Sunday 5 December 2010

Sunday safari

It rained for 24 hours. The snow has gone.
Redwings feed on hawthorn berries. I can hear them calling to each to other. If you click on the image, you will see a lone bird.

Many birds have flocked to the garden. The song thrush is a personal favourite and I am always so pleased to see her.

Temperatures have dropped during the last few hours and rain turns to ice......
Moths gather around the front is sheltered.
Christmas box will be in bloom in a few weeks. It's sweet perfume will fill the garden.
I am getting ready for Christmas. The family will gather here. There is lots to be done.
This will be my last post until the New Year. I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas.......
Happy Sunday safari.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Me and my dog......

Nella is a rescue dog. She was abandoned in woods near to my home. When they found her, she appeared to have recently given birth. They did not find her puppies. The sanctuary that took her in, told me she wimpered for three days and did not eat.
I remember so clearly the day I got the call. "Cheryl, we have a dog that needs a good home. It will need a lot of space. It might help with your rabbit situation."
I was not sure, I had always had spaniels.

When I arrived at the kennels they told me she was a Patterdale Terrier. I knew nothing about this breed. We walked to her kennel. As I approached Nella ran to the bars and greeted me. I can truthfully say at this point I really was not sure.
at the time I had a spaniel, she was deaf and partially sighted.
Then there was Riley and Poppi. I bought Nella home for a weekend to see how she behaved. She showed such respect for Polly (my cavalier) and with Riley and Poppi, she was an angel. I had made my decision....she was here to stay.
Once Nella found her feet, she decided she was boss. Did I have a battle on my hands. For six months chaos reigned. She would run up the stairs and jump all over the through with muddy feet before I could grab her. Little puddles appeared on rugs and I despaired. BUT I was not going to give up on this little dog.......
She was worth every amount of frustration, every amount of mopping up and cleaning. She now understands who the boss is.......she obeys commands.......our bond is strong and I adore her, as much, as she loves me. Nella is without doubt my dog.

Every year dogs are abandoned or left at rescue centres after the Christmas period. Taking a dog into your home is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. With tender loving care and lots of patience, they can be the most wonderful companion..........I would not be without Nella, my life would be less, without my little dog.