Saturday 2 June 2012

Sunday safari

 Angelica or Root of the Holy Ghost (Angelica archangelica), is a tall, dramatic herb.
 It has bright green, ferny leaves and huge umbellate inflorescences.
 Every part of the plant has a clean sweet scent, which I love.
 It is also an insect magnet.
 Bringing in all manner of bugs from miles around, well perhaps not quite that far, but you understand what I am saying :)
 It will self seed if it is happy.
It is a wonderful plant for wildlife :)

Happy Sunday safari.  

Today I celebrate the marriage of my eldest neice.    A family wedding, a coming together.
We will take lunch, over one hundred of us.  

We will not forget our Queen, who has carried out her duties with dignity and poise.

Happy Diamond Jubilee Ma'am.   God bless you.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Beautiful blooms, I do love umbellates and am seriously considering attempting some cow parsley - will collect some seeds from the plants near my bus stop.

    1. Hi Liz,

      Cow parsley grows all along the lanes here. It also grows in my garden :) Also have our native meadowsweet for later in the season.

    2. Hi Cherly,

      Remembering the sheer volume of various insects on my strange angelica/fennel hybrids I'm thinking I will definitely try to get some Angelica/cow parsley for next year.
      Here they're next to the bus stop that backs onto parkland/woodland so it's easy enough for me to grab some as I get off (assuming the council don't chop them before I get chance, that is!)

    3. Whoops; that was meant to say Cheryl!! :)

  2. Lovely photos again Cheryl. Anything which attracts insects is good for me, plants + insects = birds = wonderful! :-) :-)

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful wedding celebration! I think even the most anti-royalist person cannot deny the Queen has given the most remarkable service to this country. To be working full time at the age of eighty six in what I believe is an arduous job is admirable to say the least! Such a shame the weather is so poor for the festivities.

  3. Hi Cheryl...Fabulous plant, and surely loved by many insects, and butterflies!! I have plant that looks like that someone gave me and now have it growing everywhere...I.m wondering if that is what it is hmm!
    Smells is very strong but good..well I used to be able to smell it, but no more...sad sometimes, but I think I am getting used to it!! : {
    We have had close to 5 inches of rain since yesterday afternoon, until this morning and it is still pouring down oh well what can you do!!
    Hope this day has been a special day with this wedding and family gathering for you all!!

  4. What a special day this will be. Congratulations all around!

    And God Save the Queen. We love and admire her on this side of the pond.

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    I hope you enjoy your wedding festivities. Blessings to you and the happy couple.
    Your photos are so beautiful. I also love Angelica, though I only have one in the garden due to space! A very special plant it is no wonder she is sacred to the angels.

  6. Dear Cheryl,
    Angelica is a lovely herb. I too love the scent.
    The bugs do seem to love it. I am so happy you have had a few days of no rain and the bugs are out feeding. Butterflies, bees and beetles.....I bet your gardens are full of lovely spiders too. I love herbs because they are bug friendly and nice for my teas! Do have a lovely time with family and friends. Weddings are joyous celebrations.
    Your Queen is very respected in our house. We honor her and admire her commitment to the people of England.
    Happy Safari....
    Happy Full Moon...

  7. This is an herb I'm not familiar with, but it looks much like fennel or dill; is it in the same family? It certainly is an insect magnet judging by your photos. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family.

    Blessings on your Queen; she is such a dedicated and admirable woman.

    1. Hi Rose

      Angelica is a far more stately herb than fennel or dill.
      It does not have the feathery is a bold statement in any border.

  8. I need to figure out what was up with the Queen last weekend! It was bank holiday here in Italy as well for the Republic anniversary. Your angelicas look so good and happy, no wonder you love it! I guess it needs some damp soil, that's why my two attempt of growing angelicas failed miserably... it's such a shame, I love this tall plant!
    The combination with black elder (yes?) and light blue lupins is brilliant, I love it! I wish I was a bee to buzz around it! Ok even a beetle was ok...

    1. Ha!! Alberto, ten out of ten for observation. Yes, indeed, lupins, black elder and angelica, a combination that I love. Those scents mixed together are quite a heady combination on a warm summers evening.
      Angelica does like moist soil, as I live in a low lying area, it is perfect for them:)