Friday 8 October 2010

Indian summer.......

I have listened to their pleasant twittering warble all summer. I have watched them feed above the garden. Now they prepare for their long flight to South Africa. Not all will make it. God's speed little ones.
After six days of rain the sun has come out bringing much needed warmth. The bees are back in small numbers.

Miniature rose are still blooming freely in the window boxes.

Asters are an autumn treasure......much needed colour in the autumn garden.
Primroses bloom in Poppi's fairy garden. I miss her, she is enjoying school. Her time to grow, to learn, to be Poppi.
As much as I am not a fan of fuchsia, they have put on magnificent displays this year.
The blooms have been perfect.
The rabbits give me a gentle reminder that they are still around........warning me of possible damage. I must protect more plants this winter.
Finally the slate tiles on the roof will be removed. Kent peg tiles have been sourced......and the old house will be taken back to her former glory. There are 5,000 tiles to be put in place, so it will not be a quick job.
At the end of October I am taking the little ones for a beach holiday at Mojacar.
Time to run free, to dabble in rock sit at a beach bar and take lunch.
I am looking forward to spending time with them.......
See you in November.........stay well, stay happy and enjoy your pretty gardens.