Thursday 27 March 2014

Within this space......

 It has been a difficult day, I always find emotional issues draining.    When we love someone we do what we can to make their life better.....we go the extra mile to bring a smile, give a gentle hug when we know that is all they need, take them out for a drive to see the wild flowers, a picnic in the car, their aching body does not allow them to walk far these days.   Most of the time I cope but today I felt so very weary of the constant tugging  at my heart strings.    Coming home is my salvation, before me the garden that I love, the patch of earth I have worked for 13 years.  
Just one hour, that is all it took, one hour of weeding, watching the bees and birds and my spirit lifted.    Cheryl-you must take time to smell the flowers...............

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Cold winds and frosty nights

 Many of the Acers have broken bud.     With a cold wind and frost at night I am concerned the fragile leaves may brown.    I had some spare fleece in the shed and have covered some.   Fingers crossed all will be well.
Dicentra are in bloom, a bit to early for my liking.      Gardening is challenging at times.   The weather is something we have to learn to accept.    I just wish Mother Nature would make her mind up....Spring or Winter :)

Friday 21 March 2014

If you go down to the woods today.........

 The woodland walk has surpassed all expectations this Spring.   The mild wet winter certainly seems to have given plants a boost.   There have been losses, Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White has disappeared.   Strange because Lungwort thrive here.
 Summer snowflake is in bloom.........much too early.
 Several Helleborus 'Anna's Red' have been planted.   A Christmas gift from my mother.
 As I walk along the woodland path, the beautiful scent of Clematis Armandii fills the air.    Planted over six years ago, to cover ugly fencing along the back of the garden, it has struggled.    Not so this winter, the mild/wet weather has helped it romp along the netting, it looks beautiful.
As I leave the woodland area I notice feathers on the grass, a sure sign the Sparrowhawk is back.

Another gardening year ahead, the sap is rising.   I have a spring in my step, do you???

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Spring is in the air..........

 The first bee of the season.        At last the sun is shining,  the rain, for the time being, has ceased.     It has been a long wet winter.     
Many of the cherry trees are in bloom, they really do look so pretty.       This is one of my favourites...........Prunus Autumnalis Rosea.  

The birds are busy building nests ......Blue Tits have used the old water pump as a nesting site.   I have also seen a Robins nest in an old watering can which I wedged between branches of 
a Beech tree in the copse a few years ago.     A Peacock butterfly was spotted yesterday on the cherry blossom but I was not  quick enough to capture.    It would seem Spring has arrived.......I say that with caution, it is such an unpredictable season.

Is the sun shining on your garden??