Monday 11 June 2012

Rainy days and Mondays don't get me down :)

 I look from the window, once again the rain is beating down.   My mind wanders and thoughts of yesterday come to me.    I spent the day with Mr P, my daughter and the grandchildren.    In pouring rain, two old cars, lovingly restored by my  husband, took to the road for the  London to Brighton classic car run.   It was a wonderful day, with a stop for lunch en route.    Arriving at Brighton in torrential rain we left the cars and headed for a cafe.   I looked at Riley and Poppi, they had behaved so well and I knew the last thing they wanted was to be sitting down once again.
"Come on lets go throw pebbles in the sea."     We waved the adults a cheery goodbye and headed for the beach.     The 30 minutes we spent together were me, they do not worry about getting wet.   We laughed and chatted and just had fun.     Soaking wet but happy we headed back to the cafe and met the others........time to head for home.
 Back home, I notice the bog garden is looking lovely.    The Easter Lily are in bloom......also called Lily of the Nile.     They do well here, I intend to add more at some point.   
 A particular favourite of mine is the Candelabra Primula.      She has her feet in plenty of water, so is looking particularly happy this year.
 I love this image, if you look closely there is a reflection of a bloom in the pretty.
And finally, I have removed the fountain from the pond.   I know that water lillies do not like movement and have found this to be true.   Whilst she always bloomed, never quite as much as I  liked.    This year there are lots and lots of buds, so the fountain will not be going back :)   

Happy Monday to you all.........


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I'm glad you've had an enjoyable day...
    The Water Lily does look very pretty!!
    I don't mind getting wet, if it's in summer and it's one of those boiling hot days and there's a sudden deluge of rain. Now, that's nice and refreshing. Or, if I know it doesn't matter than I'm wet - i.e. at home so can change :)

    No rain here yet, thankfully and tomorrow is meant to be relatively nice. First day of work after a holiday... it is always difficult to go back. But I'm off next week so, woo hoo!

    1. Hi Liz,

      It was a really lovely day. I can honestly say the rain did not spoil it....also Riley and Poppi are great fun, you tend to forget about the weather. My grandchildren are an inspiration.........

      The Water Lily is pretty, but not as pretty as the primula in my book :)

      It has been an awful day here. Another inch of rain has left the garden sodden. I can no longer get into the copse....there is so much growth to cut back, goodness knows when it will get done.

  2. Children don't seem to mind the wet as much as adults - when we were on holiday some children were playing cricket on the village green regardless of the fact that it was pouring, bless 'em. It has been raining solidly all day today - all the tall plants are bowed over. I despair sometimes. Some lovely pictures of your garden have cheered me a little.

    1. HI Elaine,

      Children take you back to the inner child. I can't remember when I have enjoyed myself so much :)

      A lot of my tall plants are now on the floor, some have snapped, some are ok. Everything is growing at such an alarming rate....I have a lot of work ahead.

  3. Hi Cheryl, it sounded like a lovely day yesterday but where are the photos of you in the car ;-) and did you dress in the clothing of the time? As soon as you mentioned it I was reminded of the film 'Genevieve' :-) It sounded great fun but if you were in an open top car you must have been drowned!!

    Anyway your photos are lovely as always. I love the one with the reflection in the raindrop.

    By the way, you mentioned (or a commenter did) cramp bark in your last post, it is Viburnum or more correctly the herbal medicine made from it.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Ha! No photos, I am not one for photographs of me :)
      Our car is a classic, not it would have been mini skirts etc as it is a 1960's model :) I think I may be a little long in the tooth for a mini skirt :)

      Tku re cramp bark, I did not know that. I was going to look it up when I got a moment.

  4. Yes, sometimes it is best to throw pebbles at the sea. Lovely photographs.

    Hope the rain eases up and soon.

    1. Tku, yes throwing pebbles at the sea on a deserted beach is wonderfully calming.

      I hope the rain stops soon, as many areas are flooded, rivers are bursting their banks.

  5. The image of the raindrop on the primula is amazing, Cheryl; so glad you pointed it out or I would have missed it. Throwing pebbles in the sea sounds like so much fun; Poppi and Riley are lucky to have a grandmother who doesn't mind getting wet if fun is involved:)

    I'm sure you're tired of all the rain, but we had a nice a rainshower today, and I was so glad--my flowers were getting very thirsty.

  6. Hi Rose,

    Yes it was fun. The grandchildren are full of laughter, and that makes standing in the rain an easy thing to do. It is a moment I would not have missed for anything.

    I am glad your garden is refreshed, we all need rain.....perhaps not quite so much in one go, as far as this part of the world is concerned :)

  7. What fun to do the London to Brighton run in a classic car! Even better I'd love to do it in one of the wonderful old cars from the 1930s. If I were rich that is something I would definitely buy.

    1. Great fun Rowan,

      We have done it for several years now, but a first with the grandchildren....they loved it.

  8. what fun grandparents you are. It's because you've not forgotten what makes children tick. Now your pale lemon waterlily is enjoying the peace of still water and the rain makes it all so wistuful

    1. Hi Laura....we try, we try :)

      The Water Lily is very happy and blooming her little socks off !!

  9. Dear Cheryl,
    Those Rain Dragons will not be allowed to put a damper on fun as long as you are about! Tossing pebbles into the sea is my idea of fun too. I also enjoy puddle jumping.....From the look of all your lovely blooms you have had plenty of rain for awhile...Amazing Primula...I bet when the rains stop the bees will love her flowers.
    Rain drops are one of my favorite things....We seem to always be waiting for rain....
    I call your Easter Lilly, Calla Lilies. Mine grow from corns. They are elegant flowers.
    Taking the Classics out for a car run must have been so much fun for your Mr. P!
    I am so happy you two are taking time to relax and have fun!
    Sending sunshine,
    Sherry, who sang a song in the rain

    1. Dear Sherry,

      I have decided I must forget the rain, and just get on with things. It was so lovely to be 'in the moment' with Riley and Poppi :)
      Plenty of rain.....double the amount so far, for the average June rainfall. When I walked with Nella yesterday the river was just about to burst her banks....fortunately the rain stopped about an hour later.
      Sending the Rain Dragons across the pond....hopefully they will reach you tomorrow. The sun is out this morning, but it is cold, the heating has come one !!

      The Easter Lily is hardy to -minus 10C. I am surprised they have survived as we often fall below that.

  10. Love that first photo of the rain. You should be able to take some more like that on Friday apparently.