Sunday 28 January 2018

Iris Reticulata

 I remember buying bulbs last Autumn.     Sadly I have got out of the habit of making notes in my diary, and for the life of me I could not remember what I had planted where :)         This morning some had come into bloom.    Iris reticulata, such a reliable plant.
I think with the grey skies, the beautiful blue flowers speak of things to come.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

In and out of the garden by Sara Midda

 My Mother gave me this book before she passed away.    It was given to her by a friend in 1983.   It is something I will always treasure, Mum and I often talked about the beautiful illustrations.
 I found the following write up on the Waterstones page and it sums it up well.
 The most elegant and subtle of books to give and to have, this title evokes the English garden of Sara Midda's childhood, sowing the imagination with glorious images.   Dozens and dozens of illustrations and tender reflections recall the hut in the wood or a topiary maze, a summer day spent podding peas, or a herb patch that yields biblical fragrances.   Myriad colours fall upon warm green moss.   Painted with Sara Midda's fine brush it is a book of lasting enchantment.
I took the book out yesterday to take a look.    The first time since Mum's passing.   I found the following piece amongst the pages,  she had obviously written after my Father's death.   Please forgive any mistakes, I could have changed things but felt that would not be appropriate.   

Will  I find you.

Slanted shadows stalk the garden, fine mist clings on the air,
Perfumes fill my nostrils, for summer once was there,
Now Autumn spreads its fingers, over plants and garden chair,
In those misty moments I see you walking there.
Little jewelled cobwebs are strung out along the path,
Descending sun a golden ball, empty now the birdie bath.
So still it is now Summers gone, a gap fore Winters call,
Seeds drop  down noiselessly, will they flower where they fall?
When once again it's Springtime, youths pleasures on the air,
And will I find in memory guise, my love, you walking there.

My Father spent much of his retirement working in the garden.   Mum always knew where to find him.
When he passed she would often say "Where's  Jim, Cheryl.   I can't find him"
I believe this poem was written during her last months.
I hope she found my Father, she always believed she would :)

Friday 19 January 2018

Here come the girls.

Ooh how exciting, hellebores are up.

Monday 15 January 2018

Cyclamen repandum

 As most of you must know by now, I love cyclamen.   Each year I add more to my collection.
My latest addition is the very pretty Cyclamen repandum or at least I thought so :((    Originating from France, Greece and other Mediterranean countries I hoped it would do well here.
They are mainly used in rockeries, and woodland areas.
Last Autumn I decided I would plant some beneath the old apple tree for a show in early Spring.
They have just come into bloom (way to early) and look exactly like Cyclamen Coum.    I am so disappointed.    Obviously the plants had the wrong label.
This is not the first time this has happened.


Thursday 11 January 2018

A New Year

 It has been a wet January so far.   I do not mind.   Water levels are low, due to a dry 2017 in the SE.   It is good to see the local wildlife ponds filling.
 I noticed the first snowdrop buds in the garden today.   It always gives me such a thrill when they start to bloom.   It is the start of things to come.    I shall bring some into the house this year.    The scent is quite lovely and can only be appreciated in a vase on the kitchen table.
 This is a  surprise the first primrose blooming beneath the hedge by the copse.   It is small detail but just so promising.    
The days are getting longer, only slightly I know but they are.   

I have started my New Year with a fitbit.    In my late sixties I decided to improve my walking and exercise.
I have also started a new diet.    Last year I found I had a severe intolerance to dairy.   I had been feeling unwell for a long time, and had put it down to older age.
I walked 10km yesterday  with Nella and managed to get my heart rate up with some running.
At this moment I am feeling this space.

And tell me what are you up to ??