Monday 9 February 2015

Blue blooms and the rookery.

 Gardening at the weekend was unexpected.   A change in the weather was all that was needed.
 Rooks have returned to the rookery at the bottom of the garden.
 I watched them fly back and forth....the early morning sunlight catching their wings.
 Rooks are noisy and messy.   Personally I love having them in the garden.......I love the antics while they raise their young.   I love the noise in the evening when they return to the rookery, calling to each other as they fly.     They are magical and mysterious birds.        
 Dwarf iris have opened today......they are such a welcome sight.
I do so love the pretty blue and yellow flowers.........have a problem with the sparrows pecking them to pieces at the moment.   I shall enjoy them while I can..........