Sunday 27 September 2015

 I planted the jungle garden a few years ago.   It's progress has been slow but this year it seems to have settled, and has put on a lot of new growth.
 Bamboo features heavily.   I am not afraid of bamboo:)
I love the movement and rustling on a breezy day.
 Cyclamen are in bloom once again.   In fact,  I rarely seem to be without this pretty little plant.
 They seem to spring up all around the garden.   They are a success story.......I have to be proud, there are few success stories when you have frequent rabbit visits.
 Maples are beautiful this time of year.    In a few weeks they will start to turn and then, and only then do we see their true colours.
 It is  a wonderful year for fruit.    Crab apples are a good source of food for  birds during the autumn months.
 I love the scent they exude.....I walk the orchard and feel quite heady with the smell.     I am sure the local hedgehog will enjoy these.
 A bridge has been put in place.    I intend during the autumn to place rocks and pebbles beneath it.    It is an area that floods during winter, I am hoping it will make a pretty feature rather than the usual mud bath :)
 Hard landscaping has been put in place during the summer months.    Simply to make life easier when the rain comes.   A garden never stands still............
 Neither does the gardener, there is always work to be done.
Time to feed the fish.............

Have a good week, enjoy the warm settled weather that is with us at the moment.

Monday 21 September 2015

Getting ready to say goodbye to summer............

 Summer clings by a thread.   Late flowering bulbs look pretty dotted around the borders.

 Colours are soft and subtle.
 Random plantings in early Spring have given me a lot of pleasure.
 A beautiful time of year when summer starts to give way to Autumn.
 Chinese lanterns are just starting to show their filigree casing.
 Annuals removed from baskets, winter plantings take their place.

Apples are nearly ready to be picked and cobwebs form.

Autumn, my favourite season, mellow, soft and full of nostalgia

Enjoy :)