Wednesday 26 October 2011

Golden days

Nella watches her.......I watch them both.
Poppi loves to help tidy the garden.
 I could listen to her stories from morning till night and never get bored.    Her world is full of mystery.......
We put mulch beneath the trees.
I cannot believe we are still picking blackberries.     
 These days are golden days.    The sort of days, that leave you with a lovely warm glow.   Days that make you feel as though everything is right with the world.
They leave you pretty exhausted too :0)

Sunday 9 October 2011

My mothers words..........

 The leaves are dropping.    Autumn is in full swing.    My parents love to walk the garden and see the changes.    For the first time ever my mother failed to do so.    She is very frail now.
Her weight loss, lack of appetite and other medical problems have left her weak.    We have many hospital visits ahead.    My mother is very stoic, she never gives up, but I have seen changes recently.    She has lost her sparkle......that little twinkle in her eye, that tells me all is well.
We have had many moments where I have had to swallow hard and keep my emotions well hidden.
When I left her on Friday she called me back.    Her words were unexpected.
"I have made many mistakes in my life Cheryl.   You were not one of them.    You have always been my sunshine."    I hugged her gently, kissed her on the cheek and left.    I pulled up along the lane, and found I was crying.   
Yesterday I took Nella to the woods.    I took my lunch with me and sat amongst the ancients.
I find nature helps me to heal and shows me the way.     I needed this time alone.....apart from my little dog.     I spent two hours wandering the forest........coming to terms with what might lay ahead.
I am following an unknown path....nothing is clear at this time.    All I know is my parents have always been there for me.   In my darkest moments and in my moments of joy.     
My father has his own health issues and is finding it hard to cope with mother.
I can see and feel his sorrow........

I leave the forest little dog sitting on the seat next to me.    I feel refreshed, ready to start another week.      I give thanks to Mother Earth..........

Monday 3 October 2011

My dirty little secret :)

 I tend to post the pretty side of my garden, I hope it reflects my romantic nature......but there is another side to this woman.
 I am sure you are all familiar with the entrance to the copse but have you ever wondered if it hides a secret.    Actually the left hand side does.....come with me and I will show you.
This is where I keep my compost bins, six in total.   I have another three behind the garage.    I am without doubt, a compost kind of girl.    
Just look at that, isn't it lovely.    Breathe deeply, can you smell woodland.    If my compost does not smell sweet, it goes back into the composter and I leave it until Spring.
Today three bins were ready.   Lovely black gold.   It always amazes me that kitchen waste, shredded twigs and small branches, paper and cardboard turns into this lovely rich soil.
I spent the afternoon mulching the borders, I shall finish the job tomorrow.......

Are you a compost sort of girl??