Sunday 23 September 2018

Autumn is here but thoughts of Spring are never far away.

 Early morning Muse.....I like the white daffs and red tulips together.
 An old favourite Angelique and a new one for me tres chic.    Ballerina and Blue parrot have also been purchased.   I am thinking ahead.      Well us gardeners do, don't we :)
 Autumn baskets are planted with heather, ivy and viola.   A pretty combination, me thinks.
 My wonderful neighbour delivered a large trailer of well rotted horse manure, so beds and borders have all been top dressed ready for Winter.
Another dear friend gave me 36 foxglove.    All planted and looking good.
 And we have grapes,  they taste delicious.   Not enough for wine though :)
 Dahlia's are still flowering their little socks off.   I cannot remember a year when they have been so good.
This section of garden is my favourite.   I make sure I pass this area every day.   Rotting apples, that familiar scent that Autumn offers.     It takes me back to so many places I have enjoyed in a lifetime.

Loving about you??

Thursday 6 September 2018

 I am often surprised by the things I find in the garden.   The pyracantha has formed a circle, making a lovely viewing point.
When the birds have eaten the berries I shall give it a tweek here and there to form the perfect round.
 Trees are laden with fruits and berries.   It has been a good year.  I feel at times that I am walking in a paradise garden.
 The box hedge was trimmed in August and has appeared to have survived the weeks of scorching temperatures.
 Evergreens in general seem to have done well too. 
 Flowers are fading as temperatures drop, but you always get some that go the extra mile, like these Persicaria.
 Sedums are just coming into bloom and will be a wonderful source of nectar for bees, butterflies and any other late flying insect.
 Borders are a little messy, but I confess I like them this way :)
The view from the tree house as the sun rose this morning.
I sat for ages just listening.    There is solace in silence.
I thought of my dear Mother.    Her words echoed around the garden "You will be living in a wood one day Cheryl"
I think she could be right :)