Wednesday 28 May 2014

Run rabbit run..........

 Rabbits are a huge problem here.   There is rarely a day without some sort of damage.   This morning I was surprised to see some of my beautiful foxgloves lying on the ground.   They had not been eaten, foxglove rarely are.   It does tell me that another litter of kittens has left the warren and that they are on a tasting spree.
 Whilst I struggle with any form of control, sadly it is a necessity.   Without Nella I would not have a garden for birds bees butterflies and many other creatures.
 Nella is a born hunter.   She is swift and does not torment her prey.   I like to think that it is the kindest option but after eight years it still does not rest easy.    When I see the poor creature lifeless, I always feel a tinge of sadness.

We can't change who we are, or how we feel but we can learn to live with it.....................

Tuesday 27 May 2014

A quiet moment

 How peaceful it is sitting by the pond.   There is something quite magical about water in a garden..........
 The stained glass dragonfly wings are fine pieces of natures artwork.
 The woodpecker arrived and chased most of the other birds away.     I sat in silence taking in all that surrounds me.   
Slowly the songs of summer will be revealed.    I wait, with much anticipation, for this is my earthy paradise...................

Saturday 24 May 2014

It may be raining but .................

 Another storm, thunder, lightening and hail.      It was brief but dramatic.
 As the sun came out Paeonia Shirley Temple put on a show
and Great Tit fledglings left the safety of the nest that did put a smile on my face.   So sweet.

No matter what the weather, there is always something beautiful to be found in a garden.

The purpose of miracles is to teach us to see the miraculous everywhere.

St Augustine of Hippo.

Thursday 22 May 2014


 Clematis are an important part of this garden.   They scramble through shrubs.
 Climb through old fruit trees.
 Some are in containers.    I always buy plants that are on offer.    Rabbits love clematis, nearly as much as I do :)  
The weather is changeable.   I can hear thunder as I type and the sky is black.   It would seem we are in for another downpour.   
Hopefully the clematis blooms will survive.

Monday 19 May 2014

Ferns and little creatures.

 Elder was one of the first shrubs I lace is a firm favourite, especially when the pretty pink flowers bloom.
 Ferns are beautiful this year.   The wet winter served them well   I am not going to mention Hosta, and the dreaded 'S' word........I have a lot of lace in the woodland area:(
 While working in the woodland area I noticed a beautiful gold creature darting amongst the greenery.
 It darted back and forth at great speed.    Following it around the garden, I watched as it caught an insect and settled on the Salvia.
 I believe it is a Darter of some kind ??
Nature is, for me, what this garden is all about.   Without the creatures who call this place home, it would be so much less.

Every blade has its angel that bends over it and whispers 'Grow, grow'

From the Talmud (6th century)

Saturday 17 May 2014

Catching up.....slowly

 The weather has been good for the last two days.   It has given me time to play catch up.   I have managed to prune Spring flowering shrubs, raise the canopy on some of the trees, also clipped the conifers into shape, that lie in the middle of the garden.   They don't look too bad....I am no expert at clipping.    I have great admiration for those that can make a peacock out of yew etc.........
 This is the view from the deck.    I have planted the troughs with ornamentals.    The plants are tiny at the moment but I am hoping they will put on a good show this summer.   I think I may have overdone the colour combo, my impulsive nature always lets me down when it comes to buying plants.   I see, I like, I buy.......I should have learnt by now :)
 One of the prettiest blooms in the garden at the moment.    Rhododendron, you either love them, or hate them.    I love the softer looking flowers and this one is a favourite.   My father bought this for me when we moved to the farmhouse.....he bought me so many plants....I have so many lovely memories.
And finally this is my new gardening friend.     We all have a Robin, I am sure, who follows us around the garden as we dig the soil.     This little chap even comes into the shed to get his breakfast.

The warm weather is set to last for the next few days.   I hope the sun is shining on you, wherever you are :)

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Rain storm.

 Late yesterday afternoon we had the most horrendous rain storm.    It lasted for one hour,  an inch of rain fell.    Looking from the window my heart sank.    I had intended to mow the grass and raise the tree canopy on some of the larger specimens, during the week    
 As I walked into the garden this morning  I could hear the cuckoo.      For me, this is a heart stopping moment.   I hold my breath, I cannot afford to miss a single note.     The birds are in decline, I dread the day he no longer calls.   

The sun is shining.........the birds are is going to be a beautiful day.
I look across the garden, for a brief moment, just a brief moment, I feel I have died and gone to heaven.   I see the landscape before me, I feel a tremendous sense of is a good to be alive day :)

Out in the fields
Together with the birds,
I will be surrounded with mist.


Saturday 10 May 2014

 Each year I try to think of ways of making the garden more secluded.      I wish I had stone walls..........but that is just a dream :)
 I like the garden to give up its secrets slowly.....I think I may have achieved that.
My niece visited from Australia last year.   She walked the garden alone.
 She came back to sit with me and said "I could get lost in your garden, lost in the romance."
 That was a wonderful compliment to me.    Despite the weeds and overgrown hedges at the time, she had seen beyond them.     
 I seek peace most of all in my garden.   I have never looked for perfection, I truly believe that only Mother Nature can achieve that.
It is raining today.....windy, cold and drear.   I watch the little bee working away, his rear pumping to retain heat to enable him to fly.    I do so love them..................

Extract from Sweetness and light by Hattie Ellis:-

The bee existed long before man;   without bees, the planet and its inhabitants would soon begin to die.    This small insect, with a collective significance so much greater than its individual size, can carry us through past and present to tell us more about ourselves than any other living creature.

Bless the bees..................

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A summer cold and lack of motivation.

 I struggle to get out of bed.    My limbs ache, my head is full of cold and I have a sore throat.
I open the window and take in the view.   The breeze is warm on my face.     I make a cup of lemon honey and ginger, take a quick shower and dress.   Motivation is lacking.....................
 I walk the garden, I do so love to see the Beech drop her leaves in Spring, ready for new growth.   I do not clear these leaves......I don't know why....I just don't.   They will be gone by Summer, either taken with the wind, or used beneath the ground by busy worms.
 As I stroll I realise I am feeling rather unwell.   A little dizzy almost.
I look at the is a privilege  to live in a period property, BUT it is an absolute nightmare to maintain.   Mr P has noticed some of the timbers are rotting  and there are other issues.    I cannot think about it now.....leave that till another day.

I walk back to the house.....Nella runs towards me full of anticipation.
With a twinge of guilt I tell her no walk today, perhaps tomorrow ............................

Monday 5 May 2014

Poppi Rosie and the spa

 When we moved here, I had dreams of a large wildlife pond.    After much discussion with Mr Practical it was decided that a small ornamental pond would be better.   At the time I was disappointed, thinking about it now it was the right decision.
 Mr P bought some old railway sleepers and a heavy duty pond liner and work commenced.
 Clever man that he is, he fitted a pump to the well, so that the crystal clear water could fill the pond.   It has also been wonderful in times of drought as it has a hose attachment.
I decided that I would not have fish in the pond, it was purely for wildlife.    Then one day, in a moment of weakness,  Poppi and Riley asked for a fish and I said 'YES'.    Before I knew it we were walking out of the Garden Centre with Rosie and Torres in a plastic bag full of water.   Within a month the Heron had taken Torres for breakfast and only Rosie remained.      We now have around thirty fish, much to my surprise :)       Regardless it is full of wildlife.   Last year a young grass snake was a frequent visitor.......frogs and newts  abound......the Heron drops by for a quick snack but the visitor that really surprised me, was the Kingfisher sitting in the tree beside the pond.

While walking Nella one day I bumped into John, a local farmer.     His face is weathered, his hair silver and he has the most beautiful Kentish accent.   I could listen to John forever and a day....but back to the story.    I was telling him about the the end of our discussion I said I could not understand how it attracted so much wildlife with all the  ponds in the area. 

As he walked back along his drive he said "Well my dear, the local ponds are like taking a bath........your little pond is like going to the spa."

I walked away with a smile on my face.....what a charming old man he is :)    

Thursday 1 May 2014

I'm forever blowing bubbles........

 I have always loved blowing bubbles.    There is something very magical about them.  
 Cleaning the shed this morning I stumbled across a pot of liquid.   The temptation was just too great.     Drizzle or no drizzle I was going to blow bubbles.
 And then I thought I need my camera........time to play.
I had such a fun time :)      What brings the child out in you ???