Saturday 8 September 2012

Every journey has a beginning and an end

 When summer  finally arrived the garden flourished.   Early one morning I was thrilled to see a Kingfisher amongst the grasses in this border.   My first sighting for two years.
 Plants reached dizzy heights and bees returned.      I foraged with the children, lay on the grass watching the swallows hunt above the garden.    Two garden parties brought the family together.
We had such fun on both days.
 Seedheads formed and the gentle summer breeze took them to new places :)
 Berries formed  adding a splash of colour to shady areas.
 A small group of rare bees arrived.    One of the Megachild solitary bees (Heriades truncorum), confirmed by the Kent Wildlife Trust.      They have laid their eggs in the bee units.....they will be safe in my care :) 
 Butterflies returned.     Their numbers are low but with a good summer next year things will improve.
 Gabions have been places in one of the flowerbeds.   Some filled with herbs, some filled with rocks.   Discovering a common lizard in the garden inspired this project.     He now has somewhere to call home, should he so choose.
 Saplings have been planted around the treehouse, Silver Birch and Hazel.   Poppi has tended the deck areas.   Annuals and Acers in  pots....hanging baskets full of ivy, and heathers have made a lovely feature.
 Third Grandchild was born.   I am smitten with this little fellow.    I am so truly blessed.
This is the garden as it looks today.    I spoted a Grass Snake swimming in the pond this morning.   He made a hasty exit when he saw me.
My exit is not hasty.    I have thought long and hard as to whether I want to continue blogging.
The answer is I do not.   I truly believe my blog has run its course.    I struggle these days to find things to write about.     It has become more like school homework       I was never very good at that either :)

I want to thank you all for following my blog, giving me your time and always leaving such interesting comments.
I have  been humbled by your kindness and compassion.
I fully intend to visit your blogs here and it is not goodbye.      

Enjoy the Autumn, it has so much to offer :)