Monday 20 June 2011

Sunshine and showers.

I am not a fair weather gardener.     I love to be out in the elements.
Today, has been a day, of sunshine and showers.       I must confess I quite enjoy working in the rain, providing it is not too heavy.      
I cannot believe tomorrow is the longest day......the Summer Solstice.
How quickly time passes...........
I always feel so happy when I am in the garden.
Sometimes I just sit......
and let everything flood in.
There is always something to surprise......
Gardens are such mystical, magical places.
Flowers are in profusion,
mallows are amongst my favourites,
and just perfect for this cottage garden.
Aquilegia 'Dragonfly'.      So nice to see her blooming amongst the grasses.     I never used to like yellow blooms.   I love to see them in the garden now,  they always brighten the dullest day.

Happy Summer Solstice.........


  1. I love to be in the garden too but when it gets this hot I wimp out. Your blooms look so cheerful. It appears that your lawn has recovered from the drought fairly well. Happy summer solstice to you too. This year is romping by.

  2. Oh no! Surely it can't be the longest day already!! Summer doesn't seem to have started in North Wales!
    Beautiful flowers Cheryl. I love the teasel.

  3. Happy Summer Solstice to you too. Hopefully we will get some summer soon or was that it back in April? Lovely photos especially the rain covered one that looks like diamonds trembling.

  4. Beautiful as always Cheryl, I love your white mallow. I also enjoy being out in a light rain though sometimes a strong wind will drive me indoors! It's funny I was just saying to my husband that I never used to like yellow flowers but we got a 'Graham Thomas' rose this year and I absolutely adore it. It's a sort of buttermilky yellow with the most delightful smell, i could look at it all day.
    So glad your garden is getting much needed moisture at last.

  5. Lovely photographs (as always). My husband is the gardener at our house. He loves to work in light rain. Makes the weeds give up a little easier.

  6. Hi Cheryl...I love a showery day when I need to transplant, much easier on the plants!!
    Your gardens look so neat and rose garden is in much need of care,but the Mourning Doves have a nest right on top of the entrance arbor with two eggs...I can't wait to see what there babies will look like!!
    I also didn't particularly like yellow in the garden,but have a great love for it now and probably have to much lol!!
    Love the phots with the rain drops and lovely Mallow to!!
    Happy summer solistice to you my friend...Grace

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I understand, the heat is the only thing that really gets to me. Anything over 25C and I am flagging. Fortunately I have a lot of shady cool areas, so can work there.

    Yes, the grass is looking better, although it is more clover, buttercups and self heal, than grass.
    I love the look so I am not complaining.

  8. Hi Jane,

    I agree.....April and May have been the best months, although exceptionally dry.
    I am grateful for the June rains....the garden certainly needed it.
    I am told next week there is going to be a heatwave right across the country, so summer may return then.

  9. Hi Lucinda,

    The rose sounds beautiful. I understand the need to stand still and enjoy the pleasure such blooms give. I waste so much time totally captivated by a flower, butterfly or bee.......

  10. Hi Grace,

    I am sure your rose garden looks beautiful. The mourning doves are more important??
    Their time with you will be fleeting.

    They say the camera never lies....I actually do not agree with that. My garden is not that neat, trust me, this is true. There are holes in the lawn (which the rabbits have made). Buttercups have crept into the borders. The hedges need trimming......I could go on and on. BUT tku Grace for your kind words.

  11. Hi Cheryl,

    We were promised rain for the past few days, but finally got some last night and it looks like we had a good centimeter or two. I'm glad you've been having rain too.

    Eeeeek, can't believe you reminded me it's the solstice... I hate this time of year now because I know it all goes downhill... I get so depressed when there's so little daylight.

  12. It looks beautiful Cheryl! The plants with the raindrops look so pretty. I too love Mallows.

    We have at last had quite a lot of rain here but we also have persistent rather high winds which dries it up quickly.

    The year is going by far too quickly...

  13. Your garden is such a magical place, Cheryl; I can see why you enjoy spending so much time here. I don't mind the rain, but I'm afraid when it gets too hot, I'm like Lisa and wimp out. Love your Aquilegia--if you had some seeds to share, I'm sure Beckie would love to try these!

  14. Hi Liz,

    I think my husband and you are kindred spirits....he said exactly the same thing.
    There is a long way to go before the nights start drawing in the moment, these days are there to be enjoyed.

    Lots of rain.....I keep emptying the guage and am always surprised at just how much there is in there:)

  15. Hi Jan,

    I feel the same....this year is slipping by so quickly. A blink of an eye and another month has gone.

  16. Thank you Rose,

    Of course.....I will try and collect seeds for Beckie. The blooms are large and very very pretty. I thought of Beckie when I bought the seeds two years ago now.

  17. Hi Cheryl,

    I had to laugh at your camera never lies comment...
    Today I had a play around with the camera and learnt something new - who'd have thought it??!!! haha, the end result is that I can now catch colours in their true shade; some I found the camera/lens just never gave justice so I tended to avoid said plants.


    I have a few of your Dragonfly Aquilegia seedlings, they should bloom next year hopefully. Have your Aquilegia's been blooming for an incredibly long time?? Mine have been going two months now!

  18. Hi Liz,

    Well done. I know what you mean....for me, purples and yellows are the worst colours for not looking as they should.

    Yes, I have many aquilegia still in bloom.
    'Green Apples' bloomed it's little socks off for around three months!!!!!!

  19. Hi Cheryl - how fresh and green everything is with all this rain. Good for the gardener too. Love the dropletted fennel and the image of the wheelbarrow - should be entitled 'Busy in the borders'!

    p.s. and many thanks for your entomology input - good to have an id on the lovely Scorpion fly ;)

  20. Hi Laura

    The rain is just what we need. It has done the garden the world of good.
    I like that 'Busy in the borders'.....I could say that most days :)

    You are welcome. I get a lot of Scorpion flies here. They seem to like the copse and linger in the damper area of the garden.

  21. What beautiful and at times intriguing pictures (what are those green berries?). I'm glad we've had the rain because the plants love it so much - but just wish it had come at night and not during our cycling trip!

  22. Dear Cheryl,
    Happy Summer Solstice. The days do slip by. It seems only a wee bit ago I was planting the spring lettuces.
    Your gardens are a joy indeed! Each bloom a treasure. I also love to work in the summer rain. It gets so very hot and humid here that by July I can only work in the early morning or in the rain! I am so happy you have had rain. It was too dry for too long for you.
    Slowly I am reclaiming the gardens. Being away for three weeks means lots of weeds. We have had too much rain.
    My lawn is mostly clover too the bees and butterflies love it.
    Each year my gardens change. Each year they tell a story.
    I am changing too. Perhaps it is part of getting older. I find I take the days slower and stop often to relax and just be.
    May you and yours have a blessed Solstice.

  23. Dear Sherry,

    Each time I pick my leaves from the salad pot, I think of you:) Tku for the inspiration.

    With so much rain I can imagine the weeds have flourished. It takes time to remove them, but is worth the effort, otherwise they will take over.

    I have noticed many changes in the garden this year. Mother nature has taken over some areas, I am happy with her work, it suits the garden and the gardener. Like you, I am changing.
    I am also so happy just 'to be' Sometimes I feel I go from one drama to the next BUT as soon as I am home, everything slows down. My mind calms, and life is sweet.

    Tku for dropping by......I love it when you visit, we are connected.