Wednesday 30 April 2014

Sweet memories.................

 Yesterday, whilst weeding, I heard the sky lark sing.   It took me back to a field, my hand in my Grandfathers, looking up at the sky.    We watched and listened to the sky lark many many times..................
 Gramps had a small holding where he kept chicken geese and ducks.       Grannie would preserve the fruits from the orchard.    Vegetables grew in abundance.    They led a quiet life.
 It was beautiful weeding beneath the apple tree, her blossom falling like confetti.
Weeding done I decided to collect Mothers groceries and take them to her.     As I was leaving she gave me a small book.....a collection of writings she had done over the years.   I would like to share one with you.   She wrote this to my father just before he died last year.
 How dear you are, to me no one is kinder.
You would give me the moon to play with, should I want it, and it were possible.
A knight on a white charger?    A handsome prince?
No not you, something far more.
A simple man, with simple tastes, yet, something far far more.
Resolute as a heartbeat, steady as a rock.
At the helm, with fair winds to guide you,
Your goal to bring love and joy.
To me, you are a wondrous being.
That is why I will always love you...................

By Ruby 87 years young :)


  1. So poignant, Cheryl. Hold fast to these precious memories, my friend.


  2. How lovely Cheryl - your mother certainly has a way with words - I'm with you on a skylarks song - they sing so high in the sky and yet their song is so clear and never-ending - it is as though they are glad to be alive and can't help letting everyone else know.

    1. Yes Elaine, I have often thought this.....the sheer joy of living, in their never ending song. I was totally captivated yesterday. I also heard the cuckoo, the epitome of summer......I do so hope their numbers increase, and my Grandchildren will have the joy of hearing both species in their old age.

  3. What your Mom and Dad have is so precious. You included. It is those sweet memories that keep us going. Your garden does draw one in. I would love to stroll the paths and listen to more memories.

    1. You may tire of my memories dear Lisa :) My Grandchildren love to hear them, I believe by telling these stories of childhood, I am leaving history with them.
      Passing it down to future generations............

  4. What a beautiful poem, the love your mother has for your father shines through in those words. You have such a treasure in that small book, a wonderful gift.

    1. Indeed is something that will be passed down, it has lots of history contained within its pages.

  5. Precious words and memories .... always to be cherished.

  6. So beautiful, this bought a tear to my eye.