs.
So far this year, the lillies have not been eaten alive by the dreaded 'lily beetle'.
I have seen them in the garden.........

Clematis abound.......most of them are cheap buys. This one hides some ugly netting.

Elder black lace, a particular favourite of mine. I have around eight shrubs in the garden now. Taking cuttings each year, potting them on and then into the garden.

Sweet William, I have not seen this for years. It has also appeared in the gravel drive...what a gift.

I was determined this year to get Cosmos to bloom early. I sowed seeds in February, and kept them in the house. As the seedlings grew I potted them on, eventually putting them in the garden (around a fortnight ago). This is the first bloom, I am so thrilled. This is a dwarf variety so hopefully they will not flip flop all over the place.

This lovely plant arrives each year. It has spread around the garden. I love the delicate flowers........I wonder where it came from.

This is my favourite clematis and was left by the previous owner. It scrambles through the old pear tree and blooms for weeks on end.

Lavender, who doesn't love lavender. I could not have a garden without lavender growing in it.....
Sweet peas are in bloom.....gorgeous.

Cerinthe all time, favourite annual.

A new purchase, couldn't resist, and it is just perfect for this garden. Aruncus dioicus (sylvester) is just beautiful. It should grow in leaps and bounds reaching a height of 120 - 180 cm (4 - 6ft).

Angelica is the plant for any bee lover. Mine is positively buzzing......

I always plant my tomatoes in tubs on the patio. I have never known them to fruit so early. If the weather continues to be as warm, it will not be too long before I am picking them.

I have found the garden a struggle this year. The dry, hot weather, has been exhausting. I now have a virus, which has been with me for five days. Constant headaches and painful joints are stopping me from gardening. Hopefully it will pass soon and I can get on with all the chores that are mounting up.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.......


  1. Once again, I apologise for the spacing......blogger is really testing my patience......I need say no more.

  2. Your garden is far ahead of ours but I think it has been hotter in the SE than here in SW. Lovely flowers you have there and lovely little grand-daughter too!

    Re spacing - I had this info in a comment on mine when I complained about it and I tried it and it works:

    About spacing:
    dashboard > settings > basic > select post aditor > updated editor

  3. This is such a terrible time to get a virus, isn't it? They seem to linger and linger. Hope you are better soon.

    As always, your photographs are lovely. I can't believe how much Poppi is growing. How sweet that she shares your love of gardening.

  4. Hi Jane,

    The garden is racing ahead....I cannot keep with it. It is leaving me wondering what will be left to bloom in August. Unless things slow down a little, not a lot!!

    Tku for info re spacing.

  5. Thank you ncmountainwoman,

    The virus is a pain (literally) I have too much to do to feel unwell...

    It is joy to be with Poppi in the garden. Now she is at school it does not happen as much as I would like.....

  6. Darn Cheryl. I was hoping that you were feeling better by now. hang in there girl. You will be ready to hit the garden with both feet when you are well. You have some gorgeous blooms now. I am not familiar with Cerinthe major or Aruncus dioicus. Pretty flowers though. I can't seem to grow lavender. I can't tell you how many types I have tried to grow with no luck. Give your beautiful little garden fairy a big hug from me. Her big brother too. And most of all big hugs for you. Get well.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your well wishes. I must admit I thought I would be feeling better by now. Never mind.

    Cerinthe is an easy to grow annual. Once you have planted it, you rarely lose it, as it reseeds all around the garden. Piet Oudolf uses Aruncus in his gardens. When I saw them in full bloom I was smitten. I have bought two with some left over birthday money.
    I know Lavender does not like to be wet around the roots. Perhaps that may be the problem??

    I will be sure to give Poppi and Riley a hug.....

    Hugs back to you, from us all

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    Poor you, I hope you are getting adequate rest. Do you have any elderberry preparations in stock? They are very anti-viral.
    Taking of elder, I love your black lace, what a beauty. And of course I wholeheartedly agree about lavender. The Sweet peas and Cerinthe are also beautiful.
    We are supposed to have rain tomorrow at last, I hope you are too. The pots dry out so quickly in this weather and my Echinaceas are always drooping by the end of the day.
    Get well soon.

  9. Hi Cheryl, I love all your blooms and have many of them myself. :) I've always loved the orange day lilies but am still not wild about other lilies. I'm not familiar with Sisyrinchium but it's very cute. Is elder black lace Sambucus niger? I love that too, and have a tiny little one growing in a flower pot. Yep, Poppi's a charmer, that comes through in the photos! Also adore the lavender which I think we call Spanish lavender. I grew some from seed, and cerinthe, (seeds from our Rose) too!

  10. Thank you Lucinda,

    Tku re: elderberry. I do not have any in stock but that can be sorted. I have been taking Echinacea......

    Elder grows so well in this garden....I love the wild elder. I pick the flowers when they are fresh, coat them in a light batter and deep fry them. A dusting of icing sugar to finish.....lovely.

    At the moment it looks as though the rain may miss this area....keep your fingers crossed, I really do need rain on the garden.

  11. Hi Monica,

    So nice to hear from you.
    I agree, I am not too keen on other lillies, but I am often given them as gifts.....a very kind gesture.

    Yes black lace is Sambucus niger, forgive me for not using the right term. Although I know them, it is not really me, so I tend to use the common name!!! Ha!

    Lovely to hear that you got Cerinthe seeds from Rose. I sent her the original, so it is lovely to know they are now blooming in your pretty garden.....

  12. Everything is beautiful Cheryl! I love the Goatsbeard. I had some up north but not here yet. I'm going south to Florida for two weeks. I will be helping my step-mum pack for a move. I have a feeling at least one of my lilies will come and go before I get home. :-(
    I hope you feel better soon.

  13. Hi Cheryl,

    Beautiful photos, it sure has been a strange year so far... I do hope we begin to get more rain soon. We were due some overnight/early morning but there doesn't seem to have been any... Today was very hot, but clouds have since come in and it's now a nice mild temperature that's pleasant to be outside in.

    I'm a bit confused about your Angelica, mine has tiny yellow flowers/petals but yours seems to be white? These of mine were the seeds you sent me, so I would've thought they'd be the same??? Are there different types? lol, I know you can get purple Angelica...

  14. Hi Eve,

    I love the Goatsbeard.....the flowers are just so pretty. It will fit in beautfully with my style of gardening.....

    Have a wonderful trip....take care.

  15. Hi Liz,

    Can you feel the's raining, yahooooooo. I have never been so pleased to see rain.

    You have me studying my image of the angelica now. Is it white? Ha! looks yellow to me with a slight tinge of white.
    The plants in the garden now are all self sown.....your seeds came from the plant I had last year. I now have a garden full of is a little scary, I shall have to be tough with these next year.

  16. Cheryl, I really hope you shake off the virus soon! We have rain here today, so perhaps it is heading south. I love both of your Poppies!!

  17. Hi Cheryl,

    So glad to hear you have some rain at last! I do hope you get a nice long soaking :)

    I'll be posting photos of the Angelica in the coming days; the flowers here are very bright yellow, like that of trefoil or ragwort... Definitely not a creamy white colour - like that of Cow Parsley for example.

    Oh yes and sorry to hear you have a virus, I do hope you get better soon!

  18. Hi Liz,

    We have had an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.....fabulous. I am also so relieved for our local farmers, who were becoming so desparate.

    I cannot understand why the flowers on your angelica are so yellow! Very strange as the seeds have all come from the same plant.
    Interesting. I ventured into the garden this morning to take a look at mine, and they are definately very pale yellow with a white tinge......

    Look forward to seeing your photographs.......

  19. So sorry you are unwell Cheryl, I do hope you feel much better soon. I know there is a lot to do but you must try not to overtax yourself.

    How quickly sweet Poppi grows, time goes so quickly...

    All your blooms are beautiful. Every time I see Sweet William I am transported back to Sunday school anniversaries when the chapel would be filled with flowers and always lots of Sweet Williams :)

    Still no substantial rain here, none at all over the weekend, it really is getting desperate!

  20. Dear Cheryl,
    I have been enjoying catching up with all your June posts this evening. I am still catching up with house and garden chores but wanted to spend time with you. I missed you and your gardens.
    So sorry to read you had a virus. Hopefully you are well now. It is difficult to be sick when there is garden chores to do. I understand so very much. I was sick for so long and could do very little. Reading about walking the gardens with your brother brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful you and him are close. Sharing the sadness of aging parents with a sibling is comforting.