Tuesday 26 June 2018

 When youngest Grandson (5) gave me a gift for my garden, I was so touched.   He used his pocket money and chose the item himself.     A fairy house.     
 So Grandma collected items from around the garden from Poppi's (12) fairy days.
 I carefully selected an area that I hoped would add to the magic.
 I loved doing this project and hope that Dominic will be surprised at seeing a tiny fairy village.
This is the end result.   Thank you my dear Grandson for such a lovely gift.

Thursday 14 June 2018

A romantics garden.

 I love roses.    All roses.   If it were not for the rabbits I would plant them everywhere.
 I have a few and I tend to let them run wild.   I love the atmosphere, that trees dripping in blooms, brings to a garden.
This beautiful red climbing rose seems to fit well with the Dogwood.
 Wedding Day has reached the lofty heights of the wild plum and hawthorn tree.   A marriage made in heaven me thinks :)
 Even Rambling Rector is now on his way up an oak tree.   Loving it.
 Clematis seem more composed.   
 Although this one seems to like the old pear tree and has reached the top.
Some blooms are quieter, and don't need to prove themselves.
Paeonia Shirley Temple is my favourite plant at the moment.   I just cannot pass her by, and will spend many moment just looking at her.    Exquisite.