Saturday 31 March 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

 Thursday night Mr P's mother went to sleep and never woke.    A short illness took her from us.   Peggy was a kind and gentle woman.   When you needed a shoulder or a gentle hug,  or words of comfort, it was to her we turned.   Always willing to stay in the background, and let others take the limelight.    Her manners, dress and conduct came from a bygone age.    An elegant, graceful and charming woman. 
I shall miss our daily phone calls, our weekly shopping trips.   

I was honoured and humbled to spend Thursday afternoon with her.    She knew the time had come for her to leave her earthly ties.     She is now with 'her darling' ........her husband died nine years ago and I know that she missed him each and every day.

My heart aches for dear Riley.     He adored Gt a family we meet regularly, and he would always hold her hand, and have a 'little chat.'    I know she treasured these times.

And so dear Peggy, sleep peacefully.     I have learned much from you, things I can carry forward as I climb to the top of your family's ladder.         I thank you for the gift of your son, without you, it would never be .....................

Monday 12 March 2012

If you were a fairy........

 I sat beneath the apple tree looking at the flowers and watching the bees.    Before Poppi started school we would picnic here and read books.    I would like to share an extract from a poem that we both like......If you were a fairy by Clare Bevan.   
 If you were a fairy, where would you fly?
To woods were the unicorns wander and cry?
To caves where the dragons lie sleepily curled?
To waves were the mermaids are happily swirled?
To castles that grow from the glistening sands?
To magical mountains? To looking- glass lands?
To a city of clouds in the blue, summer sky?

If you were a fairy, where would you fly??

Tell me where would you fly?

I would fly with the bumble bees and spend the day visiting flowers :)

Friday 9 March 2012

Sweet girl.......

 Last Friday, driving home from my mothers, I found an abandoned dog.    A beautiful brindle lurcher.    Emaciated, wet and frightened, she was in a sorry state.      My heart went out to her.
My brother was with me and together we managed to get her into the car.   I took her home to feed her, clean her up and give her a warm bed.     I made an appointment with the local vet and she examined her to make sure she had no serious injury.
I kept her overnight and she slept peacefully with Nella.....happy to be safe, well fed and for a brief moment in time loved.
I did not sleep well that night, I knew I had to hand her over to the right authority, she was not my dog.      
Mr P and I talked,  if she was not claimed I could maybe keep her.
I live with a practical man, he thinks with his head not his heart.    With his arms around me,  he asked how could I give her the tlc she needed at his time, when I had so many other issues dominating my life.   There was also the fact that if Nella caught a rabbit they may fight over it, and Mr P knew this would upset me.   Of course, he was right, he generally is....
With a sad heart I took her to the kennels....I chatted to her en route and told her I would not abandon her.      She would be safe but had to trust me.    I am sure she understood.
I bent down and gave her a hug, handed the kennel maid her lead, and as I walked away a tear fell, and my heart ached.
I have kept in touch with the kennels, they believe she is unlikely to be claimed, she is just another abandoned dog.    The good news is a new home is waiting for her.    A local lady, five acres of farmland.   She keeps horses and has a lurcher, she understands the breed.
I am so happy this story has a happy ending.   As you all know, Nella was abandoned.
I have never regretted  bringing this little dog home and I know that Julie will love the lurcher.
Abandoned dogs are always so grateful........just to have someone to love them.

Sunday 4 March 2012

It's raining, and it's welcome.

 It is raining today, heavy persistant rain.   I can hardly hear myself think as the rain hits the conservatory roof.   I will not complain.   We have a drought order across SE UK and this rain is very much needed.     Yesterday, was a lovely day and allowed me time to photograph the blooms beneath the old apple tree.    Miniature daffodils are part of the Spring meadow.    I love their tiny blooms, they never fall over, or suffer damage from the wind.
 Bees are loving this area.    They have so many blooms on offer, so for them it is a wonderful source of pollen and nectar.
 Aconites and Anemone blanda are a wonderful combination.    They will both spread rapidly and eventually, along with other Spring flowers, cover this area.   Please note the bumble and 'little bee' enjoying the sun and blooms.
 Of course, for me, hellebores will always be the stars of this Spring show.    I love this one, with its delicate pink petals.     I cannot for the life of me remember planting it.   Nothing unusual there :)
'Tutu' is a show girl.    You just cannot miss her.      My Spring garden would be less without these exquisite blooms.

I am visiting the school tomorrow to meet Rosemary.    We will start to plan the insect border for the children.    Money has been allocated, so it is full steam ahead.........