Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sunshine and a sleepy bee.

 The sun shone from dawn until dusk.    These are warm February days.
 Winter aconite was introduced as a garden plant before 1600 and escaped into the wild.      A lover of damp woodland, they suit this garden well.
Little bee spent an hour in one bloom and eventually fell asleep inside the flower.    We are expecting a frost tonight.   I covered the plant with a cloche.    Not to protect it, to keep the bee snug and warm until morning :0)  

Thursday 23 February 2012

The sap is rising.......

 Working in the garden today was an absolute pleasure.   Temperature rose to 19C (68F).
Bird song filled the garden.   
 The Spring meadow beneath the old apple tree is stunning.
 I am so pleased I added more bulbs to this area last autumn.   I tend to forget what I have planted, so each day is a surprise........
 I worked for eight hours in the garden today.    I  have spent all week cutting plants and shrubs back.   Back breaking work but I always feel so pleased with myself when it is completed.
I saw four queen bees today feeding on the heathers.    It is such a joy knowing that four bumblebee nests may be sited in the garden.    The sap is rising and Nella has Spring you???

Sunday 5 February 2012

An early start.

I look at the clock.    It is 5.00 am.     Mr P sleeps peacefully beside me, he has had a long hard week.   He needs to rest.   Sounds are muffled, I know the snow has arrived.   Tick tock, tick tock.   I look at the clock, it is 5.40 am.   I wonder if I can creep from the bedroom without disturbing my weary husband.     I walk across the floor trying to avoid the creaky boards.
I escape, rush downstairs, put my coat over my dressing gown.    Scarf, hat, and wellies follow.
I let Nella out of her room and we both head for the garden.    She rushes out ploughing up the snow with her long nose.   She disappears into the distance and I head for the shed.
I start by clearing spaces for the birds to feed.     I fill feeders and chop the scraps from the kitchen.    I make sure there is water available.     When the birds wake breakfast will be ready :)
 I live and breathe wildlife.    My mothers depression did not allow friends to visit when I was a child.    My life was spent mainly with my brother and the flora and fauna that lived alongside us.    It was never a problem, I was a happy little girl.......I have not changed much over the years, I am still the same happy little girl inside :)
 I look at the tree house and think of my dear Grandchildren having fun in the snow today.    Snowball fights with Mummy and perhaps a run through the woods that lie at the back of their house.
The birds arrive in large numbers and I am happy knowing the garden is a sanctuary for them.
Sweet robin sits and lets me take a photograph.....we are friends.   I feed him insects when I dig the garden.   I would be lost without this space.     The garden is my church, a place where I can be me, no questions asked :)

Thursday 2 February 2012

Moss gardens.

 Moss is often found in Japanese gardens.    It brings softness to the space.    I have always loved japanese moss gardens.    Whilst reading a gardening magazine a few years ago I was captivated by the above image.      My garden is full of moss due to the high water table, so I decided to try and create something similar to the above.    I did not realise how long it would take for the moss to cover a small area.
It is slowly creeping, and I do mean slowly.   I added a small piece of moss two years ago and this is the result.     The two barrels that lie below the oak bucket are partially covered......the light was wrong today so I could not get a true photograph, so will post another time.

I am pleased with the effect.......hmmmmm, now all I need is a frog !!