Monday 10 August 2015

Foxgloves shining out from the woodland.   The blooms did not last long this year.    I enjoyed them ............for they are a firm favourite.
 A cold dry Spring, and a dry hot summer has taken its toll on the garden.
 Taking care of the Grandchildren during the summer break is fun but very tiring.   Four weeks and they will return to school.
 My mothers health has not been good.    Skin problems and lack of appetite has left her unwell at times.      Slowly things are improving. 
 Bees are a plenty.....and this brings much joy to the gardeners heart.     Butterflies also abound.    Goldfinch have fledged.   One morning while walking the garden, I found myself looking straight into the eyes of the young, sitting in the nest waiting to be fed.
 A hedgehog family have spent most of the summer here.   Sadly one morning I found both parents had been attacked during the night.   I would imagine a badger was the culprit.
Nella found the hoglets hiding under a bush.    I took them to the local vet........she will take care of them and release them back to the wild when the time is right.
I have not been around for a while due to exhaustion.     I am sure it is nothing to worry about, just doing too much.
I love this garden with a passion.    I have worked hard to keep it going through this period of drought.   
When the Grandchildren return to school in September, Mr P and I will take a much deserved break, until then I will not be blogging.
Thank you for your kind comments and email enquiring if I was ok.
Thanks especially to Amanda, Snowbird and Jan...........I do appreciate your kindness.